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  • Pros
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Special coverage for RVs
  • Unlimited distance towing
  • Rewards offered if your vehicle is stolen
  • Discounts at AAMCO
  • Cons
  • Slightly out of date website

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review

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Good Sam offers roadside assistance for breakdowns, flats, tows and other common auto issues. The company specializes in coverage for RVs and offers several service plans for those kinds of vehicles. However, they also have a comprehensive plan for regular family vehicles. Their Good Sam Platinum+ plan covers all household vehicles you own (which means any non-commercial vehicles like cars, SUVs, and minivans). They also automatically cover you, your spouse and your dependent children under your plan.

Good Sam's mobile App makes it much easier to seek help, should something happen on the road. The App uses GPS to track your exact location, as well as, giving you the option to pre-register your vehicle, making service times much shorter. You'll even be able to see how far away your roadside assistance is, and how long it will take them to reach you. This is a very useful little tool.

Plans and Pricing

Good Sam offers a few different plan options for you to choose from. These mostly cater to RV owners and households with more than one vehicle:

Auto & RV Standard

For $69.95 a year Good Sam will cover 1 recreational vehicle and any non-recreational vehicle you may own, such as cars, vans, and motorcycles. Another great thing is that everyone in your family is covered at no extra cost.

This includes spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children under the age of 25. As part of your coverage, you will get 24/7 towing covered by your plan to the nearest service center, no matter how far away it might be. They will also send a mobile mechanic to help you with your vehicle, should something happen on the road.

This includes bringing spare tires, changing flat tires on the spot, bringing fuel and different fluids you may need for your vehicle and even helping you get into your car if you lock yourself out. The only thing you have to pay is for parts and labor.

Another benefit is up to $1200 Trip Interruption coverage in case you get into an accident while on a road trip and need to pay for any necessary lodging, car rentals or food expenses. You will also receive an emergency referral service to help you when you're far from home and should ever need a doctor, hospital, or even a lawyer.

This feature is something that few other roadside assistance memberships offer. Of course, as with any membership, Good Sam has discounts such as 15% off of certain parts and services at any AAMCO Transmission Centers. With so many useful and practical services, the Auto & RV Standard plan has plenty of good value at a very reasonable price.

Auto & RV Platinum

For $104.95 a year you can get all the Auto & RV Standard Coverage plus coverage of multiple RVs, utility trailers, leases, rentals and even a car borrowed from a friend or family member.

You will also get all the roadside assistance from the Standard Plan with $1500 in Trip Interruption Coverage, which is $300 more than in the Auto & RV Standard plan.

As part of your membership in the Platinum Plan, you will get access to a 25% discount at Avis or Budget rental car services, 20% off of hotels including Days Inn, Howard Johnson, and more.

Good Sam even has a concierge service you can call for help finding repair and service facilities, gas stations, and even food and lodging. With lots of different features, this plan is great for those who want a little more bang for their buck.

Auto Platinum

Just like the name says, this plan is strictly for those with non-recreational vehicles. For $69.95 a year you get coverage for all non-recreational vehicles you own and coverage for all family members as with the Auto & RV Platinum.

You also get the same towing coverage as with the other plans and the same roadside assistance, however, the only discounts you have access to are the 15% off of certain parts and services at AAMCO service centers. This plan lacks some of the features that come with the RV plans, but it is a decent plan for those without an RV.

All in all, Good Sam has plenty of great plans that rivals other roadside assistance plans, with an eye towards the RV owner's needs.


One great feature is their unlimited distance towing policy. If your car needs to be towed, they will cover the total towing cost to the nearest service facility. Other top companies only cover towing up to a certain amount and you have to pay the rest. Also, members get large 15% discounts, up to $150, on repairs at AAMCO.

Another interesting feature is their theft rewards. If your car is stolen, Good Sam offers a $5,000 reward to the person who discovers it. It's also good to know that Good Sam's coverage area spans all of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This is yet another thing that makes them unique, as most roadside assistance plans only cover the continental US.

Roadside Tips

For those wanting to know more about care for their vehicle, advice by mechanics and car industry professionals, or just simple tips about upkeep, Good Sam provides a blog full of great information.

Some of the most recent articles include information such as knowing what materials to keep in your car in any kind of snow or ice related emergency, a how-to on inspecting and replacing your RV bearings and wheels and repairing an RV battery.

You can find plenty of easy to read guides that cover any car problems you can think of. They're a great resource for automobile lovers who want to learn more about how to care for their vehicle.


Despite their slightly outdated website, Good Sam really earns its name with its impressive features and pricing. They feature plenty of unique services for RV owners and non-RV owners alike. Good Sam is a good idea.

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Not Recommended Nothing. They leave you stranded by the side of the road

I called Good Sam when my trailer broke down and they refused to come out. They told me to tow it to the repair shop, when I told them it was unsafe, that it was lurching and jerking/bouncing all over the place, they said it would be unsafe for their person to tow it too, so basically it's better for something to happen to me. I told them it needed a flat bed tow, that I was told by two gentlemen who stopped to help that it needed a flatbed. The tires were going in different directions, the springs were hanging down. The U pins were loose and there were no center pins. All Good Sam would do is send a mobile mechanic out at $250 per hour plus parts and labor. They stated that every breakdown doesn't result in a tow. Really? You have a trailer falling apart, tires aren't even going in the same direction and they are telling me on the phone that it won't result in a tow. Because I told them I couldn't afford $250 per hour, plus parts, plus the cost of them going back to wherever they came from they said I was refusing their service. I told them I never said I was refusing their service, that all I wanted was for them to come and get my trailer and take it to the closest Jayco dealer, which was about 7 miles away. Again, they refused. They left me stranded by the side of the road. If it hadn't been for the two gentlemen that stopped to help me I could have been severely injured or killed. They secured my trailer to the point I could get it out of danger, down the street and into a gas station parking lot. As far as Good Sam knows I'm still sitting there. If I could give them zero stars I would. This was the worst experience I have ever had with calling for towing assistance. I have had AAA for may years for my automobiles and have had excellent services. This is what I thought Good Sam was for RV/Trailer services. I am a brand new owner, my trailer is a 2017 and very unexpected. My first experience ever with any breakdown and this. I will be calling AAA to find out what they offer for RV/trailer owners. I will not renew my Good Sam membership. I also have my extended warranty through Good Sam. After this experience, I will be rethinking that too. It scares me that they will handle things in the same manner.

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Recommended Great Service for awesome price Wait times during peak hours

I needed my car towed and they came within 30 minutes. The best value roadside.

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Recommended Having a trained technician come to your aid. Time for tech to arrive.

Had a blowout near Pipe Creek, Texas. Call taker said it would be 50 minutes to get someone to me. Actually took an hour but worth the wait.

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Not Recommended if theres nothing wrong they're great bad contract

had a flat tire made me pay $800 up front for a new tire before they would even come to me. $800 for a tire you can buy on line for $297. i will fight this all the way

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Recommended Roadside service for my car was quick and well don Slow when i first signed up

My car died. I called Good Sam and they answeed and had a tow car out within 20 minutes. They knew they needed a flatbed for my AWD car. The tow was quick and efficient. No issues. Seemless. I hope any issue with my RV is just as good. Thank you.

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Not Recommended bad service no assistance

We are paid up members. Josh answered the call and refused to put us through to the technician. She told us to say what the problem was and kept saying she knows nothing about campers. She would not put us through to the technician/mechanic. The call cut and we could not get through to them as she kept cutting the calls when she saw my number so we used my husband's phone and when we finally got through we had to speak to 3 or 4 women who all asked the same questions and got rude when we expressed our concern of having to repeat our details. We were sat on the road for 4 hours and they eventually said someone would be out in 90 minutes. We now wait to see whether that person will turn up or not. We will not be renewing our membership.

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Not Recommended Nothing They don't provide roadside service for RVs

We had tire blow out on travel trailer on interstate, they would not send a tech to us to change it, claimed it was too dangerous because we were (duh) on the shoulder of the interstate. Also, you must pay for their techs to come to you from where the tech lives, often hours away from your location & they charge big bucks for it. Finally, you pay for the fix upfront, then if you're lucky, Good Sam reimburses. May be great for those wealthy enough to pay upfront at time of service, but that's not us. Typically, they won't pay to tow an RV--another good thing to know.

Long story short, we took care of it ourselves, thankfully we had tools & knowledge to do it. If you don't, you're pretty much screwed with Good Sam in an RV.

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Recommended Protects my whole family too much mail

Great service over the past years

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Recommended Better than AAA not sure

They saved the day the 3 times I needed to use them!

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Recommended It covers my whole family No issues

Used the service when my vehicle broke down and they towed me to where I service my car.

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Recommended Great Value I have always had great experiences

I have had 2 flat tire situations and they arrived within 30 minutes. Very responsive.

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Not Recommended NONE Terrible service

Had bearing go out in my camper called good sams .Told would have to call someone to come see if it could be fixed. Man shows up old pickup truck with no jack and very few tools .He went to get jack while he was gone contact goodsams told them what was happening . they didn't seems to care after returning with jack he had to go back 27 miles to get bearing he fixed not repaired now have it in shop told he should never have tried to fix axel was bad that's why bearing went out cost me $289 for contacted goodsams thinking I should get money returned no luck . Have ask good sams for my three year membership I paid beginning of year. I get military discount or AAA SO REALLY DON'T SE WHERE I NEED THEM

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Recommended Includes all vehicle cars, trucks, RV Motorcycles Tow truck driver damaged car

When I first called for a tow I didn't get Good Sam Club. The guy asked which service I had. I asked isn't this Good Sam Club. He fumbled than said yes. He didn't know what he was talking about. I called back and received an actual Good Sam's person who was helpful. Tow truck driver was to be there in an hour but he called and had to take another call.??? Wouldn't tow it to the nearest Hyundai dealer it would be additional charge I would have to pay. There reimbursement policy sucks. We got only 2 days of a rental car and we were without a car for 2 weeks. Same with Food & Lodging 2 days only. They go by how long the mechanic's hours to fix your car. It doesn't matter to them they had to order a transmission and wait for it to come in. I read the pamphlet again and notice they only cover accidents not mechanical breakdowns. I have the extended warranty I think that is why we are getting the 2 days of car, lodging & food. I think I'm returning to AAA.

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Recommended Patient, concerned, and knowledgable None

Stopped at at rest area between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque, NM and brakes locked-up on our motorhome. Tobias Lucero of Diesel Racing Parts drove 1 hour + from Las Vegas, NM to fix the problem and get us back on the road again. He was patient, concerned, and knowledgeable. Very pleased with his excellent service.

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Not Recommended No pros No help in an accident situation

My husband and I joined Good Sam Roadside Assistance two years ago. Last week we hit a deer on an interstate at night. The car was totaled. We had to spend the night at a hotel, and get a rental car to travel over 120 miles to our home, as well as have the car towed. We called Good Sam about Trip Interruption coverage, BUT we're told these expenses were not covered, since we hit a deer, not a car. We have reinstated our previous roadside assistance, who will provide service in the event of accident, deer or otherwise. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Not Recommended Seemed like a good choice based on reviews Not a practical choice - read fine print

I was stranded miles away from home on the freeway at night with 1% left on my phone and I called good sam and explained my situation the person on the other end of the phone was passive aggressive didn't care one bit I had an attitude and took his time... to say the least frustrating. He asked me what I thought was wrong with the car I said it could be the transmission then he proceeded to argue with me that my plan only covers a tow to the nearest service station in their network which was an AAMCO transmission center in the middle of nowhere because I was miles away from home (about an hour drive) stuck on the 5 freeway AT NIGHT.

The service center was in the opposite direction from my home and then of course my phone died.

I had to walk to the nearest place to charge my phone which was a casino!

Gas station didn't have any chargers.

Anyway to cut a long story short I finally was able to get a tow truck three hours later which towed my car home. And by the way I was driving a classic Mercedes vintage collector car. Of you see this car did not belong at an AAMCO transmissions center especially in the middle of nowhere.

Advice for anyone contemplating getting good Sam roadside assistance is don't do it.


Find another service thats not going to leave you in a dangerous situation. Stranded.

I called and canceled them the next day.

Hope this helps - good luck!

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Not Recommended Good service and reasonably fast. Reasonably price They cancel your membership if too many claims

Been with Good Sam for approx 2 years. Liked their service and had legitimate claims for services needed. GS canceled my membership in year 2. Got a thanks but no thanks letter in the mail saying membership was cancelled immediately due to service calls that was more than reasonable. Have yet to see prorated refund and it has been a month since I sent them a complaint letter. Typical crappy insurance program hyped to be special. Pay the premium but if you USE services, even if legitimately needed, membership us cancelled. Good Sam spends more on paper junk mail deluging your mailbox that they could better spend on providing coverage for their customers. Don't waste your money on this program. I'll go back to AAA. May pay more but never was cancelled in over 20 years of membership. Buyer beware. Scam.

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Recommended Care about their customers None

I have never known a roadside assistance company to be so caring. We travel a lot and with Good Sam cover we really feel safe. When we broke down a month ago we called them and they came out quickly and towed us to the nearest garage. They called us the following day to check up to see if everything was ok, Iíve never known a company to do that! Great Service!

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