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Satellite Internet starting at $ 39 99
  • 5 mbps download speed
HughesNet Review

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  • 10 mbps download speed
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HughesNet Internet

MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

HughesNet established as a satellite internet service provider since the mid-1990s, has become a big name in the world of satellite internet, building on its strong and lengthy reputation. While satellite speeds may have been pretty slow when the provider first started out, this technology has come a long way since then.

HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet's services have therefore evolved over the years and the provider now offers pretty impressive satellite internet speeds via its Gen4 service. The provider also offers various contact methods for customer service, with around the clock tech support, online assistance, and even live chat support.

HughesNet's services have therefore evolved over the years and the provider now offers pretty impressive satellite internet speeds via its Gen4 service. The provider also offers various contact methods for customer service, with around the clock tech support, online assistance, and even live chat support.

HughesNet Pricing and Packages

A variety of plans are available with HughesNet for their satellite internet services. It is available nationwide, in all 50 states. Prices range from $39.99 - $129.99, plus additional fees such as $9.99 for the lease of equipment. Installation and one-time setup do not have extra charges. The fee for early termination can be anywhere between $200- $800.

HughesNet Internet Plans

  • HughesNet Connect Plan: For $39.99 per month, you get 5GB of anytime data usage, plus an additional 10GB bonus. The download rate is 5 Mbps, upload rate is 1 Mbps.
  • HughesNet Power Plan: At $49.99 per month, you will get 10BG of anytime data allowance, and an additional 10BG as a bonus. The download rate is 10 Mbps, with 1 Mbps for the upload rate.
  • HughesNet Power Pro Plan: The Power Pro plan at $69.99 per month, offers a 10 Mbps download rate, and an upload rate at 2 Mbps. Anytime data allowance is a 15GB, and you get a bonus 15GB just for joining.
  • HughesNet Power Max Plan: This plan costs $119.99 per month, and you get a download rate of 15 Mbps and an upload rate of 2 Mbps. Anytime data allowance of 20 GB, plus an additional 20 GB as a bonus.

HughesNet Deals

Unfortunately, unlike many other service providers, HughesNet does not offer discounts when it comes to bundled services. However, they are known to run a variety of specials, and offer savings options such as free standard installation.

HughesNet Speeds

HughesNet offers a choice of satellite internet packages, with the base package offering download speeds of up to 10Mbps and the Power MAX plan offering excellent speeds of 15Mbps. As is the case with most satellite services, you may experience latency that can impact the ability to engage in activities such as heavy gaming. However, for day to day use and browsing, the speeds offered are perfectly sufficient. The amount of data allowance you get will depend on the package you opt for.

HughesNet Data Limits

The amount of data allowance you get will depend on the package you opt for. With the entry package the allowance is 10GB but you also get another 10GB of bonus data to use between 2am and 8am. There is also an option to purchase more data in blocks should you need to.

HughesNet Internet Reviews

Unfortunately, this provider does not offer any bundled services, which some may find disappointing. Testing has also shown that actual speeds tend to be slower than the speeds advertised by HughesNet. The reviews on Viewpoints, Epinions, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp are fairly low, with customers appearing to be unhappy with service levels as well as the provider's fair usage policy. Some have also experienced problems with service and speed. Having said that, HughesNet is BBB accredited and has been awarded the highest rating of A+ by the bureau.

The reviews on Viewpoints, Epinions, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp are fairly low, with customers appearing to be unhappy with service levels as well as the provider's fair usage policy. Some have also experienced problems with service and speed. Having said that, HughesNet is BBB accredited and has been awarded the highest rating of A+ by the bureau.

HughesNet Support

HughesNet offers their customers several options for communication: phone, email, and online chat. Support via phone is accessible 24 hours daily, 7 days per week. Chat will connect you to a representative instantly to resolve issues. Email support should be used for less dire circumstances, as one can expect a response within 24 hours.

Customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might enjoy a HughesNet internet package. On the Better Business Bureau, HughesNet is an Accredited Business with an A+ score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates HughesNet a 0.5/10. Keep in mind that the experiences of one customer are not representative of the company as a whole, but it is important to spot potential issues you may have with the company early nonetheless.

HughesNet Satellite Internet - Tools and Apps

  • If you are located in a rural or suburban locale, HughesNet is a legitimate option for those in search of a reliable and fast satellite internet provider. If you have an unobstructed view of the Southern sky, their service should work for your any of your typical needs.
  • HughesNet Gen4 offers a leading innovation in satellite internet with their 4th generation high-speed technology, and it is a serious high-speed option for those looking for the best performance with satellite.
  • HughesNet's website is extremely in-depth and offers a generous amount of information geared towards informing and educating the consumer.

HughesNet Gen4 Internet: What to Consider

Among all the providers of satellite internet service, what HughesNet stands out with is their commitment to offering competitive prices, fast speeds with their Gen4 service, and mass availability regardless of how remote your location may be. Gen4 technology is especially appealing because it provides some of the fastest download speeds around when it comes to satellite internet, so shopping, chatting, watching video clips, and downloading music can be done without frustration and total convenience.

As one of the most experienced and trusted names in the industry, HughesNet provides internet services are operated through more than 2.5 million systems, in over 100 different countries.

Hughesnet Internet Review Recap

To sum up, HughesNet does offer very decent speeds even with its base package, which is ideal for those who just want to browse and perform day to day online activities. However, with no bundles available it may not be the most convenient option for consumers, although it could prove ideal for those who want standalone satellite internet.

HughesNet is a great option for those in the market for satellite internet providers. While they have not received the highest rating for their customer service, in so many ways they offer a great product, at an exceptional price. Their Gen4 service is an exciting option for speedy internet, and it's a highly innovative choice as an option for those in rural, remote or off-the-grid areas.

HughesNet Review FAQs

How fast is Hughes Net Internet?

Hughes Net Internet's Power MAX plan offers a maximum download speed of 15 Mbps, which rivals some cable internet connections. The company also offers cheaper plans that provide slower speeds. The lowest speed that Hughes Net Internet offers is 5 Mbps. Intermediate plans clock in at 10 Mbps.

How fast is Exede Internet?

Unlike other internet providers, Exede Internet's plans all offer the same download speed: 12 Mbps. Upload speeds are also equal across all the plans at 3 Mbps. The difference between the plans comes in the monthly data allotment, or how much data you're allowed to use before being charged an extra fee.

What is dishNET?

dishNet is a satellite internet service offered by DISH. You can bundle your dishNet service with dishTV service to get a better rate on the services. Satellite internet is ideal for rural or suburban areas that do not have good access to cable internet services.

What is HUGHESNET gen4?

Hughes Net Gen 4 is the company's fourth-generation satellite internet service. The fourth-generation technology allows Hughes Net to offer higher speeds and better reliability to customers, making it far easier to watch videos, stream music, or play games, or use other high bandwidth applications on your connection.

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HughesNet Reviews

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Recommended Great value packages Left on hold for a long time

Apart from great customer service, the prices are also some of the cheapest out there! The rep I spoke to went through all of the options I had in my area and found me the best deal, which has saved me about $30 a month!

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Not Recommended there are NO pros to using this company or service Horrible service and NOTHING that was advertised h

This company should be ashamed of themselves. They mislead their customers into contracts and do not deliver ANYTHING promised. Their customer service is horrible at best. Never have a I been so disappointed in ANY company like HughesNet. I feel like these guys should be sued for false advertisement...

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Recommended Easy sign up and customer service None

Fantastic service from Hughesnet! Easy sign up, installation quick and easy and the customer service is on of the best I've experienced.

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Not Recommended None Thiefs

I have been a member since 2012 and I have NEVER had a good experience with Hughes in any way - their customer service reps are rude, do not speak English well, can no offer solutions without passing and holding. I have spent at least 3 hours EVERY month since I have been a member with issues ranging from data loss (I live in the middle of absolutely no where in a canyon without any neighbors for 1/2 mile and NO one can steal my data). I have purchased tokens, been charged for them and they have NOT appeared in my token bank - I called and they argued with me saying they were added - and I checked before and after purchase - they were not added. I have had crazy data loss - I have NOTHING connected to my wireless network except for my computer which is turned off at night and I wake up in the am and there will be gigs missing. I have called and they can't explain it - they say === yes, there is no way that much data can even be used that quickly - then NOTHING - no help - zero. I decided to do a trial with a Verizon hot spot with my phone considering to drop Hughes net. I set it up so everything I did on Hughes net was also done on Verizon at the same time - I went through 16 - yes SIXTEEN gigs of data while the same period of time I lost 2 - TWO gigs of data no Verizon. I thought I was hostage by Hughes Net because I am in the country and my internet options are almost non-existent until someone told me to try a hot spot. I have used 3 gigabytes of data 12 days into my hot spot without Hughes - I would have already gone through at least 20 gigs of data during this time on HN. Also my free data on Verizon is much faster than the pay for data on Hughes net - before I dropped HN I ran out of data on Verizon just to see what I would get if I went over and I was shocked to compare speeds side by side and overage free Verizon was much faster. - I also did not want to give HN anything when I left, so I ran all of my token data out and went into HN safety browsing - and it was NO slower than my normal browsing. If you are considering signing on -think twice 0 try ANYTHING else. If you are on - try a hot spot - it will be cheaper. I threw tons of money away to the thief called Hughes net.

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Recommended Friendly and helpful customer rep None

Hughesnet customer service reps are really friendly and will explain everything to you and what is available. Quick installation and top service!!

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Not Recommended Internet speed is okay. This company has nothing going for them.

The only good thing I can possible say about this company is that the speed is okay. This company really has nothing going on for them. We called around to check on different places including on Hughes net, when telling the man we would call back if we for sure wanted Hughes net he said we were lying and would not call back, but we did and the lady we talked to the second time told us our bill would be 174.00 now and 70$ a month so we agreed and proceeded with the hook up. When calling back to opt out of somethings which would knock off about 14$ leaving our monthly bill at 56$ but they told us they would be charging us taxes which would keep our monthly bill at 70$. On top of that we had no idea the router was not included so we had to go pay 30$ for a router. 2 days later we just checked our bank account finding that they had taking an additional 12$ Which we had no idea about. When calling the company concerning this problem they ended up telling us it was "taxes". Absolute bullshit. We plan to get our service disconnected tomorrow, we hope these assholes give us no problem. We have already used up 3gb and have not even used this internet. Keep in mind this is only our 3rd day of having this service.

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Not Recommended Non Lied to, no accountability, poor customer service, slow internet speeds.

If you are thinking of getting into a contract with Hughes Net...DONT! I was lied to and told we would have unlimited fast speed internet. Let me start with the equipment set up, the technician that came out is not a Hughes Net employee, they are subcontracted by Hughes Net to do the installation, this allows Hughes Net to put the blame on them if there is anything wrong. When I spoke to a customer service rep regarding problems with my internet he blamed the tech and said it was not their fault. First of all I did not hire this person Hughes Net did and I was shocked and disgusted with them for not taking accountability for the company they hired. Oh and I had to pay for my own router, something I was NOT told I would have to do. Then there is the issue of the extremely slow internet once the allowed/paid for service runs out. Since my initial experience with the horrible customer service I have not called back, what's the point...just waiting for my contract to end!

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Not Recommended none - terrible to my disabled mom all

Technican was supposed to bring a router and hook up wi-fi for my mom. He did not and told her that she had to get her own router, even though they were supposed to bring one and install it. My mom is not able to do those things for herself- she is disabled. Now I am spending my Sunday running around and trying to find the right cables and adapters to connect their weird modem to the router. The technician did not say what would be needed or anything. I am trying to talk her into cancelling the service. She has had to pay for 2 internet services- could not cancel the first until I get the router connected and working. Terrible service!!!

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Not Recommended Cant think of one. Many cons including they dont open ports for security systems so u can view your cameras from smart phone, Satellite goes out often.

I have emails from VP apologizing for Satellite outages. I have a business that lost thousands in a two month span because of outages, So I will call and they said se thing all the time, "we ran a test and its fine." Even they are at fault, they deny it and still charged me a termination charge, Really I don't care, still saved me a bunch w faster speeds with another provider and kept my business using credit cards, Hughes are crooks , I learned the hard way. I don't recommend this company to anyone, they shouldn't even be selling internet go somewhere else.

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Not Recommended Internet connection Occasional internt connection

Several times we have lost internet connection for no reason. I called up several times after being on hold for an hour or so, and they say it is a storm, call back a few minutes later and they say it is an update. I also had the problem of my data usage disappearing, they put me to an outside source that was going to charge me $99 to just look at my PC. I have been an Senior System Administrator for 15 yrs. It is not on my end, and all they could say was "Sorry but out equipment checks out, there is nothing wrong on or side." Sorry but seeing if equipment is powered on and working is not where you solve this issue. In the 2 years we have had them, we have had billing issues (overcharging), modem issues, connection issues, and an original installation issue that still was never resolved and has damaged our roof. SO as far as the person who has written this article. Anyone can review past articles, but until you experience the service, you shouldn't give a misleading opinion on other's articles. As far as the BBB works, if they settle a complaint outside of court the BBB rating is not affected.

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Recommended Speed is as advertised Watch out for hidden charges

I've only been signed up to Hughesnet for a few months and already my payment has increased by $30. When I called the customer support they just said this was for the equipment supplied, which was not mentioned to me when signing up.

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Recommended Speed and service great Be casreful of what sales reps are trying to sell

Even though there were a lot of negative reviews I decided to sign up to Hughes net and give them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm glad I did. They offer the best service, it may not be for everyone, but it works well for me. I would just say to read all the details throughly on the package you are signing up for, don't just go by what the represenatative is trying to sell you.

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Not Recommended No pros Misleading information

HughesNet has a limit on MB per month. Very misleading about the limitations when they are offering you the service.

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Not Recommended Lots of free stuff on signing up Slow speeds

When I signed up in July last year they offered me loads of free stuff and discounts and they sold it to me there and then. A month later I realise too late that it was all sales speech and the speeds are ridiculously slow and when I tried to call the technical support over an issue I was on the phone to them for an hour before they came up with a solution.

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