The Best Android Phone SIM Cards

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The Best Android SIM Cards

Android phone SIM Cards are the brain of your smartphone giving you access to cell phone calls, texts, and data via your mobile network.

SIM Cards make it easy to switch cell phones or plans; they hold your individual phone number, billing information and sometimes your contacts for when you're ready to switch. This way, you don't have to start over every time you decide you want a new phone or phone plan.

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If you're not sure what a SIM Card is, I'm here to help. First of all, SIM is short for Subscriber Identity Module. This means a SIM Card is literally made to identify your specific plan, phone number and information for when you have questions about your bill or are thinking about switching. Read on for more information about Android SIM Cards and how to switch them in and out.

Different SIM Card Sizes

SIM Cards are different from SD cards, in case you weren't sure. Android phone SIM Cards store your billing/plan identity and mobile phone number to give you access to cellular data, texts and minutes from your mobile network. In contrast, SD cards simply store external information.

SIM Cards come in three different sizes; ultimately, the Nano SIM Card is the latest SIM technology followed by the Micro SIM and the original SIM card. Each different SIM Card has an adapter in case you want to switch to an Android phone or Apple iPhone with an incompatible SIM Card slot.

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These are the different SIM Card sizes:

Regular SIM Cards

The original SIM Card size for Android devices is similar to a credit or debit card. However, if you want to transfer your data to a new Android device, you can take out a small portion of the SIM card to insert into the new Android phone.

While SIM cards were originally the size of a credit card, most Android phones have done away with such cards and replaced them with either a Micro SIM slot or a Nano SIM slot. These are synonymous with the Mini SIM.

Micro SIM Cards

The Micro SIM Card size is small compared to the original SIM card but not quite as small as the Nano SIM card.

Micro SIM Cards can be found in phones such as the LG Flex, the Huawei Y635, and the Blackberry Z30.

Nano SIM Cards

Nano SIM Cards are the smallest SIM cards out there. In fact, they are 15 percent thinner than the Micro SIM Card, according to Nano SIM Card slots can be found in the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, the HTC Ultra, the Huawei P9 Plus, and the BlackBerry Priv.

Most newer smartphones now use the Nano SIM because it is the most compact.

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Prepaid SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM Cards are great for prepaid wireless plans in which you can bring your own phone and/or pay as you go depending on your data usage. All you have to do is sign up, purchase a SIM card, and insert it into your new or used phone.

For example, T-Mobile plans offer the option for you to pay as you go or pay for minutes, texts, and data ahead of time.

Dual SIM Card Slots

There are various Android mobile phones containing Dual SIM Card slots, which allow more than one size of SIM Card to be inserted into the phone. This makes transferring SIM cards a lot easier, so you won't have to worry about finding an adapter.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge both come with a Dual SIM Card slot for dual card insertion. Additionally, so does the Android LG G6 smartphone, the One Plus T3, and the Huawei P10/P10 Plus.

If your phone doesn't have a dual SIM Card slot, you can still switch it to a phone with a different-sized SIM slot. You just may have to buy an adapter to make it work. Keep in mind, you will have to make sure you SIM Card is unlocked before you can switch to another carrier.

Can you switch a SIM Card to an Apple iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer your SIM Card to an iPhone even if you have an Android phone. Fortunately, SIM Card sizes don't depend on the brand of the phone; both iPhones and Android phones have the same type and variety of SIM Card sizes.

This way, you can always switch to an iPhone, even if you need an adapter to do so. Just make sure your SIM Card is unlocked first.

Android Phones and Compatible SIM Cards

Unlike the Apple iPhone, Android phones are a little harder to discuss when it comes to SIM Card sizes because they are all so different. Here is a table detailing various Android smartphones and the SIM Card sizes they provide.

BrandModelSIM Card Size
LGG3 Smicro-sim
LGG4 Beatmicro-sim
LGNexus 5micro-sim
LGNexus 5Xnano-sim
HTCWindows Phone 8Smicro-sim
HTCWindows Phone 8Xmicro-sim
HTCDesire 830nano-sim
HTCDesire Eyenano-sim
HTCDesire Smini-sim
MotorolaMoto Znano-sim
MotorolaMoto Z Forcenano-sim
MotorolaMoto Z Playnano-sim

How to Remove your Android SIM Card

Keep in mind, every Android device's SIM Card slot location may differ. In relation, every SIM Card removal process may differ slightly depending on which phone you have.

Additionally, you may need your SIM Card's number to activate it once you've removed it and are ready to insert it into your new phone. Here are some general steps to remove your Android SIM Card.

  1. Turn off your device before removing the SIM Card.
  2. Find your SIM Card tray. You may have to look up where the tray is for your specific phone if you're not sure. All Android phones are different.
  3. Once you've found your tray, use an unbent paperclip or an eject tool to push on the tray until the SIM Card ejects.
  4. If this doesn't work, look up how to remove a SIM Card for your specific phone.

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All in all, Android SIM Cards hold all of your personal cell phone carrier information, including your phone number and cell phone plan. You can transfer your SIM Card to any phone as long as it's unlocked and it's the right size.

Otherwise, you'll need to look for an adapter to insert it into your new phone. We have specific guides on Samsung SIM Cards and iPhone SIM Cards if you are an iPhone or Samsung user.

You should also check out our comparison of prepaid and postpaid plans as well as our guide to prepaid cell phone plans if you're interested in a prepaid phone plan.

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