The Best iPhone 6s Deals September 2019

Find out how to get the best deal on an Apple iPhone 6s

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The Best iPhone 6S Deals
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A solid, well-designed improvement from its predecessors, the iPhone 6S specs set the standard for later models to come.

The 6S brought 3D touch (pressure sensitive touch technology), a .7" larger screen than the iPhone 5S, the dual core A9 processor, and increased RAM.

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With continued support for this sleek handset, it makes a great budget phone choice if you don't want to drop a grand on the latest model.

Read on to find the cheapest iPhone 6S prices plus the key to saving half on your cell phone plan.

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Buy Refurbished to Get the Best iPhone 6S Deals

The used smartphone industry offers an effective solution to sticker shock. It's a smart choice for many other reasons as well:

  • Save money: Get the iPhone you want for half the retail price.
  • Big value for the money: There aren't typically drastic changes between phone model years. You'll get all the functionality you need for way less.
  • Switch carriers any time you want: Device payments tie you to your carrier. Own your phone and change cell phone plans when you want.

The Best iPhone 6S Deals

iPhone 6S
Network compatibility:VerizonAT&TT-MobileSprint
iPhone 6S
Network compatibility:Verizon
iPhone 6S
Network compatibility:AT&T
iPhone 6S
Network compatibility:T-Mobile
iPhone 6S
Network compatibility:Sprint

Key Considerations When Buying a Refurbished iPhone 6S

Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose a device and a seller:

  • Warranty: Used phones often come with limited warranties. Seller policies vary, from 30 days to one year.
  • Return policy: Make sure you understand the seller's return policy so you know how long you have if something goes wrong.
  • Compatibility: Shop unlocked cell phones and check your carrier's website to make sure the phone will work on the network.
  • Timing: Prices on flagship phones always drop when a new model is released as people sell their phones to buy new ones.
  • Payment options: Some sellers offer phone financing, although you will pay interest if you choose this option.

We make it easy for you to choose a seller. Read about the best places to buy a used cell phone.

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How to Save Even More Money

Save money on your cell phone plan and pocket some cash.

Sell Your Old Phone Online for Cash

Don't settle for low offers in trade-in credit from your carrier. Sell your phone online for cash - it's easy and fast.

Switch to a Low-Cost Carrier

Save a ton on your cell phone plan by switching to an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

MVNOs are smaller carriers that rent space on the big four wireless networks and resell it at lower prices. These mobile providers have lower overhead and marketing costs than the big guys, which allows them to discount the service.

Benefits of MVNOs:

  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage on the same networks the big four carriers use
  • Bring your phone and keep your number
  • Up to 50% savings on your cell phone plan
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Customize your plan to fit your needs

All four major networks are available at cheaper prices:

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Saving money on your iPhone and service is simple:

Need an even cheaper iPhone deal? Compare iPhone 5S prices!

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