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The Best iPhone 7 Plus Deals 2018

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The Best iPhone 7 Plus Deals

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By all accounts, the iPhone 7 Plus is bigger, better, and more powerful than its smaller cousin, the iPhone 7. Already taking an excellent specimen of hardware and software, the 7 Plus enhances everything you know and love about Apple's series of smartphones and cranks it to eleven.

Out of the box, the iPhone 7 Plus comes packed with enough features and the super sleek iOS that makes it one of the greatest smartphones. Ever.

It's still quite expensive, which may deter anyone who wants to pick one up, but you're definitely getting a high-quality device for what you pay for. With the iPhone 8 and 7S variants hitting the market soon, we may see a price drop for the 7 Plus, making it even more attractive.

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Let's take a look at all of the iPhone 7 Plus' amazing features.

On the surface, you might not blink an eye at the iPhone 7 Plus' exterior shell. Besides being impressively big, the design is awfully reminiscent of the iPhone 6 series and doesn't stray too far from the 7. By far the most prominent change is the new camera bump on the handset's rear, now elongated to accommodate the phone's additional camera sensor.

Otherwise, the 7 Plus will be familiar to users of the 6S Plus--the phones are the exact same size. Clocking in at 6.2", six ounces and only a few millimeters thick, the 7 Plus has an attractive profile that fits comfortably in your hand and pocket. The large size might throw people off if you're new to a phablet style handset, but it won't take look to adjust. The metal chassis is grippy and sturdy too. The 7 Plus is also waterproof and resistant to dust.

The iPhone 7 Plus also has a rich, vivid display that boasts stunning pictures. However, it still pales in comparison to Samsung's latest super AMOLED displays. Despite that, you won't find the 7 Plus lacking. The 5.5" 1920x1080p screen is perfect for gaming and watching videos. Photos, news, apps, and web pages come in bright and vibrant, making for an enjoyable reading experience outdoors or inside.

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Apple's new A10 processor is the fastest processor available on a mobile phone in the US today. The all-new chipset architecture enables faster processing and load management thanks to additional cores. The handset easily handles graphics intensive games and loading multiple web pages. The camera app, which is often a source of sluggishness for other phones, opens up in a snap. Scrolling is super smooth and simply navigating the device is responsive and quick. The iOS software is also extremely well optimized, and Apple regular pumps out security updates and fixes.

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with two cameras on the back, but acting as one. We've seen this before, but Apple has vastly improved upon the dual camera formula. The twin 12 MP shooters work in concert to provide extremely detailed photos in any lighting conditions. The secondary rear camera provides optical zoom without sacrificing image quality. However, the iPhone 7 Plus still struggles to snap photos in darkness.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus is a great handset, packed with plenty of features and a powerful OS, making it worth your dollar. In fact, it does not fall far behind the also-powerful iPhone 8 Plus.

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