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The Best AT&T Cell Phone Deals

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The Best AT&T Cell Phone Deals

According to FierceWireless, AT&T has the second largest subscriber base. The provider was home to 131.805 million subscribers as of Q2 2016, which fell just slightly behind Verizon Wireless. It makes sense - AT&T sports a network that falls just behind Verizon in terms of coverage and strength.

AT&T also carries the latest phones, but do not expect devices like the Google Pixel to be listed on the shop's website (not quite yet anyway).

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In terms of plans, AT&T provides customers with Mobile Share Advantage or an unlimited plan. Initially, the plans are only a little less expensive compared to Verizon, but as the plans grow in amount, the prices balance out.

All of this factors into the great deals, perks, and benefits you can take advantage of when switching from your old cell phone service provider to AT&T.

AT&T Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Like many carriers, AT&T offers special deals and promotions to either lure in new wireless customers or to create incentives for existing customers. For instance, you could score a $50 bill credit when you bring your own smartphone to AT&T. Of course, these deals and promotions are always subject to change and may be limited to the plan or the phone from the shop.

For instance, in one moment, you could save $200 and receive a free Samsung Gear VR if you purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. Another moment, the deal may expire and you may instead be able to save on monthly installments for your latest Samsung Galaxy.

Need another example of a deal? AT&T commonly hosts deals on Android phones, even though the Android phones may not be spectacular, so be on the lookout for them and be sure to read reviews.

There is also a program offered to loyal customers, dubbed AT&T Thanks. There are three tiers available, which depend on the service the customer has. All tiers will receive benefits such as Ticket Tuesdays, Front of the line, and Fullscreen Video on Demand. However, only Platinum customers will receive awesome perks such as priority service.

AT&T also offers employee and retiree discounts. All you need to do is fill out a self-service form, and voila - discount.

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AT&T Thanks Rewards Program

Similar to Verizon Up, AT&T Thanks is a rewards program signed customers can take advantage of. However, instead of accruing points like Verizon Up, AT&T Thanks is divided into three tiers, and the benefits are available to anyone as long as you fit within that given tier.

Access to tiers are determined by how many AT&T services you have--so if you're comfortable with having an AT&T cell phone plan, DIRECTV satellite television, and high speed Internet service, you can reap a ton of rewards.

Blue Tier

Here's the breakdown of sweet perks you can get when you achieve the Blue tier:

  • Free movie tickets on Tuesdays
  • Priority presale access to select concerts
  • Access to millions of AT&T Hotspots across the country
  • Same day device delivery and set up
  • Limited tickets to exclusive sports, music, and other events
  • Watch video on demand

Gold Tier

Gold tier requires at least two AT&T services. It includes everything from Blue tier and these benefits:

  • Limited time offers
  • Surprise benefits
  • Device and accessory perks

Platinum Tier

The final tier is Platinum, which requires at least three AT&T services. It includes everything from the lower tiers and:

  • Premier Support: Expert help with wireless, TV, or Internet services.
  • Priority Services: Priority access to help and support about your wireless or TV services.

Promotion to Switch to AT&T

Virtually all of the major wireless carriers offer some type of incentive to get you to switch over, and AT&T is no exception, featuring LTE network coverage that falls second to Verizon. Deals for switching to any of AT&T's cell phone plans change on a regular basis, so be sure to check the website when you're ready to make the change so you can take advantage of all current promotions.


AT&T overall is a good option, offering a variety of mobile phones, strong coverage that rivals Verizon, and an incredibly speedy service. However, what gives AT&T an edge over its competitors is its Unlimited Data plan. So if you're a data hog and would like to save on DIRECTV's packages, then it may be best to select AT&T.

Curious about how the major competitors fare against one another in terms of overall cell phone plans? Then be sure to read our buyer's guide to cell phone plans.

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