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If you're visiting this page, I think it's safe to assume you are on the hunt for a new smartphone and looking to see if an iPhone suits you best. With an ever growing ecosystem of devices (Apple Watch, iMac, Apple TV, MacBooks), mobility and connectivity combine elegantly in the iPhone. Whether you're an iPhone veteran or have never touched one before, Apple has a spectrum of handsets for you to love.

The iPhone series of handsets is known for a premium exterior design, great software under iOS, innovate features, solid cameras, and an extensive App Store. With newer phones on the horizon, the ones we discuss below are sure to see a drop in price. It's never been a better time to grab an iPhone.

The iPhone 7 Series

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus didn't revolutionize the smartphone industry like its older cousins but have refined the user experience to the point of near-perfection. Veteran users will be familiar to what the iPhone 7 brings to the table while impressed by the bevy of new and improved features that lie under the surface. Apple proves, once again, that it can make outstanding mobile phones.

iPhone 7

Why you should consider it: New camera systems, water resistance, immersive stereo speakers, impressive performance and battery life. Improvements to iOS, 3D Touch and Siri makes using this handset easier than ever before.

The Apple iPhone 7 is amazing, packing quite a powerful punch. The latest edition of the iPhone provides you with top-notch specs, immersive stereo speakers, better cameras, and water resistance. For those wanting to accessorize their mobile phone, you can select a device that features one of five finishes: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black, and Jet Black.

There's a lot to love about the iPhone 7. The quad-core A10 Fusion chip under the hood is a powerhouse. Apps launch quickly, updates install quickly, and the camera is ready to shoot seemingly the very instant I swipe to it from the lock screen. The 4.7" LED display is brighter and runs a wider color gamut, allowing web pages, pictures, and videos to render brighter and in greater detail than before. Even in direct sunlight, you can still read articles without complication.

The iPhone 7 camera has seen a major overhaul from last year's design. The 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP selfie camera take stunning photos and render colors more naturally compared to other devices. Snapping in low-light and darker conditions have also improved. You can also record video in 4k at 30fps.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone 7 here.

iPhone 7 Plus

Why you should consider it: Improved battery life, true 2x optical zoom for the amazing dual rear cameras, water resistance, and hefty storage options on top of the impeccable software. Everything we love about the iPhone 7 in a bigger, more powerful body.

The iPhone 7 Plus is bigger, better, and more powerful than its smaller variant. Already taking an excellent specimen of hardware and software, the 7 Plus enhances everything you know and love about Apple's series of smartphones and cranks it to eleven. Out of the box, the iPhone 7 Plus comes packed with enough features and the super sleek iOS that makes it one of the greatest smartphones. Ever.

Clocking in at 6.2", six ounces and only a few millimeters thick, the 7 Plus has an attractive profile that fits comfortably in your hand and pocket. The 5.5" 1920x1080p screen is perfect for gaming and watching videos. Photos, news, apps, and web pages come in bright and vibrant, making for an enjoyable reading experience outdoors or inside. The all-new chipset architecture enables faster processing and load management thanks to additional cores. Scrolling is super smooth and simply navigating the device is responsive and quick. The iOS software is also extremely well optimized, and Apple regular pumps out security updates and fixes. The twin 12 MP shooters work in concert to provide extremely detailed photos in any lighting conditions. The secondary rear camera provides optical zoom without sacrificing image quality.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone 7 Plus here.

The iPhone 6 Series

While the iPhone 6 series of handsets might be last generation, they are by no means poor devices. Fans and critics of Apple alike acknowledge that the cell phone manufacturer has a talent for building darn good phones. From a technical standpoint, the iPhone 6 line can't compete against more modern phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the current iPhone 7 line.

However, the iPhone 6 is a knockout handset that delivers intuitive features, powerful specs, speedy performance, a solid camera, and comfortable design--all at a cheaper price tag.

iPhone 6

Why you should consider it: Receiving fantastic value for brilliant performance, comfortability, and decent camera.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 6 happens to be one of the best-selling iPhones and for good reason. It's comfortable and provides the user with quick performance thanks to its much-needed software updates. It also features a decent camera, though it (undoubtedly) falls behind the iPhone 7 in terms of performance.

The curvier, rounded body is a departure from the iPhone 5 and makes the device overall easier to hold and reduces slippage. While larger than its predecessors, veteran iPhone users won't see much of a difference. However, the iPhone 6 is slightly thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5 and has a larger, 4.7" screen.

Updated to the latest iOS version (And expected to continue seeing updates for 2 more years), the iPhone 6 will see regular software improvements, updates, and bug fixes while giving you access to the latest apps and tools. This smartphone can still keep up and provide a smooth, seamless experience while launching apps, writing messages, making calls, surfing the web, and gaming.

The 8-megapixel camera is arguably the standout feature of the iPhone 6, and one of the major reasons you should consider purchasing it. Smartphones under similar price points and with similar specs may have a higher megapixel camera, but the iPhone 6 stands above the rest with a major overhaul in how the camera operates and new system functionality.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone 6 here.

iPhone 6 Plus

Despite being discontinued by Apple (referring to iTech Post's article), the iPhone 6 Plus is a nifty device, featuring a phablet design. Starting the trend by which the iPhone 7 Plus would later follow, this handset was a more expensive variant of the 6. It came packaged with improved internal systems, camera, and processor inside of a larger chassis. You might not find it at your local cell phone retailer, but if you want to experience a phablet designed by Apple at a marginally cheaper price than the 6S Plus or 7 Plus, you might want to check online.

iPhone 6S

Why you should consider it: Rivals the iPhone 7 in terms of functionality. Solid camera and battery life. Constant security and software updates to iOS, Siri, and 3D Touch.

The iPhone series 6S is a great phone. A solid, well-designed improvement from its predecessors, the iPhone 6S set the standard for later models to come. There have been key improvements to the exterior aesthetic of the handset, to the processor, cameras, touchscreen, and more.

The iPhone 6S unveils Apple's newest experiment: 3D Touch. It's a bold move with the potential to do great things on the future models, but here is where it all started. Simply put, 3D Touch functionality changes the way we interact with our iPhone in subtle ways.

The handset now senses how deeply you touch, tap, and swipe, adding new shortcuts and features depending on how much pressure you apply. Perhaps the most notable benefit 3D Touch brings to the table is app shortcuts. Tap and hold on an app, like Pandora, for a second or two and a small menu will pop up, allowing you to immediately launch the app with a certain radio station being played.

As an S-year model iPhone, the 6S focuses more on tweaking power and performance than major design changes. From the outside, this mobile phone will look awfully similar to the iPhone 6, and the later-released 7 follow a similar design theme. Regardless, the 6S is bigger, thinner, and less angular than older smartphones. It's lightweight, comfy to hold, and easily slips into your pocket. The glass, metal, and hardened plastic all feel very premium.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone 6S here.

iPhone 6S Plus

Why you should consider it: Larger phone with a longer battery life compared to the iPhone 6S. Takes everything we love about the 6S and makes it bigger and better.

Standing tall at a colossal 6.2" inches, the iPhone 6s Plus comes packaged in a rounded metal body that feels sturdy and made with premium materials that won't bend. While staying true to its design roots, the iPhone 6s Plus has seen a considerable overhaul under the surface. With double the RAM and processing power of the iPhone 6, and a considerable amount of internal storage to boot, the 6s Plus deftly handles multiple apps, games, videos, and web pages without skipping a beat.

The 1920x1080p high-resolution display creates beautiful, vivid images. The 12-megapixel camera shoots stunning selfies and can record video in 4k resolution, proving to be a great outlet for your creative endeavors.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone 6S Plus here.

The iPhone SE

Why you should consider it: Contains all the major features belonging to the iPhone 6S, smaller size, compatibility with iPhone 5 and 5S cases and accessories. The first budget-friendly iPhone that punches well above its weight.

An offshoot of Apple's flagship iPhone series of devices, the iPhone SE is a return to the roots of the manufacturer's older style of design whilst integrating the latest hardware and software support--at a much lower price point than the competitors.

Standing at about 4.8" tall, the iPhone SE is a light and compact phone that will fit comfortably in your hand. Despite the cheaper price tag, Apple doesn't skimp out on building a quality product. The iPhone SE looks stylish with an aluminum body and feels firm and cool to the touch. The buttons are solid and responsive, and the smaller size means your fingers can reach across the device without any awkward finagling.

Veteran iPhone users coming to the iPhone SE will be right at home with the latest iOS software. Packed with similar specs to the 6S--meaning 2GB of RAM and the A9 processor--the iPhone SE is quite speedy and can handle multitasking quite well.

Check out the full review, affordable deals, and the specs of the iPhone SE here.

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