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HTC Desire 530 HTC Desire 530 Starting at:$/moFor months; 0% APR;
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Amidst tech giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung, you might not have heard much HTC and the unique approach they take to creating smartphones.

With an emphasis on superior hardware and a push to make the user experience as enjoyable and easy as possible, HTC has a line of cell phones to meet a variety of interests and budgets.

With the vision of bringing the PC into the palm of your hand, HTC pursues new and innovative methods of bringing powerful computing capabilities into the mobile sphere without sacrificing cost or comfort.

What separates an HTC cell phone from the myriad other mobile devices on the market today?

Generally speaking, as an Android alternative to Samsung, LG, and other cell phone manufacturers out there, HTC delivers a high-quality experience at a very reasonable price point. Lacking much of the bloatware you'll find on other devices, there is a push to make an HTC phone your travel companion, personal assistant, entertainment system and more.

With a constant pursuit toward innovation, HTC experiments with how we interact with our smartphones and how they affect our daily lives and works on how to improve that relationship.

Regardless of which phone you choose, you'll find a solid, enjoyable experience with HTC using a phone prepared for wherever life takes you.

Why you should consider buying an HTC phone

  1. Quick & Light: HTC phones are some of the quickest and lightest Android devices when it comes to performance and software. Optimized for speed and fine-tuned to eliminate stutters and bugs, HTC ensures a smooth, seamless experience.
  2. Multitasking: With a unique multi-window feature, you can look at several things at once without having to swap between apps. Check the score of the game and share it with friends seamlessly.
  3. Less Bloatware: You will find some extra features preloaded onto your device from HTC. Unlike other cell phone manufacturers, however, HTC won't hinder your experience unnecessary doubled-up apps, weird menu tweaks, or icons out of place.
  4. Impressive Battery Life: HTC is known for installing batteries that last throughout the day on their devices.
  5. Quality Camera: HTC has versatility in mind when making their cameras. You can shoot well in low-light, capture depth, take landscape photos, and record video in up to 4k resolution.
  6. Great Audio: With a Beats partnership, HTC excels at delivering a high-end audio experience.
  7. Unlocked: Nearly all HTC phones come unlocked and ready to go right when you boot it up. Without being attached to a carrier, you're free to shop around for the best deals and switch when you want.

HTC smartphones

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