The Best iPhone Cases
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The Best iPhone Cases

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When you purchase a new (or even used) iPhone phone, your first thought may be, "Gee, I should find a phone case for this device." If that isn't the first thought, then it should be - after all, 33 percent of phones end up lost or damaged. And the fun fact about iPhone damages? In 2013, a British study declared that the average iPhone was broken or damaged about 10 weeks post-purchase.

Furthermore, the iPhone lineup is expensive - even more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy lineup - and you don't want to see your beloved iPhone cracked or even scuffed, would you?

Fall damage is exactly why phone cases exist. They protect your phone and bring you peace of mind - well, without you coughing up over a hundred dollars to repair your phone through your phone insurance. What provides the best protection for your iPhone?

In this guide, we've reviewed the best cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that fit a variety of styles and preferences. Whether you want a make a bold statement with your device or plan on snapping photos underwater, these cases will do the trick.

The Best iPhone Cases: Our Top Picks

Base Grip Silk Case Review

  • Pros
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in four colors
  • Air cushions corners to absorb shocks
  • Includes scratch-resistant screen protector film
  • Cons
  • Textured grip isn't as strong as it could be
  • Can appear stretched out and worn after a month

Need ultra-light and powerful protection? This is where the Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case comes in. This case, which is designed for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, features patent pending high-grip texture design and air cushioned corners that absorb and disperse shocks when dropped. In other words, you'll be having some strong drop protection. And you'll have multiple color options: Black Onyx, Blue Jade, Gunmetal Gray, and Purple Orchid.

Furthermore, the Natural Throw buttons on the case maintain the phone's tactile 'click' response. And if you need a scratch-resistant screen protector, say no more. Fortunately, the Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case includes a premium scratch-resistant screen protector film, so you won't scuff your expensive cell phone's screen.

Many customers have praised the phone case, noting the minimalist design and the sufficient textured grip. It's a comfortable and slim case, living up to expectations when it comes to fall damage. However, some people have noted that the case appears to look worn after a month and even stretches out. Furthermore, people have commented on how "cheap" the protective case appears. Additionally, the textured grip, while sufficient, could be further enhanced.

OtterBox Defender Review

  • Pros
  • Strong, durable protection
  • Various designs
  • Port covers
  • Kickstand and belt-clip holster is included
  • Cons
  • Screen protector can be an absolute nightmare
  • Hair and dirt may slip through the case

Ah, the OtterBox Defender series. While these protective cases are a bit more expensive compared to your average case, they are typical of significant quality. The OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPhone 7 features a myriad of designs for personalization purposes. For the iPhone 7 Defender case, you can select between Black, Arabesque, Bespoke Way, Borealis, Call of Duty Blue Camo, Call of Duty Diamond, Marathoner, Mint Dot, Realtree Max 5HD, Realtree Xtra, Realtree Xtra Pink, and Vinyasa. See? Plenty of choices.

Furthermore, there are three layers of protection - Built-in screen protector, high-impact polycarbonate shell, and a silicone case slipcover. Not only that, but the case can prevent against scratches, drops, bumps, and shock. Additionally, the port covers - such as the headphone jack cover - can keep out the dust and debris.

And if you find the OtterBox a little too bulky for your pockets, you'll be happy to know that the case features a belt-clip holster that doubles as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing and carrying on the go.

Customers have praised the OtterBox Defender for its ultra-protective features, but there are some issues to look out for. For one, someone mentioned in their review that you may want to remove the flimsy plastic wrap-appearing cover. Unfortunately, the screen cover can scratch easily and can interfere with the touch sensitivity of the iPhone. You may thus prefer a tempered glass screen protector. Not only that but dirt, hair and more can slip through the case and even behind the screen protector.

Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case Review

  • Pros
  • Microfiber interior lining and soft exterior
  • 12 colors to choose from
  • Machined aluminum buttons for tactile responses
  • Sturdy
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Is a little slippery
  • May be prone to scratches

Want something more official? How about the iPhone 7 Leather Case? This leather iPhone case comes in 12 colors, meaning better personalization. Because it's straight from Apple, these Apple iPhone cases fit quite well over the curves of your iPhone - all without adding bulk. Not only that, but the cases are created from specially tanned and finished European leather - in that case (no pun intended), you should expect a soft exterior, complete with a microfiber interior lining that protects your iPhone.

Furthermore, you have machined aluminum buttons to take advantage of, which matches the finish of your leather iPhone case.

Many customers have vouched that the slim case is worth the price (even though the price is a little high, but it is an Apple iPhone product), praising the sturdiness, style, and fit. However, there have also been complaints that the leather case showed signs of wear and tear early on and that it could scratch easily. However, what should be noted is that the phone case can be slippery to hold, meaning that you are more prone to dropping the phone. Furthermore, the case won't exactly protect your iPhone's bottom-front edge against falls.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Leather Case is a fantastic option to consider, even if a little bit on the expensive side.

CM4 Wallet Case Review

  • Pros
  • Can fit three cards and a wallet case
  • Features a "credit card" kickstand
  • Is durable, offering strong drop protection
  • Cons
  • The leather can stretch
  • Expensive

The CM4 Q Card Case - which is compatible for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - is a sight to behold for wallet-case desirers. The case comfortably fits three cards plus cash. Not only that but the case is ultra-slim and features high-grip textured sides. And if you need a kickstand, the CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case does include a credit card kickstand (you merely have to slide a credit card into the hidden kickstand slot to prop up your iPhone) that props the phone into two viewing angles for on-the-go viewing. Finally, the case offers durable full-frame drop protection.

Many customers praise its thin fit, functionality, and protection. In fact, people have claimed that the case has endured sweat, water, dirt, and multiple drops. The best part is that while the card case shell is plastic and smooth, the sides are textured, providing the grip you require for carrying. Not only that, but the card holder appears to be crafted from leather (or synthetic leather).

As for any disadvantages, there have been a few complaints. For one, the leather can stretch - while this may be positive for some people, as they can fit more cards, this can be a negative for others. Not only that, but some people have also complained that the case is too expensive for the quality.

Spigen Thin Fit Review

  • Pros
  • Minimalistic style and thinness
  • Various color options
  • Quantum Neo Magnetic Plate that's compatible with Spigen magnetic car mount
  • Cons
  • Case is rather brittle compared to other cases
  • Drop protection is a gamble

Finally, we have the Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 7 Case. The Spigen Thin Fit case, which comes in seven various colors, provides you with a pocket-friendly case that fits snugly onto the iPhone. Not only that but with Open buttons, you'll be able to take advantage of quick and easy accessibility.

What's also unique to the case is that it includes a slot for a Quantum Neo Magnetic Plate, which is compatible with the Spigen magnetic car mount.

Customers have praised the minimalistic style and lack of bulk. Not only that, but the drop protection is top-notch. People have stated that they've dropped their phone a few times on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete, and the phone didn't suffer any damage as a result. Additionally, the case features a thoughtful design.

However, there have been some valid complaints regarding the case. For one, the phone can collect oils from your hand on the back of the case. That and repeated removals of the case could risk damage to the case. Second, while the case may provide strong protection for some customers, others may not be so lucky. Some people have claimed that - after a high drop - the Apple iPhone completely shatters or cracks, even when protected by the case. Overall, for the price, you still can't go wrong with this case.

Key Considerations When Choosing an iPhone Case

When you're choosing an iPhone case, there are a variety of factors to consider. Here are just some of the most important ones to take into account:

Case Material and Type

The case material and type are highly important factors - after all, the material will certainly protect your phone from devastating falls. Fortunately, there are a variety of strong materials to look for when shopping for a new iPhone case.

Here are just some of the case types available for the iPhone:

  • Skins - The skin-type case is the most basic. This case type is made of a thin and flexible material like rubber or silicone (and a silicone case often feels nice). Not only does it enhance your iPhone's defenses, but it will give you extra grip.
  • Rugged Case - The rugged case is for those who are not exactly careful. Not only that, but the rugged case helps protect the iPhone from all sorts of weather conditions. So if you're the outdoorsy type, the rugged iPhone case is a good option for you.
  • Shell Case - Shell cases often cover the back and sides of your iPhone, leaving your screen open. Shell cases, which are constructed from plastic or metal, will protect the phone from scratches, but it may not help a lot when concerning fall damage.
  • Wallet Case - The wallet case, or folio case, is an excellent choice for those who want to combine their wallet belongings with their phone. The wallet case varies in terms of form and size, but the various forms function in a similar fashion. The folio case features card slots that allow you to store your ID, credit cards, and more. However, card slots may not be the best storage place if you tend to lose your phone often. You don't want to lose both your phone and your important cards.
  • Battery Cases - Unfortunately, the more tasks you perform on your iPhone, the faster your battery life will drain. Well, this is where the battery case comes in. The battery case, while bulkier and heavier compared to your average phone case, will extend the battery life of your iPhone for far longer.

Customization and Design

Sometimes, it's all about personalization. When you purchase one of the best iPhone cases available, then you're probably expecting to customize your iPhone case.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cases that come in various designs. For instance, one such case could come in eight colors. Another may feature customizable designs to suit your everyday life.


The pricing is also important to take into consideration. When you purchase a phone case, you'll want to keep in mind that, "you get what you pay for." Sometimes you may be able to take advantage of a sale, but otherwise, you may receive a shoddy product if you pay a dollar.

You should, of course, aim for a reasonably-priced case - don't think about overpaying for a phone case either - but be sure to examine the reviews before purchasing the case.


Not only should the case protect your phone, but it may be a bonus - for you, anyway - that the case would be attractive and come with additional features. For instance, your case could be waterproof or feature an LED screen.

Though at the same time, while a waterproof iPhone case sounds fantastic, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water-resistant, so a waterproof iPhone case isn't 100 percent essential.

Case Quality

Before you purchase a case, you should rely on user and critic reviews. Why? Because you'll need to rely on the quality of your phone case. Your phone case needs to be durable, able to defend your phone multiple times in the event of falls. Furthermore, your phone should be able to defend your phone in the events of dirt and perhaps even shock.

What should also be taken into consideration are port covers. Port covers protect ports like your headphone jack or charging port from dust and debris.

Our Methodology

We understand that accidents happen, or sometimes we just make stupid mistakes and our phone breaks. It happens more often than we think. With the average iPhone breaking in about 10 tens post-purchase, we considered safety above all else. When choosing the best iPhone cases, we have to go through some rigorous examination of the products. Here's how we decided upon the best iPhone cases:

1. First, we've developed a list of the best brands of phone cases.

2. Second, we then selected the best phone cases from said brands. We relied on not only critic reviews but also user reviews for the best phone cases.

3. Third, we dwindled our selection of the best phone cases to the top five. We asked ourselves, "What are the features available? How is the durability of the case? How is the drop protection? Is a screen protector included?What is the case made of?" These questions helped determine what we considered to be the best iPhone cases.

Related: You can compare the Android OS and iOS right here.


There are plenty of iPhone cases out there for you to select from, but our choices would not only give you the best bang for your buck but also the features you require. Depending on how rough you are with your phone, you'll want to opt for a different type of phone case.

For instance, if you tend to drop your phone often, then you'll probably want to choose the OtterBox Defender phone case for the iPhone 7. If you're awfully careful with your phone, then you may want to opt for a thinner, durable silicone case like the Spigen Thin Fit.

If you're looking for more accessories for your smartphone, check out our buyer's guides to Phone VR headsets and wireless earbuds.

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