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Rob Webber

Rob Webber

Have you considered other options before taking your carrier up on their "great trade-in deal"? Do you even need a brand-new phone or is yours still in good condition?

These are questions you should be asking yourself before committing to the trade-in cycle, yet again. iPhone is getting more expensive each year, with few groundbreaking changes. If you pay off your device and keep it your phone bill will drop considerably.

If you do need a new cell phone that's no problem either. You don't have to lose money trading in for a new one. In this guide, I'll show you how to get the most cash for your iPhone plus save 50% or more on your next one. Keep reading for all the details!

Sell Your iPhone Online

When you trade-in your device you're not getting the most possible money out of it. Sell your iPhone online to get the maximum value that it's worth.

There are so many ways to sell iPhones, there's really no reason not to do it.

You can use a site like Swappa which works more like eBay in that you put up your own listing and handle postage, etc. Or you can let a buyer like Decluttr or Gazelle handle everything by purchasing your iPhone directly from you.

Benefits of selling your iPhone online:

  • Usually a higher offer than using a carrier trade-in program
  • Payment in real money to spend as you please - not account credit
  • Shipping your device is free
  • Fast payment - typically the day after the buyer gets your phone
  • See the best offer from multiple sellers all in one place

Trade vs Selling

Price Comparison: iPhone Trade-in vs Selling Online

DeviceVerizon (Credit)T-Mobile (Credit)AT&T (Credit)Sprint (Credit)MoneySavingPro (Cash)
iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)$420$331$360$370$410
iPhone 8 (64GB)$340$289$300$310$406
iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)$285$192$225$260$330
iPhone 7 (32GB)$185$136$170$165$274

How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

iPhone value depends heavily upon two factors:

  • Condition - The closer to new condition the more cash you'll get for your iPhone. You can sell it in less than great condition - including with a cracked screen or water damage - but you'll get a significantly reduced offer.
  • IMEI status - Your IMEI number has to be clean. This means your iPhone has never been reported as lost or stolen.

Now to the big question - how much is your iPhone actually worth? Find out right now.

Sell Online for Cash

As I talked about earlier, it's ridiculously simple to sell your cell phone online for cash. Reputable buyers guide you through the process, making it painless and fast.

  1. Find your iPhone on the buyer website.
  2. Answer questions about device condition and any other requested info.
  3. Decide whether to accept your instant offer.
  4. Request your shipping label by email or regular mail.
  5. Send in your iPhone and wait to get paid.

Most sites lock in your offer for 28-30 days. If they decide your phone is in worse condition than you stated, they'll adjust the offer accordingly.

Payment options may include PayPal, check, or even Amazon gift cards.

Selling Advice

A few simple steps will protect your personal information and get your iPhone ready to ship off to the buyer:

  1. Back up your data: Do a backup to iCloud and iTunes. Save any photos or videos that you haven't saved from your text messages. There are apps that can help you make sure you've got everything you need off your phone.
  2. Sign out of your accounts: Log out of iCloud and iTunes. Switching to an Android phone? Go into your iMessage settings and deregister your phone number.
  3. Unpair your Apple Watch: You can do this in the Watch app settings.
  4. Turn off Find My iPhone: Go into your iCloud settings to deactivate Find My iPhone. This allows the next owner to turn this feature on.
  5. Do a factory reset: Go into Settings and find the reset options. Choose Erase All Content and Settings to wipe the device clean and reset the factory defaults.
  6. Take out your SIM and memory cards: Remove your SIM card and any extra memory you've installed.

Money Saving Tips

Now you're probably wondering how to get your iPhone upgrade if you don't trade in. No problem - buy a refurbished iPhone to get a great device at about half the retail price.

Used smartphones are huge business. Cell phone prices are growing out of control, with few major changes to each model. Buying refurbished is a wise choice financially, practically, and environmentally.

1. Buy a refurbished iPhone

  • Savings up to 50% or more over new
  • Free shipping
  • Warranty included up to 12 months
  • Return policies offer protection
  • Affordable repairs easily accessible at phone repair stores nationwide

Compare the best iPhone prices from multiple sellers all in one place.

2. Switch to an MVNO

Chances are that you're also paying too much for your cell phone plan. Thanks to growing competition among carriers you can save about $600 a year without compromising your favorite network.

MVNOs are the catalysts behind this change in the market. Mobile Virtual Network Operators - MVNOs - are smaller carriers that use the same four network as the big guys. They have lower operating costs so they can give you a cheaper rate.

MVNO Benefits:

  • Cheaper by up to 50% or more
  • Coverage on the same reliable wireless network the major carriers use
  • Custom plans - pay only for what you actually need
  • Bring your own phone and keep your number
  • Easy to switch online

Get a look at how much you'll save with our cell phone plan savings calculator.

Compare cell phone plans instantly on all four networks - AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.


Stop letting your carrier benefit from the full value of your used iPhone. Sell it online to get the most cash out of it - money you can put where it's needed instead of into your next phone debt.

Next up - save 50% when you buy a refurbished iPhone.

Slash your cell phone bill by $600 a year - compare cell phone plans from cheaper providers and keep your reliable network for less!

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