The Best Smart Watches for Kids
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The Best Smart Watches for Kids

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When you think of smart watches, you'd probably think of an item that's exclusively for adults, but that isn't the case. In fact, there are plenty of smart watches made available for kids that won't cost you an arm and a leg (think the Apple Watch, Pebble Smartwatch, or Samsung Gear).

If you have a child (or associate with one), then you'll probably be relieved to know that you have the option of this inexpensive holiday gift.

You'll find inside this guide the best smart watches for kids, as these watches have been designed with children in mind. Not only are these smartwatches colorful and kid-friendly, but they also feature games that will keep your child active.

The Best Smart Watches for Kids: Our Top Picks

LG GizmoGadget Review

  • Pros
  • Parental control and monitoring features
  • Built-in GPS
  • Sturdy design
  • Bright, fun colors
  • Calling and texting enabled
  • Cons
  • Very short battery life
  • Can't send free-form text messages

The LG GizmoGadget is a fun, easy-to-use smartwatch built tough for kids but designed truly with parents in mind. It's made out of sturdy material, capable of withstanding the rigors of an active child, and is comfortable to wear and comes in attractive colors.

Besides having a rather small battery (an estimated 2 hours of active usage time), this smartwatch is packed with enough fun features to get your kid outside and exercising--while giving mom and dad peace of mind. The 1.3" PMOLED display is pretty standard amongst smart watches for kids. The interactive touchscreen is big, bright, and simple to navigate.

A quick side note: the GizmoGadget's touchscreen is a nice way to teach young children too young for a smartphone how to properly treat sensitive touch technology. Regardless, the glass screen is resistant enough to withstand smudgy fingers kids are prone to having.

The LG GizmoGadget was built with plenty of parental controls and security features in mind. With actual cell phone capability, your child can only call or text up to 10 contacts you insert into the device. There are Quick Check-in and Auto Answer functionality for when you want to touch base with your child wherever he or she is and monitor their environment. The built-in GPS tracker can send instant alerts and enables geofencing too, letting you know when your child has left the house, school, the park, or wherever.

And for kids? There aren't any games on the GizmoGadget, so they won't be distracted in class, but there are plenty of neat apps. The pedometer can count steps, and you can also set fitness goals and monitor progress with the timer and stopwatch. The voice changer, that will change your voice to one of four character voices, is cute. Your kid can also customize the watch with different themes and faces to give it their own personal flair.

EOBP Kids Smart Watch Review

  • Pros
  • Fun educational games
  • Affordable
  • Colorful display
  • Easy to operate
  • Cons
  • Poor picture and video recording quality

Based in China, EOBP may be an unfamiliar name to the common consumer. However, they have been selling quality electronics and devices to customers throughout the USA since 2015. The EOBP smartwatch is more of a toy than a practical device. Perfect for young children aged six and younger, this smartwatch packs a lot of fun features in a small, easy-to-use device.

I'll discuss the blaring hole a parent might have concerning this device: there is no GPS tracking or alert messaging systems designed to inform parents where and when their children might be. Instead, however, the EOBP smartwatch comes with a plethora of fun games and features that are sure to keep young kids entertained and occupied.

All of the games and features in the smartwatch are educational and oriented towards teaching young children about matching cards, rhythm, and reflexes (with a fun Whac-A-Mole game!). There's also a cute little penguin that can help your child learn to read time. Packaged together, the tools enhance memory and reaction with music and light-hearted humor. Rounding out the features of this smartwatch are a timer, stopwatch, and alarm.

Beyond the spectrum of a toy, the EOBP doesn't shine too brightly. The 128 x128 resolution is laughably low on the 1.5-inch touch screen. However, the bright colors and large, simple text make up for it. With a 0.3 megapixel camera, don't expect the photos to be stellar either.

The bottom line? Young kids are sure to be entertained with the EOBP smartwatch. For the low price, it's definitely worth looking into. However, you might find your child swiftly losing interest as they start wanting more interactive, nuanced devices.

LG VC110 GizmoPal 2 Review

  • Pros
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing Capabilities
  • Cons
  • Bulky
  • GPS sends back location upon request

The GizmoPal 2, which is suitable for ages 4 and up, is actually an update to the LG KizON. What makes this smart watch unique is the fact that it features GPS tracking. Not only that, but it looks like a "cool" smart watch. It's simple in appearance, and not too flashy or colorful either. Not only that but the GizmoPal 2 sports some fun sounds and a voice clock, which helps keep children entertained for hours.

The terms "parental controls" and "child safety" are also emphasized by the GizmoPal 2. Parents can rely on the GizmoPal 2 Android smartphone app to view their child's location whenever. Furthermore, as a parent, you can set location reminders. When the reminders are set, your child's location will be pinged back to you at specified times. Additionally, if your child crosses a geofence - or a boundary - then your watch will send notifications to you.

Even better is the fact that the watch acts as a phone. Parents can call the watch and children can make phone calls, but only to specified numbers. Unfortunately, this product, while snazzy, is a tad more on the expensive side - more expensive than the previously mentioned smart wearables.

However, while there are quite a few consumers who love the product, but some people have stated that the GPS tracker doesn't exactly track the location of the device - to put it simply, it does not feature real-time tracking. In fact, it sends back the location upon request. What you really have to do is open the Android smartphone app, request the location, and you will receive the location in between 10 and 15 seconds. In other words, it's all manual. Additionally, the screen can be seen as a little bulky.

Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch Review

  • Pros
  • Highly affordable
  • Bluetooth feature
  • 1GB of internal storage, with up to 32GB of expandable memory
  • Cons
  • Doesn't have as many games as VTech Kidizoom
  • It may be a bit complex to operate

The Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch is another awesome, colorful smart watch to add to our list. Not only is it kid-friendly and adorable, but it teaches kids to reach time while entertaining them.

The watch also comes with a Bluetooth feature, which allows you to connect the smart watch with a cell phone so you can the watch to answer phone calls. However, the watch can be used only to answer calls, not to make calls.

Additionally, the watch features a built-in tiltable camera, so children can capture both video and photos that can save to the watch. And for the record, 1GB of memory is included, though the memory slot features up to 32GB of expandable memory. Like the VTech Kidizoom, the watch also comes complete with a micro USB cable and several interactive activities and games. There are a couple of games that sharpen memory, reflexes, and musicality. Furthermore, there are other fun features, such as the speech-imitating hippo, photo effects, voice recorder, calculator, and more.

Overall, you can't go wrong with this watch either, though some customers have complained that it does not work - as in the battery charges then drains quickly. Others have reported that it's too complicated.

VTech Kidizoom Watch DX Review

  • Pros
  • 12 main features available
  • Highly affordable
  • Able to upload videos and photos from watch
  • Cons
  • No GPS tracker
  • Can be a little large
  • Battery doesn't favorably long

The VTech Kidizoom Watch DX is absolutely one of the best smart watches available for children. This device, which is perfect for the children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old, has been rated highly due to its abilities as a full-featured smartwatch. Do keep in mind, however, that it does not feature GPS tracking capabilities.

However, that should not stop you from purchasing this highly affordable item - we're talking a bit less than $100 here.

Anyway, this smart watch features three fun activities, five games, three action challenges and a motion sensor. Furthermore, children can take plenty of pictures and video with this smartwatch, as it features a camera with photo effects, video camera, voice recorder with voice-changing effects, and touch screen.

Additionally, the watch also sports an alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, and simple calculator. Not only that, but you can customize the smart watch with over 50 clock face designs. Additionally, it is splash and sweat proof, but not water resistant or waterproof. And if you want to upload photos and video, you can do so thanks to the micro-USB cable.

Most parents have loved this device, highly recommend it for children who love to take video and photo and to encourage children to become more active (or remain active).

However, some people have stated that the watch isn't as splash proof as claimed. One mentioned how it was "too expensive to use one and then toss because of a splash of water." Others have stated that the toy watch doesn't charge when plugged or it stops working, but they appear to be more defects, judging by how highly rated the other reviews are. However, as far as disadvantages go, the watch can be a little large and the battery life isn't exactly the best, but you can at least charge it with a micro USB cable (it does not come with an AC adapter, though).

Key Considerations Before Buying a Smart Watch

There are several key factors to take into consideration when searching for a kid-friendly watch. Here are just a few of them which has helped us decide our top five smartwatches for children:


The pricing of the wearable tech is important. If you want to purchase an activity tracker, fitness tracker, or smart watch, then you should keep in mind that again, the wearable is for kids. Unless you have money to throw away, you shouldn't purchase an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Pebble Smartwatch for a child that is at least under 10 years of age but instead purchase a durable watch that can withstand "children events."

By that, I mean rough playing and other activities that could potentially destroy a wearable. So you should not purchase a wearable that is too expensive. Instead, you should purchase a quality watch that is rather on the inexpensive side (around $100 and under).


Features are the most important aspect of a wearable when it comes to children. Whether it's a fitness tracker, GPS tracker, or smart watch for kids, there should be parental control features so that the parent could keep track of their child, a set of "fun" features, such as games and other activities, or both.

It would be nice to have an influential game or three on the wearable, complete with a motion sensor so that children can get moving and increase their heart rate. Additionally, the battery life can be an important aspect. A battery life of just an hour does not make an appealing watch.

Of course, there can also be other goodies embedded in the smart watch, like a calculator, pedometer for your child's heart rate, Bluetooth calling, interchangeable touch screen and designs, and more. Speaking of designs...


When you purchase a smart watch for a child, you should have the design in mind. Not all children think adult watches look cool. Depending on the age, they may want a colorful design.

Many children also opt for a simplistic design as well, or something "cool" appearing. All in all, it's a good idea to keep the design in mind when searching for a child's smart watch.

Our Methodology

Finding the perfect smart watch for a child is no simple task. Here is how we came to our top five in the search for the best smart watches for kids:

  1. First, we've compiled the best brands of children's smart watches available. We only picked the brands that have not only been well known but have received fantastic reviews from consumers and professional reviewers over a selected time period.
  2. We then cut smart watches based on our key considerations. We've dug up the facts as well as the consumer and professional reviews, and found in our analysis the top ten smart watches based on the design of the smartwatch, the features of the smart watch, and the value you're receiving for the smart watch.
  3. In the end, we dwindled down the amount of best smart watches to five. We selected the top five mainly based on the function of the smart watches. For instance, the Tinitell features real-time tracking and a SIM card slot, whereas the VTech Kidizoom Watch DX sported many fun activities to keep your child preoccupied.

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Overall, what you need for a child's smart watch is dependent on your child's needs. For instance, you may be a busy parent and your child is a preteen. In that case, you may want a watch with GPS tracking capabilities. However, if you want your child to become more active, then you'll probably want a watch that can act as a fitness tracker as well. Just be sure that, if you don't rely on our top five picks, to choose a smart watch that sports strong consumer and professional reviews (or at least just consumer reviews).

Perhaps you're looking for a smart watch yourself. In that case, you should read our guide to the best smart watches. For more information, check out our directory of guide for connected devices.

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