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Builders of the legendary RAZR flip phone, Motorola has quite a storied history in the electronics and telecommunications industries. In the mid-2000s, however, the company slowly faded into obscurity with the advent of the iPhone and major players Apple and Samsung taking center stage.

That changed when Google purchased Motorola back in 2013. With the release of the Moto X and Moto G, they proved to the world that a successful smartphone need not rely purely on powerful specs. Nay, a cell phone that offered a great user experience with a simple but intuitive interface could win the day. An extremely affordable asking price helped, too.

Now, you'll find a whole range of Motorola phones designed to suit any user's needs at all price tiers. Regardless of what phone you choose, you'll find a commitment to customization and personalization with every device.

Why should you choose a Motorola cell phone?

One reason why Motorola has seen significant success in its cell phone releases is that truly emphasize providing a great quality product at a budget price. Even at the low end of the spectrum, their cheap phones have an unbeatable combination of specs, design, and price. For people looking to buy their first smartphone, or for anyone who needs a solid device to fit their budget, Motorola is an excellent choice.

So why should you consider buying a cell phone from Motorola? Let me outline it for you in 6 simple reasons.

  1. Carrier-Friendly: Nearly all Motorola phones come unlocked, so you can switch cell phones carriers by just swapping compatible SIM cards.
  2. No Contract: A Motorola phone doesn't come with a contract when you purchase it. This means you stay in control and you own your phone--not the carrier.
  3. Modularity: Motorola's flagship G series and their E and Z lines of phones are some of the most versatile in the market today. With special add-ons dubbed "Moto Mods," you can transform your smartphone into a movie projector, boombox, and more. You can also choose the color and material of the back of the phone.
  4. Fast, Powerful Experience: Thanks to a near-stock version of the latest Android OS, Moto phones work fast and feel smooth, even on low-end phones.
  5. Quick Software Updates: Unlike other cell phone manufacturers who layer on their own UI on top of the Android OS, Moto keeps it a near-stock experience. This means that when updates come out, you won't need to wait as long.
  6. Useful Features: Unlike other companies who install useless bloatware that clogs up your system, Motorola includes a few lightweight apps that enhance your user experience. Moto Voice, for one example, enables you to create customized voice commands to interact with your device without ever laying a hand on it.

Motorola smartphones

Because we're constantly testing cell phones, we keep this repository updated frequently, so don't worry if a phone you wanted to see isn't here yet. Not sure what kind of cell phone you need? Click on the chat icon or sound off in the comments and we'll help you find the right device. Here are handy links to our Motorola cell phones:

For more information, head back to the top for reviews, specs, and recommendations for the Moto cell phones we've evaluated.

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