The Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals February 2019

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The Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals

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Since Samsung's unveiling of the first Galaxy phone in 2009, Samsung and Apple have been butting heads with their flagship devices, which sport impressively powerful hardware, secure operating systems, and exclusive features.

Not only do all Samsung mobile phones feature the Android OS, meaning fewer restrictions compared to the iOS, but they also sport a set of nifty specs and smartphone features that are considerably better than Apple's line of smartphones. For example, they are compatible with Samsung's Gear Fit wristband and VR headsets.

So with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 already out (and more apparently on the horizon!?), is purchasing the Galaxy S7 worth it? Short answer: Yeah--the Galaxy S7 is still a great phone, and the slight discount is appreciated, too.

Let's dive into the core features and find out.

The overall look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is quite similar to its older cousin but makes several notable and subtle improvements that are welcome. Both the front and back are covered in Gorilla Glass 4, while a metal rim snakes in between.

Two volume buttons sit on one side, with a lock/standby switch on the other. It's a clean look, with the back free from any markings aside from a Samsung logo. The big screen (5.1" Quad HD) on an incredibly slim design keeps you fully engaged in movies, games and more.

Under the hood, you're greeted with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS with Samsung's TouchWiz UI skin. Unfortunately, the bloatware that comes with the Galaxy S7 takes up a chunk of the 32GB internal storage, but thankfully most of the preloaded apps are helpful. Speaking of apps, launching multiple programs and swapping between them is easy and seamless, thanks to the Snapdragon 820 processor.

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Navigating the handset is slick and media-heavy web pages load quickly. Games and video also run at 30 fps (some games tested higher, at about 46 fps), and the improved graphics system makes them look great.

Although the camera is a few megapixels less than the older model, the Galaxy S7's rear shooter takes great photos. The 12 MP camera snaps crisp, detailed pics in low-light conditions and in darkness. The new dual-pixel sensor delivers a lightning fast autofocus, and optical image stabilization (OSI) keeps your pics blur-free.

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 total cost is high in price, the device is worth every penny, featuring an improved, waterproof design, amazing power, an excellent camera, and a vivid and vibrant screen. It was able to improve upon the Galaxy S6 in every way possible. The only downfall for the S7 is the internal storage, which sits at 32GB, but you can always purchase expandable storage.

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