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The Best Places to Sell Your Textbooks

Taylor Numbers

Taylor Numbers

Many people find that they have a range of used textbooks at home that they no longer require. This could be as a result of leaving college or university or because they may have purchased a more recent edition of a book. You may prefer to go online to do research these days rather than use your textbooks, so this may be another reason behind wanting to sell them.

If you have old textbooks that you want to sell, there are a number of excellent sites you can go on to do this. Our list of top 5 picks should help you to find the right one so you can get rid of unnecessary clutter from your home and make some cash from selling your old textbooks.

Key Considerations

You can benefit in many ways by selling your textbooks online. Some of the key ones are:

  • Ease and convenience
  • Secure a quick sale
  • The ability to make money on books you no longer use
  • The ability to send them free of charge
  • An eco-friendly solution to getting rid of unwanted books
  • Being able to de-clutter your home

Best Places to Sell

In order to help you find the most suitable site on which to sell your unwanted textbooks, we have put together a list of five top sites that could be ideal. Our tops sites include:

Decluttr Review

  • Pros
  • Sell via the mobile app as well as the site
  • Find the ISBN and enter or scan the 13 digits for an instant quote
  • Free shipping
  • Payments are processed the day after the books are inspected
  • Cons
  • They reserve the right to not pay you for rejected items- and they will not return the items
  • You don't get a huge amount for your items

With Decluttr, you can sell a wide range of products including selling textbooks. One of the reasons this is considered a top site is that fact that the process is so simple.


  • Pros
  • Most textbooks are accepted
  • The selling process is very simple
  • Shipping is free with a prepaid label, just drop your parcel at a UPS store
  • Payment is made electronically 10-15 days after you send the books
  • Cons
  • Only offer quarter and semester-long rentals

One of the key benefits of using Chegg Books to sell your textbooks is that they will accept most textbooks in various conditions, as they then rent and sell them to other students.


  • Pros
  • Accepts a wide range of books including textbooks and fiction
  • Get paid via check or PayPal
  • 30-day guarantee with each price quote
  • Ship your books free of charge
  • The process is streamlined and simple
  • Cons
  • Don't offer eTextbooks

The Bookbyte site focuses on renting textbooks to students that don't want to purchase them. They are able to do this by purchasing textbooks from those that have ones they no longer want.

Preparing to Sell

Many people are interested in buying books online, which is why there are now a variety of sites that buy textbooks that you no longer want. You need to gather a little information before selling your textbooks though, including:

  • The edition of the book, as there may have been many editions
  • The condition of the book, as some sites may only accept books that are in very good condition.
  • our ISBN to get an instant quote can help to speed up t

Get the Best Price

Naturally, you want to ensure you get the best deal when you are selling your textbooks. In order to achieve this goal, you should:

  • Make sure the site is a reputable one
  • Compare the prices quotes for your textbooks
  • Make sure you get free shipping to avoid costs
  • Check how quickly payments are made


Thanks to sites such as these, you can now make some extra cash, help others that need access to cheap textbooks, and get rid of your unwanted books in an eco-friendly way.

The selling process with the sites mentioned above are very simple and straightforward, so you won't have to go to any trouble to benefit from selling your textbooks.

Sell Your Old Textbooks Online FAQs

QCan I rent a book from Barnes and Noble in store?


Textbooks can be rented from Barnes and Noble College bookstores. In the stores, rental books are clearly labeled. Go to the textbook aisle, and signage directs you to rental books. You can also visit the Barnes and Noble College bookstore website to rent textbooks online.

QCan you highlight in rented books from Barnes and Noble?


Barnes and Noble requests that students treat rented textbooks with care. They ask you limit your highlighting and writing in the book, as other students will be renting the book after you. College students can rent textbooks from Barnes and Noble College from 60 to 130 days, with extensions available if necessary.

QCan you write in books that you rent from Amazon?


Amazon asks students to keep their writing and highlighting in rented textbooks limited as a courtesy to future renters. In cases of excessive writing or highlighting, Amazon may determine a book is not in good rental condition. They charge you the full rental price, less rental and extension costs already paid on your account.

QWhat amount should I allocate to textbooks each school semester?


The amount of money that you should budget for textbooks each semester is dependent on a number of factors. The first is the course load that you expect to take. The higher the course load, the higher you should expect your textbooks to cost. For example, if you only plan to take 12 semester hours, this would mean 3 classes on average or an average of 3 textbooks for the semester.

If you are going to take 18 semester hours, this could represent 4 or 5 classes, which would mean an average of 4 to 5 textbooks for the semester. With the average textbook cost running, $175 per book this could mean the difference between $525 for the semester and $875 for the semester.

Another factor in textbook costs depends on the type of major you plan to pursue. Science and math textbooks will cost you more than English or History books. In addition, those books typically have multiple editions that change based on a few additional problems. Hopefully, you will have a lenient professor who allows for alternative editions, which would allow you to rent or borrow textbooks cheaper than having to buy them.

According to the National Association of College Stores, students spend on average $655 per year on textbooks, which means around $330 per semester. When you are working on your budget for the year, make sure you take this into consideration in addition to the other factors around your course load before determining the appropriate budget.

Always make sure you look for ways to save on your textbooks while you are budgeting, though, and if you can avoid paying for new books out of pocket, then you will really give your finances a leg up over the course of your studies.

QHow can I minimize the amount I spend on textbooks?


Other than tuition, room and board, textbooks represent a significant cost for college students. According to the National Association of College Stores, the average annual cost for textbooks in 2012 was $655; depending on your area of studies this cost could be higher. Students who are pursuing degrees in science and math should expect to pay more money per textbook required.

With these staggering costs, it is important to find as many ways to save as possible.

Remember to always ask your professor if editions other than the ones that they list are available for use. New editions typically drive up the cost of books and if your professor is comfortable with alternative editions, this could save you hundreds of dollars a semester.

If you are thinking about taking a class in the following semester, before the end of the current semester, consult with friends and peers to see who is already taking the class and try to work out a situation where you could borrow or rent the book from them.

Another textbook savings strategy you should consider is renting used textbooks. We shared our top five textbook rental providers and many of them have competitive prices on most textbooks you would require.

QCan you highlight in a rented textbook?


Companies that rent textbooks, such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and ValoreBooks, request that students limit highlighting in rented books. Some, like Amazon, will charge the full price of the textbook, less rental fees, if they determine the book is not returned in acceptable rental condition.

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