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Where Can You Sell Your Old Phone?

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Do you ever get tired of looking at that drawer full of old cell phones?

Me too. These phone models are not quite current enough for a service provider trade-in program, but they're still in good condition. Let's face it: you're never going to use them again, yet you just can't bring yourself to throw them away. That's a good thing! Throwing electronic devices into the trash is terrible for the environment. There's got to be a better way, right?

Right - there is. Rather than letting them continue to collect dust, you can sell your cell phones. What's better than protecting the environment while picking up a little bit of extra cash?

I know what you're thinking: where do I start? I've researched and analyzed numerous different used cell phone marketplaces online. As a result, I have come up with the five best places to sell smartphones. So if you want to make some extra cash while helping out the environment, read on!

Our Top Picks


  • Pros
  • Collects pre-owned and unwanted devices for cash
  • Instant quotes
  • Free shipping
  • You choose your payment method
  • Risk Free
  • Cons
  • Customer service only available during weekdays
  • Used phone payment is average in value

Gazelle is an e-commerce company that buys and sells unwanted and used cell phones as well as other electronics. They are a leader in electronics trade-in sites offering instant quotes and quick payments.

With Gazelle, you can choose your method of payment. You'll be able to select from PayPal, check, or Amazon Gift Card. These will all keep your personal information private while you get paid.

Gazelle even offers free shipping on all devices receiving more than a dollar for their return. They'll send you a pre-marked package so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself. Just stick your cell phone in the box, send it off and get paid. If you're not happy with your payment or have any issues, Gazelle will send your phone back free of charge.

Additionally, if you have a business that collects used phones and other electronics, then you'll be happy to know that you can sell these items in bulk to Gazelle. You'll simply need to complete the information Gazelle provides, and the company will follow up with a quote. After, you'll receive a free shipping box. Finally, you'll receive payment.

In terms of products you can sell, you'll be able to sell a wide variety of used phones, including the latest phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X.

However, what you receive for offers may not be the most appealing. For instance, if you decide to sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you'll be quoted an offer of $385 - less than what you'd receive with but more than the value quoted at Decluttr. However, with the iPhone X, you'll receive a quote of $475 - less than what you'd receive at both and Decluttr. With that being said, according to Gazelle's FAQ on whether there is any cost or obligation to use Gazelle:

"There is no cost to having a Gazelle account or setting up a transaction with us."

So there are no transaction fees of any sort either. Transaction fees, otherwise, can offset the actual value of the used phone you're selling.

There are also incentives for using Gazelle. For instance, if you refer a friend, you'll earn $10. Furthermore, if you accept payment in the form of an Amazon gift card, you'll receive an extra amount of money.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Gazelle.


  • Pros
  • Payment via check or direct deposit
  • Payment the day after they receive your items
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Cons
  • Customer service can be atrocious
  • Depending on phone, you may not receive much

If you have a phone that is simply lying around as clutter, why not declutter your room with Decluttr? Decluttr is an app/website that allows you to sell your unwanted CDs, physical copies of video games, DVDs, cell phones, tablets, and more. However, while the website is efficient, the app focuses on ease and expanding your space, not value, so don't expect to receive a lot for what you clear out, unless you have certain phones collecting dust.

Using Decluttr, you need to either scan the barcode of the item or manually input the item (depending on the item), find the value of the item, build a basket, ship your items, and receive payment. That simple!

The app itself is easy to navigate and emphasizes simplicity. You either "Add Items" or check your "Basket" in the main hub, but if you tap on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner, you'll find:

  • Sign In/Register
  • My Profile
  • Order History
  • Saved Orders
  • Help!
  • About Us
  • More Info...

Finding the value of your item is also a breeze. Once you reach the "Get Value" screen, you only need to tap on "Get Value," and you'll be able to find the value of your items in less than a minute.

When it comes to the items, you may find that some items are more valuable than others. For instance, a 64GB Note 8 in good condition would only net you $260, when its MSRP is $960. However, you would nab a better trade-in deal if you have certain other phones, like the 64GB-version of the Apple iPhone X. At the time of this writing, that would nab you roughly $650, when the phone is valued at close to $1000.

Sometimes you will earn less (or more) if you unlock your phone before trading in the item.

In other words, this app is highly useful if you need to dispose of your items quickly (e.g. if you're in the process of moving), but depending on the phone you have, you can earn back a hefty amount of cash. Beware, however, of the customer service, as - according to users of the app - representatives have been known to ignore complaints.


  • Pros
  • They are safe
  • Decent value for your items
  • 30-day selling guarantee
  • Cons
  • Takes a little longer to receive payment
  • You may not receive the best value possible flounts their slogan "The Easiest Way To Say Goodbye To What You Buy" on their main page and for good reason. You can sell a variety of items, ranging from Gift Cards to Cell Phones to with speed and ease. Additionally, each order, unlike Glyde and several other resellers, receives a free shipping kit. Furthermore, there are no listing hassles such as photographing your items.

Within a minute, you'll receive a quote for your used cell phone. Furthermore, while is a little slow compared to Decluttr when it comes to sending payment, you'll receive payment via check, PayPal, direct deposit, gift cards, or a prepaid debit card within two business days after an item passes inspection.

Furthermore, you'll receive a 30-day guarantee on selling your items after you receive your quote.

You can sell a variety of cell phones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, for a decent price. Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as long as the Note 8 is in excellent condition, you'll receive $400, which is more than what you'd receive with Decluttr. However, if you sell an iPhone X to, you'll actually earn less than what you would with Decluttr, so be sure to check out the prices of each resellers.

Additionally, if you're worried about safety, don't be. wipes all personal data from your device to Department of Defense standards. However, just to be sure, you should wipe your own data before you ship it.

Overall, is worth your time and energy, even though you'll have to wait a little longer to receive your items. While some used phones may be valued at less than what you'd find at other resellers, you're still earning a decent amount of cash, and you'll have peace of mind, even if it takes a little longer to receive payment.

Key Considerations When Selling Your Old Cell Phone

According to Gartner, 64 percent of cell phones have more than one user in their lifetime. Figuring out how to sell your mobile phone can be tough, though. There are many components to consider before choosing the right marketplace and locking in your sale.

  • You'll want to ensure the marketplace of your choice will process your payments accurately and on-time.
  • It is also important to make sure you're getting paid a fair amount to sell your cell phone.
  • If you're only getting paid $60 to sell your phone, shipping can take a significant amount of your total. Always check out the website's shipping options to make sure it's cheap or that the facilitator provides a prepaid shipping label.
  • Make sure to find out whether they offer cash or store credit for used phones.
  • The best places to sell old cell phones will provide instructions that are easy to follow.

According to Gartner, 64 percent of cell phones have more than one user in their lifetime.

Why You Should Sell Your Phone for Cash

  • Easy Extra Cash: This is pretty obvious. If you sell your phone, it puts money in your pocket. Why would you pass up the opportunity for a free lunch or help with the bills?
  • It's a Form of Recycling: This is also pretty obvious. Recycling is supportive of the environment.
  • It Will Help Others Save Money on a New Phone: It'll make you feel good to know you're helping another person get a great deal on a phone. Selling your phone online for cash benefits everyone involved.
  • It's Simple: Every marketplace makes it relatively easy to sell your phone, so why not? Some facilitators will even send you the packaging complete with shipping label; so you don't have to worry about how to ship your device.

Read More: Cell phone insurance may be a useful asset when you're considering trading in your phone.

What to Do Before You Sell Your Phone

Before hitting that "Sell Now" button be sure to review this list.

  • Consider the timing: Obviously you will get the highest price if you're selling the latest version on the used cell phone market. The best time to sell an iPhone 7 is when the iPhone 8 has been released.
  • Unlock your device: You'll want to unlock the phone before selling it so that the next owner can activate service on their carrier.
  • Back up your data: Make sure to back up all your content so you don't lose contacts and calendar events when you transfer.
  • Deactivate service: The most important thing about this step is making sure service is activated on your new carrier before you close your current cell phone account. Your new carrier will guide you through the required steps.
  • Remove the SIM card: This has all your info on it and can usually be transferred to your new device if you're staying with the same wireless network. If you're changing carriers or switching from a GSM to a CDMA network you may need a new SIM card.
  • Clear your personal data: Once you've backed up all of your important data, photos, etc., wipe it clean. You can do this by performing a factory reset.

Pro Tip: It's typically only worth the effort to sell smartphones, like an iPhone or Android device. Feature phones and other basic models won't bring much on today's market. It's best to simply take your flip or feature phone to a recycling facility.

Where Can You Sell Your Phone?

You should know exactly how much you're getting paid before you decide on where to sell your cell phone.

Some websites offer better rates for iPhones than others. After ample research, I have found that Glyde and Swappa are two of the best places to sell your old iPhone.

Glyde sells iPhones at one of the highest return rates. You can sell an iPhone 5 and receive around $55. You can sell an iPhone 6 for over $196 if it's in great condition.

Swappa is another reliable place to sell your used iPhone. In fact, Swappa sells the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s the most out of all of their smartphones. You can even sell an old iPhone 4 or 4s for a little bit of cash. Another fantastic site that favors the iPhone is Decluttr. You should definitely check them out if you're looking to sell your iPhone.

Read More: Consult our buyer's guide to iPhone deals if you're considering buying a new iPhone.

Like the iPhone, some websites offer better rates on the Samsung Galaxy than others. Glyde and BuyBackWorld appear to be the winners in this department as well.

If you want to sell a Samsung Galaxy S3, you can receive roughly $31 on Glyde - at least, at the time of this writing anyway. If you're looking to sell a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can get up to $54. You can even sell your Samsung Galaxy S5 for over $80, an S6 for $172, and an S7 edge for $285. Glyde is known to offer the best rates for used phones.

What about your wireless service provider?

If your Android device or iPhone is new enough, your service provider may offer a trade-in program when you purchase a new device. A word of caution: if you're hoping to get a generous trade-in price by using this option, you may not get the best possible deal. According to BGR, you can earn as much as 53 percent more by selling your phone yourself when compared to the carrier trade-in price.

The tech site did a comparison on an iPhone 6 Plus locked to Verizon Wireless. They found that Verizon Wireless offered a trade-in price of just $270 compared to a $455 value on the private market.

Read More: You can read our buyer's guide to Samsung Galaxy deals for more information.

Where Can You Recycle Your Cell Phone?

According to Gartner, only seven percent of smartphones end up actually being recycled each year. Selling cell phones online is one excellent way to recycle. You can also research your state's legislation and call your carrier to figure out the best places to recycle or donate used phones you're not looking to sell.

E-waste introduces toxic substances like lead, beryllium, nickel, and arsenic into the environment. This is why many states are making it illegal not to recycle. These substances could pose a greater threat to our environment down the road.

The materials found in recycled cell phones can be made into other goods like jewelry, car parts, and other electronic devices. In my research, I have discovered how important it is not to mix e-waste with household trash.

In an attempt to reduce the toxins in our environment, 25 states have passed e-waste legislation since 2003. Let's take New York as an example. New York state came out with the New York Electric Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act in 2010.

This particular act prohibits all New Yorkers from throwing away electronics in regular trash disposals. It also says all wireless cell phone providers must accept your cell phones for reuse or recycling. The law requires each business to accept up to 10 cell phones from any consumer.

If you call your carrier, they will either let you bring your phone into them or send you in the right direction.

What Happens After?

If the used cell phone website of your choice buys phones before selling to consumers, you will send your phone straight to them. Otherwise, you may send it straight to the consumer.

Some facilitators will even send you a pre-marked box to send it in. Then, it will go through one of three redistribution processes. The process depends on your device's make and condition.

  • The first mode of distribution is reuse. This is when your phone is sold to other consumers through retail channels like eBay or Amazon. This method sometimes includes international markets. If so, your used smartphone could end up in the hands of someone who's never had access to a smartphone before, which is pretty cool.
  • The second process is called refurbishment. This means your cell phone will be disassembled. It will then either be sold for its parts or directly to a refurbishing company to be fixed.
  • Recycling is the last method. If the used cell phone's circuit board is out of date or can't be refurbished, recycling is a last resort. Local and national processing facilities collect and recycle old phones. They must adhere to their state's environmental legislation and requirements in the process.

How Should You Package Your Phone for Reuse and Recycling?

You can include bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and wrapping paper to ensure your used cell phone doesn't get damaged in transit. If possible, place the device you intend to recycle in its original packaging.

If you want, you can also have your device professionally packaged at your local UPS or FedEx. It would be smart to ask your recycling center what they prefer. Recycling centers will often provide you with packaging, so you don't even have to worry about it. Make sure to ask about this option.

Can You Sell Broken Phones?

Yes. You can still sell your used cell phone even if it is broken. Even though Android phone or iPhone repair may be out of your wheelhouse, it may be an easy fix for an expert. Many used phone facilitators refurbish old phones so they work like new. Some cell phone buyback programs work by selling parts of your mobile phone that are still usable.

Even if you can't get cash back, you can still get the satisfaction of recycling your used cell phone parts for a better cause.


It took a lot of work to figure out where to sell used cell phones online for the best rates. I did extensive research to determine what to consider and everything there is to know before you sell your used phone. As a result, here is what I would do if I were to sell my cell phone online.

The next time I want to sell my phone, I will use Sellcell first. Since they claim to make the best comparisons and offer a price guarantee, they seem like a reliable option.

After using Sellcell to compare pricing, I would research more to determine if they are truly offering the best price for my model. Research would include me checking out sites like Swappa, Gazelle, Best Buy and Glyde for my make and model.

I would see what deals I could find and if they were comparable. Depending on my findings, I would commit to a sale using either Sellcell or one of these trusted cell phone buyback programs.

Overall, I truly recommend each one of the five best places to sell your cell phone mentioned in this article. I believe they are all trustworthy and reliable to a legitimate extent. As a result, I would use any one of them to sell my phone online.

Our Price Comparison Tool

We strongly urge you to check out our price comparison tool, which features a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

1. You'll find the best price - and thus make the most amount of profit - when you trade in or sell your cell phone.

That's right, folks. With our selling price comparison tool, you'll not only be able to scour through locations of where you could sell or trade in your cell phone, but you'll also be able to find out what you can receive for your device. You'll be able to find how much you'll receive for your device with a simple glance and be able to make the biggest bang for your buck.

2. You will save time.

You know what they say - time is money.

With this price comparison tool, you won't have to go through the mind-numbing process of clicking through various pages just to find your sell or trade-in value. Essentially, you'll be able to save loads of time with this tool.

3. It is much easier on the eyes.

Not only will you feel more organized and be more efficient with our price comparison tool, but you'll also be able to reduce stress on the eyes from browsing through various pages just to find the value of your phone.


Cell phones are made from valuable metals such as silver and gold. Americans throw away an estimated $60 million worth of silver and gold every year. Stop throwing away or leaving your old phones sitting around. Do something with them!

Consider selling your used smartphone online. It is a great way to put a little extra cash in your pocket while supporting the environment. The best part is it can be easy. If you go with one of the best places to sell your used cell phones mentioned above, you will experience just how easy.

Even if you don't think your phone is in good enough condition, try anyway. Many used cell phone facilitators collect and refurbish damaged phones. Even if you can't get money for it, you'd be helping out Mother Earth by recycling your e-waste full of plastics, metals, and glass.

We're not quite done yet, you can get a head start on buying your new phone first by using our smartphone comparison tool.

Sell Your Cell Phone FAQ

QWhere do I sell my mobile phone?


You can sell your mobile or cell phone either online or in person. Several websites make the process of selling your unwanted phone super easy. For example, in the US and MusicMagpie in the UK give you an instant price quote for your phone, cover the cost of shipping and pay for the phone after they receive it.

QWhat is ecoATM?


ecoATM gives you cash on the spot when you recycle your cell phone, mp3 player or tablet. To use ecoATM, you place your device in the kiosk, where it is analyzed and priced. If you like the price offered, you can accept it, trade in your device and get your cash. Kiosks are located across the US.

QWhat stores buy used cell phones for cash?


Both GameStop and Best Buy offer online and in-store trade-ins for your cell phone. The stores give you the option of trading in your old phone for either cash or a store credit/gift card. Often, the value of store credit or gift card credit offered is greater than the cash offer.

QWhat stores buy electronics for cash?


You can sell electronics like Android devices, or the iPhone and iPad to stores such as Best Buy and GameStop, in person or online. Big-box retailers such as Target will also happily buy your old electronics, including tablets, smartwatches and game consoles, online. While GameStop gives you cash or store credit for your electronics, Target and Best Buy will give you a gift card.

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This is a great guide, the only slight nudge is that SellCell is like a market place so you are getting the prices from many different recyclers so even though SellCell is great, some of the recyclers on there might not be. So pay close attention to their feedback ratings prior to selling your device through them.

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