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T-Mobile Cell Phone Deals

Compare T-Mobile smartphone prices & promotions

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The Cheapest T-Mobile Phone Prices

Rob Webber

Rob Webber

When upgrade time rolls around you're going to be on the lookout for the best T-Mobile cell phone deals.

In fact, you may even dread this time because of the high prices that accompany the release of the newest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models each year.

There is relief in sight, along with fantastic bargains on the most popular smartphones. I'm going to fill you in on that, plus tell you how to increase your total savings by slashing your wireless bill. Stay tuned!

T-Mobile Cell Phone Deals of June 2020

T-Mobile Cell Phone Deals

T-Mobile Price Comparison Chart

Galaxy S8T-MobileUsed$230
Galaxy S9T-MobileUsed$290

Best T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Deal: Back Market

Today's Cheapest Price: $230

Galaxy S8
  • Warranty:12 mths
  • Shipping:Free
  • Contract:None
  • Returns:30 days
MSRP: $725$230
Network compatibility:T-Mobile

Best T-Mobile Galaxy S9 Deal: Back Market

Today's Cheapest Price: $290

Galaxy S9
  • Warranty:12 mths
  • Shipping:Free
  • Contract:None
  • Returns:30 days
MSRP: $719$290
Network compatibility:T-Mobile

Buy Refurbished to Get the Best T-Mobile Phone Deal

You might assume that the only way to upgrade to your next T-Mobile compatible phone is to sign up with the carrier for yet another 24 months of device payments.

You could do that. Or you could shop refurbished T-Mobile cell phones and get a great deal on a top device.

Benefits of buying a used smartphone:

  1. Save money: Popular smartphones just a model or two old can run you less than half of the retail price of new.
  2. Changes to new phones are slight: There are usually only a couple of small feature upgrades to new model years, making it tough to justify the steep expenditure.
  3. Great selection: The refurbished smartphone market is growing faster than new phone sales. This is great for you because there are plenty of reputable seller sites with a wide variety of T Mobile phones for sale.
  4. Repair is easy and affordable: Phone repair shops have sprung up all over, making it simple to breathe new life into your device.
  5. Total freedom: Without monthly device payments you're free to bring your own phone to any carrier.

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished T-Mobile Phone

When you're comparing refurbished T-Mobile phones you want to make sure you're getting a solid device as well as the best price. Here are some things to pay attention to as you shop:

  • Warranties: These tend to range between 30 days and one year, depending upon the site you're buying from.
  • Return policies: Some sites let you return your phone within 30 days if you're unhappy with it, while others - like Swappa - only allow returns if the device was not as advertised.
  • Carrier compatibility: Whether you're looking for the best T-Mobile iPhone deals or the lowest price on a Samsung Galaxy S9, you'll get the best results with a device that was made to work on your carrier's network.
  • Payment options: There are phone seller sites that offer phone financing. The interest can bite you though, so be careful with this option.
  • Timing: You'll find the lowest prices if you buy right when the newest model comes out. For example, you'll get the best T Mobile iPhone deals if you buy within the month surrounding the new iPhone release.

Also, bear in mind that certified pre-owned and refurbished phones and Androids have typically undergone a thorough inspection, while used T-Mobile phones are usually sold as-is.

Ways to Save Even More Money

On top of the hundreds you'll save on your phone when you buy a Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, or your flavor of choice secondhand, you can put even more money back in your pocket with these tips.

Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

You can sell your phone for cold, hard cash to the same sites that sell refurbished cell phones (makes sense, right?!). You'll typically get much more money than your carrier will offer when you trade in a qualifying device.

Remember, the better condition your phone is in, the more cash you'll get for it!

Switch to a Low-Cost Carrier

Save up to 50% or more on your wireless plan without losing the T-Mobile service you love.

MVNOs - Mobile Virtual Network Operators - are simply smaller carriers that rent space on the big four networks - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint - and sell it at discounted rates. They don't have the high overhead the major carriers have, this is why they can offer cheaper cell phone plans.

This growing sector of the wireless industry offers multiple benefits to consumers:

  • No loss of quality - service on the same T-Mobile network you're used to
  • No contracts
  • Cheaper cell phone plans
  • Custom plan options - pay only for what you need
  • Great customer service ratings

MVNOs provide the same options as the major carriers, like unlimited data plans and mobile hotspot data.


Keep an open mind when it comes to finding the best T-Mobile cell phone deals and you'll save hundreds of dollars.

The tide is turning for consumers when it comes to wireless service - get on board and save a bundle!

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