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Cheap Used Android Phones

It's that time - your trusted android phone has finally stopped working, and you're faced with the task of finding a new phone.

You briefly consider upgrading, at least until you see the price tag and decide it's not worth it. Besides, you like your trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 or Google Pixel.

You don't want to upgrade, so what's the next best step? Looking online at for a refurbished phone, of course.

Key Considerations When Buying Used Android Phones

There are always things to keep in mind when browsing for a refurbished phone. Make sure you take the following into account and decide what's most important for you and your peace of mind:

  • Returns - There are thirty-day return policies offered by most reputable websites.
  • Warranties - This one varies from site to site - some off as low as a 30-day warranty, others offer as high as a 12-month warranty, and some don't have at all.
  • Certified - Gazelle and Decluttr take all the phones they buy and put them through 30-point tests to ensure they work properly, as well as replacing broken parts before putting them up for sale.
  • Insurance - Insurance is an optional expense, but still an option for a refurbished phone if you're truly worried.
  • Monthly Payment Options -Gazelle offers monthly payments, although interest does build on that, so be careful if you take this option.

See below for a full list of our reviewed buyback sites.

Take The Next Step, Consider Refurbished

There's no shortage of used and refurbished phones being sold online, but the difference between used cell phones and refurbished cell phones makes the latter preferable.

Let's take a look:


  • Previously owned and sold to a buyback website.
  • Tested and repaired to make sure it's fully functional before the sale.
  • Any of the previous owner's data is erased.
  • Repackaged and sold.
  • Often come with an extended warranty from the retailer selling it.


  • Previously owned, being sold directly from the person who owned it.
  • Can come with cosmetic wear and tear.
  • Are ultimately fully operational and functioning, if the person you're buying from is trustworthy.

Refurbished phones ultimately offer more security and peace of mind than simply buying a phone off Craig's List or eBay or Facebook. Sure, there's a plethora of used cell phones for sale online, but how do you know you can trust what you're getting from a stranger? Why take the risk with something that's such an important part of your everyday life?

It's worth it to take the extra step and go with refurbished phones, where you know you're getting the best quality for your money.

Shop These Trusted Retail Sites

You're ready to take the plunge, but where exactly can you find cheap used android phones for sale?

Don't stress out, MoneySavingPro has already done the hard work for you. We have compiled a list of the best places to buy used and refurbished Android phones. Check out our reviews on these sites such as Decluttr and Swappa.

Also, try our cell phone comparison tool and you'll be sure to find out which one of these sites will give you the best deal.

But don't stop there, make sure you get the most money by selling your old phone for cash!

Save More By Ditching The Big Four

Everyone knows the big four - Verizon, Spring, AT&T, and T- Mobile. The companies who have a monopoly over cell phones and plans, and usually charge way more than is necessary. If you like the security of a company (rather than buying phone cards), but don't want to pay the price, consider switching to an MVNO - a mobile virtual network operator.

MVNOs are cheaper carriers who piggyback off the tower of the big four and offer the same services at cheaper prices, and with the bonus of no contract, so you can leave whenever you want. MVNOs operate largely online, which helps them to keep their prices low, as they have no stores to maintain.

There's concern about sacrificing quality for a more affordable price. They also allow you to carry over your old phone, and you have the option of unlocking your phone for even more carrier possibilities.

Have a phone you like but a carrier you don't? Unlock it, and explore what else the world has to offer. And if you're not happy with one MVNO, you can always switch to another without penalty. MVNOs are much cheaper than the big four while offering almost the exact same service.

Check out our guide to unlocking phones if you're interested in learning more.


Remaining a loyal Android user doesn't have to break your bank.

You can save more money and stick with Samsung by:

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