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Verizon iPhone Deals

Compare Verizon iPhones prices & promotions

Verizon iPhone Deals

Are you ready to upgrade your Verizon iPhone?

You might think the best way to do so is to take the carrier up on Verizon phone deals for existing customers. We've got a better - and cheaper - way to get your new device.

In addition to showing you how to find the best Verizon iPhone deals, we'll also talk about how to save up to 50% off your cell phone bill. It's easy and you can do it without sacrificing the quality service you're used to!

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Verizon iPhone Deals

Verizon Apple Price Comparison Chart

Apple iPhone 7VerizonUsed$148
Apple iPhone 8VerizonRefurbished$386
Apple iPhone XRVerizonUsed$420

Best Verizon iPhone 7 Deal: Back Market

Today's Cheapest Price: $148

iPhone 7
  • Warranty:12 mths
  • Shipping:Free
  • Contract:None
  • Returns:30 days
MSRP: $649$148
Network compatibility:Verizon

Best Verizon iPhone 8 Deal: Back Market

Today's Cheapest Price: $386

iPhone 8
  • Warranty:12 mths
  • Shipping:Free
  • Contract:None
  • Returns:30 days
MSRP: $849$386
Network compatibility:Verizon

Best Verizon iPhone XR Deal: Back Market

Today's Cheapest Price: $420

iPhone XR
  • Warranty:12 mths
  • Shipping:Free
  • Contract:None
  • Returns:30 days
MSRP: $749$420
Network compatibility:Verizon

Buy Refurbished to Get the Best Verizon iPhone Deal

This is a great time in the history of used iPhones. Apple devices last longer than any other smartphone (TechRepublic). In fact, there are still plenty of iPhone SEs floating around on the market!

Plus, the rise of reputable online phone sellers means plenty of price competition.

There are plenty of reasons to consider this affordable option before you go buy an iPhone from the carrier at full price:

  • It's cheaper: Instead of $1000 or more for the latest model you can buy a recent version for about half the retail price.
  • Repairs are convenient and affordable: If an issue should arise, there are plenty of third-party phone repair stores nationwide. This makes repairs much faster and cheaper than sending your phone to Apple.
  • You get total freedom: Financing your iPhone through the carrier means 24 months of payments and 24 months of commitment. When you buy an iPhone outright from a used phone dealer you can switch carriers if you find a better deal on your plan.
  • Changes to new iPhones are minor: That high price tag gets you precious few improved features.

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Verizon iPhone

Whether you're looking for the best Verizon iPhone 7 deals or the best Verizon iPhone XS deals, you'll need to know how to make sure you're getting a good value.

If you've done any used iPhone price comparisons at all, you may have noticed the variety of terms used to describe these devices. Let's clear up what these terms might mean:

  • Refurbished: Unless you're buying a factory refurbished device through Apple or Samsung then this term usually means a thorough inspection, cleaning, and repair.
  • Used: A used iPhone usually comes right from the owner, through a site like Swappa or eBay. It's best to buy a used iPhone through a platform that offers you some kind of protection. For example, Swappa allows you to make a return if the item is not as described.
  • Certified pre-owned: This term is used somewhat flexibly, but typically means that the device was rigorously inspected and cleaned to make sure it's in great working condition.

It's also important to understand that each site has its own spin on these terms, so read the fine print!

Now let's look at the factors you want to be looking at as you compare prices on Verizon iPhones:

  1. Warranty: Yes, you can get a warranty on a refurbished iPhone. In fact the vast majority of reputable seller sites offer one for a limited time. The length varies - usually anywhere from 30 days to one year.
  2. Return policy: You want to buy with peace of mind, knowing that you can return your phone if you're not satisfied. This period varies as well - for instance Gazelle gives you 30 days and Decluttr allows returns within fourteen days.
  3. Device compatibility: Don't just buy an unlocked iPhone - that just means the device is not tied to a specific carrier account and can be used by the next customer. You'll get the best signal and functionality if you buy an iPhone made for the Verizon network.
  4. Timing: The time of purchase does influence how much you'll pay. Used iPhone prices drop as soon as a new model comes out. So when the iPhone X came out, then you started seeing the best Verizon iPhone 8 deals. Likewise, the best Verizon iPhone X deals showed up when the iPhone XS and XS Max came out.

More Ways to Save Money

There are other ways to save on your wireless service expenses as well.

Sell Your Old iPhone for Cash

Apple products hold onto their value for a long time.

If you've already got an iPhone you can sell it online and get more than you'd get in trade in credit - plus, you'll get cash. If you take your phone to your carrier you'll simply get bill credit applied toward your (expensive!) new phone.

The better the condition, the more money you'll get. It's easy to do and gets those old devices out of your hair.

Switch to a Low-Cost Carrier

Wireless carriers like US Mobile and Cricket Wireless are called MVNOs - Mobile Virtual Network Operators. These are smaller mobile providers that rent space on the major wireless networks and resell it to you at a discount.

No matter which network you prefer there are MVNOs that operate on it - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Why switch to an MVNO?

  • Cheaper prices - by up to 50% or more
  • No contracts
  • Same great network you're used to
  • Custom plans - only pay for what you need
  • High customer service ratings
  • Bring your own phone and keep your number

Love your Verizon unlimited plan? No problem. MVNOs offer all the same options you love - unlimited data plans, international service, mobile hotspot data and more.


It used to be nearly impossible to reduce your wireless bill because there weren't any alternatives. No more - there are plenty of ways to put more cash back in your pocket.

  • Compare prices on refurbished Verizon iPhones. Our handy price comparison engine shows you the lowest prices from dependable sellers side-by-side.
  • Sell your old iPhone for cash.
  • Switch to a more affordable Verizon MVNO.

Considering one of the popular Android models, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Google Pixel 2? Compare the best prices on those too!

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