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  • Pros
  • Term lengths range from 10 to 30 years
  • Offer fixed premiums for the term
  • 5 types of term life insurance
  • Phone and email rate quote
  • Additional services available
  • Cons
  • Coverage up to age 70
  • Online rate quote unavailable
  • No local offices/agents

American International Group, more commonly known as AIG, is a multinational corporation operating in more than 130 countries and boasting an impressive 88 million clients worldwide. Headquartered in New York, AIG's beginnings trace back to the early 1900s. Since then, they've expanded their offerings and developed their products to suit the ever-changing needs of customers.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Policy Offerings

AIG's term life insurance ranks high on our list for it's impressive and wide-ranging services. The term lengths start at ten years and extend to thirty years along with a fixed payment schedule. In total, there are five different types of life insurance to choose from level, renewable, decreasing, convertible, and return of premium. Here's a brief overview of the five types:

  • Level Term: Fixed premium and benefit amount for the duration of the term.
  • Renewable Term: Runs for a shorter term and has a renewable option.
  • Decreasing Term: Premium stays consistent this has a decreasing death benefit. Generally called mortgage life insurance, this is selected by individuals who want to ensure that if they die their mortgage will be paid off.
  • Return of Premium: Policyholder gets a refund on their premium (subtracting any applicable fees) if they live past the term's duration. However, it's usually more expensive than other term life plans.

AIG Direct Insurance Policy Quote/Application Process

AIG makes it easy for you to find out how much your term life insurance policy is. You can visit its website to fill out its simple quote form; this is where you supply basic information such as your age, address, height, weight, and gender.

Once you complete this form, a representative from AIG will contact you via phone or email to learn more about you, match you with the right coverage and even set up your medical exam. AIG does require a medical exam, where a registered nurse will visit your home or office to conduct medical tests such as blood pressure readings, checking your heart's resting rate, doing a blood and urine test and asking questions on you and your family's medical histories.

Once you complete the medical exam, AIG will use it as part of its underwriting process. From there, you will receive a call from a licensed agent, who can go over the test with you. Once you complete this step, you will learn of your actual premium amount, and if ready, you can sign up. This isn't a quick process, but it's more accurate and can also alert you to any medical condition you were not aware of.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Benefits

AIG is a huge company with ample resources to better assist you; this includes an array of life insurance types and flexible term amounts, ranging from 10 to 30 years. Due to this, it makes AIG a great option to consider because its products are able to meet a wider range of needs.

Moreover, signing up for service is relatively easy. You can contact its hotline or visit its website to fill out the initial quote and receive all the information you need from the comfort of your home. This eliminates the need to visit a local office to consult with an agent face-to-face, making it a more convenient option for some.

Lastly, AIG offers fixed premiums for its term life insurance products. For example, if you are in your 20s and do a term length of 30 years, you will pay the same amount throughout that term. You will start to see significant savings from this as you grow older since life insurance typically becomes more expensive as you increase in age. Due to this, AIG's insurance products are great because it helps you manage your costs while also providing the financial protection for your loved ones.

AIG Direct Insurance Drawbacks

AIG doesn't have any branch offices, which can be detrimental to some, especially if you want the face-to-face interaction to better understand your insurance. However, with phone and email options available, there are other avenues to pursue, where you can receive the service you deserve with a personal touch.

AIG caps its policies for customers at the age of 70. This makes it a less viable option for seniors compared to other providers like MetLife, who allow its customers to buy life insurance up to the age of 90.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Tools and Resources

AIG has an education center on its website, where you can access many helpful articles on life insurance. While on there, you can learn more on the life insurance application process, compare different insurance products, stay abreast to developments from AIG and use its match your situation section to find the right policy for you. Further, if you have any questions, it provides its 1-800 number, so you can speak with a licensed agent.

AIG Direct Insurance Customer Service

AIG has multiple communication contacts to make it easy for you to receive the help you need. There's the traditional phone option, where you can speak with a licensed insurance agent Monday through Saturday.

You can also email one of its insurance reps to have your questions addressed or to receive a rate quote. Lastly, you can contact AIG on its social media platforms. AIG even provides an "ask an agent" section, where you connect with them on Facebook to post your questions. Then, during normal business hours Monday through Friday, one of its agents can respond to your questions promptly.

Its vast array of communication methods illustrates its dedication to delivering outstanding service. Another indication of its great services is it earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The Bureau assigns grades to companies from A to F on a variety of criteria including customer service. These two factors show the reputation and commitment to excellent service AIG offers its customers.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Review Recap

AIG has quite an array of options for individuals in the market for term life insurance. Request a rate quote by phone or email or inquire about their additional policies like retirement and estate planning, annuities, long term care or group insurance.

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Recommended Competitive policies Make sure all your details are correct

Although the policy and ease of setting it up has been no problem, when I needed to make a claim they denied it as they told me my address was incorrect. I had updated the new address when I moved but obviously did not update the system, luckily I had kept commemoration proof from them of the changes, so they did process my claim, but it took a long time to get everything through. They will try anything to not pay out.

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Not Recommended Good policy options Trouble cancelling

The policies may look good, but if you ever want to cancel it is a joke! After I cancelled my policy they kept taking payments for three months, and four months down the line I'm still fighting for a refund!

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Recommended Policy cost System Errors

I've been paying my life insurance policy with AIG for 10 years with no problems, then one month I get confirmation they are cancelling my policy as I had not paid up to date! It took many phone calles and a couple of weeks before it was resolved and was an issue with their system removing my payment details. Luckily they reinstated my policy and added a few extra benefits for their mistake.

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