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How to Get Paid to Watch TV

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Though cord-cutting may be more commonplace nowadays - as a millennial, I'm a cord-cutter, having proudly adopted PlayStation Vue because it's cheaper compared to cable - it doesn't mean that people are watching less television. In fact, the situation is rather the opposite.

According to a 2016 Nielsen survey, reported back in June, the average American watched an average of 4.3 hours of TV per day. Combined with DVR, the number increases to a whopping five hours a day. At seven days a week, that's almost as many hours as a full-time job.

However, does this count using television as background noise? I'm not sure Nielsen considers that into the equation. I certainly use television as background noise as I play video games.

Nevertheless, I mentioned that the number of hours spent on watching TV can be equated to a full-time job. Soooo... why not get paid for it?

Well, in modern times, you certainly can!

"But how?" You may ask as you scratch your head. You might be confused, and that's understandable. So let me reveal to you the ways you can earn money while watching TV.

1. You can Work for Netflix

tv yeah

According to CNN Tech, Netflix recently added 3.6 million subscribers during the third quarter of 2016. The service now officially has over 86 million members. That's a lot of members, and you're probably one of them! I used to be one, but I dropped it in favor of PlayStation Vue; more than likely, I probably will adopt it again soon - that's just one of the benefits of Netflix's services. You can quit and rejoin at any time.

Nevertheless, Netflix has job opportunities that will suit your desires. One such job? A tagger. Yes, as a tagger, you'll watch films and TV shows, while attaching the necessary tags. This would categorize the content properly. For instance, Disney's Mulan would fall under the "family" tag. These tags will help users find films and TV shows that align with their desires.

All you need to do as a tagger is stream Netflix's content typically before it's released to the general public. This job is remote, but it requires a strong work ethic. After all, the work days can be between eight and 10 hours long, so it's best to pursue a healthy diet and establish an efficient workout routine if you decide to pursue such a career.

But what are the qualifications, you might wonder? You'll need to have an eye for detail as well as a "deep understanding of movies and TV shows." This is according to Todd Yellin, VP of Product Innovation for Netflix.

A degree in film and TV or experience working for a production company should also help you out. Overall, you should be sure to constantly check the Netflix job boards. Though it may not be available at this present time, you never know when it will pop up.

2. Become a Professional Television Viewer

make extra money watching television

Aw, yeah! Sounds like the life, doesn't it?

I... admittedly didn't know that this was a career. I'm not a massive television viewer, so this career never entered my radar. Nevertheless, the job exists, and you can be hired to view hours of television programming. According to Forbes, Jimmy Kimmel offered between $500 and $600 per week to hire a TV watcher... back in 2005, so imagine the pay now. You should have familiarity not only with television in general but with also TV and movie-related technology such as DVR.

3. Become a TV Critic

make extra money as a tv critic

Did the show suck? Did it cause an existential crisis from within your soul? As a television critic, you can voice your opinions… in a critical light, of course.

If you spend a good chunk of your time on message boards or social media venting about how a show's episode could have been improved, then maybe you should consider a life of a television critic.

However, since social media's presence, it's becoming harder to become one. After all, television companies can rely on the feedback of social media outlets, and social media outlets are just oozing with valuable opinions. Nevertheless, the life of a television critic is still possible to secure, if you have what it takes. You'll need an excellent grasp of the desired language, the ability to analyze and evaluate, and an eye for detail.

It's best to formulate your own portfolio of reviews for videos. Create YouTube television reviews, voice your opinions (with proper critique etiquette) on social media, and take on volunteer positions - if need be - for the experience.

4. Utilize the Viggle App

So what's Viggle? Viggle is an app, which can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android phones, that allows you to watch TV while earning points. Once you are watching your favorite shows, you "check in" with the app, which will then detect the show or film you're watching.

You receive one point per minute of the show watched, though certain shows offer point multipliers that you can rack up. Unfortunately, Viggle does not work with local networks, but it does work with national broadcasting stations.

The rewards are rather decent. Though you can use points to enter the sweepstakes, you can also turn your points into cash or into gift cards.

5. Become a Nielsen Family

Nielsen is basically the king of rating systems; in fact, lots of people (and networks) rely on Nielsen statistics. Overall, it's a highly influential service. Unfortunately, getting approved to be a Nielsen Family is tough. Fortunately, they do pay pretty well.

You can only become a member of the Nielsen sample strictly through chance. You cannot ask Nielsen to participate as a member. Fortunately, every household has a chance of being selected, no matter the location.

6. Join Media Insiders

You'll be able to earn several cool rewards by watching TV as you normally do. You can watch anything you'd like at any time - even streamed shows. The reason for the existence of Media Insiders is due to the fact that TV has branched beyond the traditional.

Researchers are thus interested in understanding the current habits of viewers. All you need to do is register, then download and activate MI Mobile. After, you'll be able to earn reward points every week while the Media Insiders app runs in the background of your device while you watch TV on your Android device.

make extra money in media insiders

These are just some of many ways to get paid while you're able to indulge in your TV viewing habits. Of course, the best one available has got to be the Netflix Tagger position, but unfortunately, the job opportunity only appears once in a blue moon. In the meantime, you can always try the other methods presented to you.

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