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Time Warner Cable
Channels125 Channels175 Channels200 Channels
ABC Family (HD)
Animal Planet (HD)
Cartoon Network (HD)
CBS Sports Network (HD)
Cooking Channel (HD)
Discovery Channel (HD)
Discovery Life
Disney Channel (HD)
Disney Junior (HD)
Disney YesD (HD)
DIY Network (HD)
Encore (HD)
Encore Family
ESPN Classic
FOYes Sports 1 (HD)
Golf Channel (HD)
H2 (HD)
Hallmark Channel (HD)
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HD)
IndiePleYes (HD)
Investigation Discovery (HD)
MLB Network (HD)
National Geographic (HD)
NBC Sports Network (HD)
NFL Network (HD)
NHL Network (HD)
Nick Jr.
Nickelodeon (HD)
Outdoor Channel (HD)
RetroPleYes (HD)
Sportsman Channel (HD)
Sprout (HD)
Starz Comedy (HD)
Starz Edge (HD)
Starz Kids & Family (HD)
Tennis Channel (HD)
The Weather Channel (HD)
Travel Channel (HD)
truTV (HD)
Univision Deportes (HD)
Time Warner Cable Channel Lineup
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Time Warner Cable Channels & TV Packages

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The Time Warner Cable channel lineup and TV packages are known for their simplicity, despite its recent merge with Charter Communications.

You'll not only receive a plentiful amount of On Demand selections but also incentives such as a free installation kit, as well as access to TWC TV and Start Over.

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We have done the hard work for you and compiled the necessary details in an easy-to-read format. Inside this guide, you'll find the facts on the Time Warner Cable channel lineup and packages, including the sports packages, kids channels, and more.

Hopefully, with this channel lineup guide, you'll be able to decide whether or not Time Warner Cable is right for you.

Channel Breakdown

Strong packages within Time Warner Cable include over 200 channels and 30,000 On Demand titles. However, Time Warner Cable's packages, which you can learn more in-depth about here, aren't exactly as numerous compared to the packages found on AT&T U-verse, Dish Network, Verizon, or DIRECTV.

Three packages that are highlighted are the Starter TV, Standard TV, and Preferred TV packages, wherever available.

TV Select

Otherwise known as Starter TV, this packages comes complete with a free digital adapter and over 20 channels, all for a competitive price. With Starter TV, you can watch TV online with TWC TV and access Primetime On Demand, which allows you to watch shows the day after they air.

According to Time Warner Cable, Starter TV is available only as a part of a package with other TWC service. Even better, the package includes a free self-installation kit.

Examples of the channels you'll receive with this plan are ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, CW, Educational Access, and more.

TV Silver

Otherwise knowns as the Standard TV package, this plan features a free self-install kit and includes over 70 channels. You'll also have access to 30,000 shows and movies with TWC On Demand and be able to watch TV on the go with the free TWC TV app (as long as you choose an HD box). There are no contracts required and a free self-installation kit is included.

What also separates the Standard TV and Starter TV packages - besides the number of channels - is the ability to view entertainment On Demand. You'll be able to watch shows from cable networks such as Bravo, Comedy Central, Lifetime, MTV, and more. However, a set-top box or DVR receiver is required. A set-top box is available from Time Warner Cable for a set monthly rate.

Some channels included in this package are A&E, ABC, AMC, CNBC, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, The Weather Channel, Animal Planet, and Food Network. You'll also find very few HD channels in the package.

TV Gold

Finally, we have TV Gold, otherwise known as Preferred TV, which includes over 200 channels and provides added benefits such as Start Over and a free self-install kit.

Added benefits within this package are access to 30,000 shows and movies with TWC On Demand and the free TWC TV app. On top of that, you'll receive a free self-installation kit, Primetime On Demand, and Entertainment On Demand.

Finally, you'll receive the Whole House HD-DVR, which grants you the ability to record a show in one room and watch it in any other rooms that have playback boxes connected with the multi-room network.

Channels included in this package are American Heroes Channel, Aspire, BBC America, BBC World News, BET Jams, Chiller, CLOO, CMT, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Spike TV, Food Network, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, plenty of HD channels, and more!

Pro Tip: Start Over provides you with the ability to restart a show that's already in progress.


Looking for Sports packages? Fortunately, Time Warner Cable offers a grand total of six sports packages.

  • NHL Center Ice: With the NHL Center Ice season pass, you'll be able to watch multiple games and catch live, in-game look-ins with the mosaic channel. You'll also have access to multi-game views, home and away team feeds, and so much more.
  • NBA League Pass: With the NBA League Pass, you can catch up to 40 out-of-market basketball games per week at home or on the go. You can also view replay games. Furthermore, if you activate the NBA League Pass Broadband, you can access games, highlights, and stats from your phone or another device.
  • TWC Sports Pass: For just $20, you'll be covered, Sports-wise, year-round either on the go due to the TWC TV app or at home. You'll be able to catch FOX College Sports, the PAC-12 Networks and even NFL RedZone with the TWC Sports Pass.
  • MLS Direct Kick: You'll be able to follow your favorite MLS teams, watch regular season games, and watch pre-game and post-game content on select telecasts with the MLS Direct Kick Package. Yes, you can watch up to 240 regular season games and receive the latest highlights, stats, insight, and more.
  • MLB Extra Innings: With MLB Extra Innings, you'll be able to view up to 80 live out-of-market regular season games per week. You'll also be able to follow the home and away team feeds for select telecasts.


Finally, Time Warner Cable offers Pay-Per-View services, giving you a front-row seat to the most popular events, including WWE, UFC, and more. To order from Pay-Per-View, you can either order events online, order with your remote, or order by phone.

Browse TV Listings by Genre

Time Warner Cable grants you the ability to browse your TV listings by genre, like Sports, Movie, or even Kids.

Kids Channels

Underneath the Kids and Teens category, you won't find a plethora of offerings, but there is enough. Here are just some of the channels available:

  • Kids on Demand
  • Disney
  • Boomerang
  • Disney Jr
  • Sprout
  • Nick Jr
  • Cartoon Network

There is more than that!

Movie Channels

Looking for some premium channels? Time Warner Cable has you covered. There are several premium channels available for purchase.

Here's a quick description of each:

  • HBO - You'll be able to keep up with popular HBO series and only the biggest hit movies. In total, you'll receive up to 20 channels. Also included is HBO On Demand.
  • Showtime - You can watch critically acclaimed original series, as well as popular movies and some engaging sports. Up to 17 channels are embedded in this package, as well as Showtime On Demand.
  • Cinemax - Cinemax shines a spotlight on Hollywood hits, as well as action-packed original series. Up to 15 channels, as well as Cinemax on Demand, are included.
  • Starz - Big hit movies are at the tips of your fingers with this Starz package. You'll receive up to 12 channels, as well as Starz On Demand.
  • EPIX - You can't go wrong with this package. After all, your eyes can feast upon 150 huge Hollywood films, concerts, comedy specials, and originals. Up to five EPIX channels and EPIX On Demand are featured in this package.
  • The Movie Channel - If you're a hardcore film devourer, this pack may be for you. You'll have access to four channels, as well as The Movie Channel On Demand.
  • TWC Movie Pass - Exclusive to Time Warner Cable, with the TWC Movie Pass, you'll unlock hundreds of favorite films. You'll have up to 19 channels, including Starz Encore.
  • HD Pass - Not a premium movie channel, but with this pass, you'll receive access to premium HD programming from Smithsonian, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, MGM HD, Universal HD, Mav TV, and RFD-TV.

Music Channels

Time Warner Cable offers plenty of radio channels for you to indulge in.

Here are just some of the channels available:

  • Music Choice On Demand
  • Hit List
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Alternative
  • Soft Rock
  • Pop Hits
  • Love Songs
  • Romances
  • Tropicales
  • Pop Latino
  • Light Classical
  • Sounds of the Season
  • Stage & Screen
  • Smooth Jazz

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Time Warner Cable offers plenty of channels that will satiate your television cravings, and best of all, these packages can be bundled.

You won't receive as many channels as Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse, but the offerings are still diverse and plentiful, even if a little more expensive for what you receive. Overall, it shouldn't be heavily considered, due to its pricing for what you receive.

Looking to compare other TV providers? Perhaps you should read buyer's guide to cable providers.

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Time Warner Cable Channel Lineup FAQs

QWhat channel is FOX on Time Warner Cable?


FOX is considered to be a local network, so channel numbers may differ depending on the location. In New York City, FOX is on channel 5.

QWhat channel is CBS on Time Warner Cable?


CBS is a local channel, meaning that the channel number varies depending on the location. CBS in New York City, for instance, would be on channel 2.

QWhat channel is ABC on Time Warner Cable?


ABC is a local network, so the channel number will differ depending on your locale. In New York City, ABC is on channel 7.

QWhat channel is NBC on Time Warner Cable?


NBC is considered to be a local channel, so channel numbers will vary depending on your area. NBC in New York City is on channel 4.

QWhat channel is NBCSN on Time Warner Cable?


NBCSN, otherwise known as NBC Sports Network, can be found on channel 314 in Brooklyn, New York.

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