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TV Streaming Plan Comparison

Michelle McLean

Michelle McLean

Streaming continues to rock the world of cable and satellite TV companies as it helps viewers save money by watching TV for less. After all, why pay for an expensive cable or satellite package when there are dozens of streaming options available?

Of course, Netflix is definitely up there as one of the most popular streaming choices. It features over 5,000 titles for viewing and has over 100 million subscribers.

However, there are other options for online viewing that you might find just as palatable, and for a similar - or cheaper - monthly fee.

Using one or a combination of online streaming options can help you expand your TV show and movie watching choices and still spend less than you would on a comprehensive cable TV package.


Although Netflix was one of the first streaming services to arrive on the scene, it's not alone when it comes to acceptable streaming options that can help you cut the cord and abandon cable or satellite TV forever.

Here are some of the best streaming sites that rival Netflix and that may be great options for your TV viewing preferences.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an added streaming feature meant to benefit Amazon Prime members, although you can also get Amazon Prime Video even if you aren't a Prime member.

Let me just start by saying that it's worth it for many people to become an Amazon Prime member and get Amazon Prime Video for free. Here's why.

Amazon Prime Video costs members $8.99 per month This fee allows you access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and original series episodes as well.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month; however, if you purchase an annual membership you'll only pay $99, which equates to $8.25 per month.

Amazon Prime members get great benefits when shopping on Amazon, such as free two-day shipping, unlimited music streaming and photo storage, and unlimited reading of their ebook selection - AND a free membership to Amazon Prime Video.

So, basically, it costs the same amount of money if you pay annually to get Amazon Prime with Amazon Prime Video for free as it does to get Amazon Prime Video on a monthly subscription. Plus, you get the additional benefits of being a Prime member as well.


Hulu also has some great streaming packages to choose from. Hulu Basic costs only $7.99 per month; however, Hulu Basic does have some commercials.

You can also opt to get the Hulu Basic with No Commercials package for a bit more: $11.99 per month.

Hulu has another package option as well: Hulu With Live TV. At $39.99 per month, this package is quite a bit more expensive than Hulu's other viewing choices, but there are added benefits you might enjoy.

Hulu With Live TV gives you the option to live stream view over 50 top television and cable TV channels, including sports channels, news channels, kids channels and educational shows.

Hulu With Live TV is more expensive than many streaming options, however at $40 a month it's a lot more affordable than many cable or satellite packages too.

Sling TV

Sling TV has three packages to choose from: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue.

The Sling Orange package costs only $20 per month and comes with 25 channels including sports channels, movie channels and educational channels such as The Food Network.

The Sling Blue package costs $25 per month and comes with 40 channels. The Blue package will give you a lot of different channels than Sling Orange, although there are a couple of channels that are available with both packages.

If you choose the Sling Orange + Blue package, you'll pay $40 per month, but you'll have access to over 50 channels.

When you head over to Sling's website, you'll find that there's a page for each package explaining exactly which channels are included. This can help you make an educated decision about which Sling package is best for you.

Sling is the closest thing you'll find to an a la carte streaming choice.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is a free streaming alternative. You can go online to watch their full selection of movies, etc. and not pay them a dime. They feature a wide variety of movie genres, including action, thriller, horror, comedy, family, documentaries and more.

While there are a lot of lesser known movie choices here, you'll also find a lot of popular classics available. A great site if you don't want to pay anything for streaming but still want to expand your viewing choices.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a great streaming option for classic movie buffs. The best part? It's absolutely free.

You'll find hundreds of titles on this site, from well-known classics such as My Fair Lady to other movies you've likely never heard of.

Genres for films offered here include action, animated, drama, war, western, musicals and more. Classic Cinema Online even has a silent film collection.

A great choice for the classic movie aficionado.

Snag Films

SnagFilms has over 2,000 show titles to choose from. SnagFilms is different than most sites in that they focus on shows and movies geared toward subjects such as athlete success stories, human rights issues, immigrant stores, and youth education.

They also have history-based movies and a fun section featuring actors and actresses before they were stars. SnagFilms is a free site, and one definitely worth checking out.

You'll find viewing choices on SnagFilms that you may not be able to locate on other streaming sites.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another free online streaming option. Pluto TV offers movies, live TV, viral videos, cartoons and more. Lots to choose from and no membership costs to pay.


Online streaming is likely here to stay, and with all of the available streaming options, you're not stuck with just Netflix.

Having one or using a combination of the many streaming options available for TV show and movie viewing can expand your viewing options at a very affordable price.

Have you ever used any of the streaming choices above? If so, which were your favorites?