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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedit works great and in high defnone

very nice picture

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarNot RecommendedNoneDismal performance

Playing and pausing of a DVR show is unpredictible. Performance drops if you use Chromecast. Overall it's just slow and laggy. Not worth it.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedGreat price and selectionNone

Great price, great selection. Service is responsive and reliable. Price just crushes cable. I couldn't be happier with my service.

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1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarRecommendedStableNone

No stability issues with YouTube TV. It works so well with my NVIDIA Shield!

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