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Nowadays, a fresh new iPhone can be incredibly expensive, especially when compared to a used iPhone. Just look at the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, priced at $699 and $999 respectively - and those are just the starting prices. Unfortunately, these spiffy iterations are unsuitable for everyone's budget.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly smartphone from a reputable manufacturer, you should know that there are options to pursue. However, what would the most accessible iPhone - if a cheap Android phone isn't in your sights, anyway - option be?

As mentioned initially, that would have to be the used iPhone market. The used iPhone market is, in fact, booming, thanks to the following factors:

  • Rising prices of new smartphones make used phones a lot more attractive.
  • Sellers are no longer wishing to keep old phones in their drawers; instead, they can sell their once-pricey phone for a decent dollar.

Not only are used phones affordable in comparison to off-the-shelf phones, but they are typically unlocked. With an unlocked phone, you are able to take the device to any carrier that would accept your phone - that way, you won't be tied to a specific carrier that you may be disapproving of.

However, make sure that the used phone you're purchasing is unlocked, if you are indeed looking for an unlocked phone. If not, you can unlock the phone yourself, as the used phone has been paid off (normally). You can learn more about unlocking your phone with our guide "How to Unlock Your Phone & Use it With a New Carrier."

What also makes purchasing a used iPhone more appealing is the fact that Apple has made a splash in the used phone market by establishing a refurbished iPhone section at the online refurbished store. Of course, you'll only find refurbished iPhone 6 models for sale, but the point is, the used iPhone market has become exceedingly profitable.

In fact, Deloitte made a prediction that, in 2016, "consumers will sell outright or trade-in approximately 120 million used smartphones generating more than $17 billion for their owners." That's a massive amount of sales.

However, before you buy a used iPhone - whether or not they are initially unlocked is up to you - it's important to first compare prices from the top resellers to ensure you receive the best price. With MoneySavingPro's used iPhone comparison tool, you'll be able to scour online retailers for used iPhones in one simple place. And if you're unsure of what cell phone plan to tie your unlocked iPhone to, then you should take a peek at our cell phone plan comparison tool.

Hopefully, with our tool, you'll be able to find both an affordable, used iPhone as well as a cell phone plan to tether your iPhone.

But of course, if you're not looking to buy a used iPhone and may have one on hand to sell, then you may want to instead refer to our guide to selling your smartphone.

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