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    Cricket Wireless Review in 2022

    Is Cricket Wireless phone service good?

    Find cheap plans in your area

    Cricket Wireless cell phone plans review

    By Rob Webber - Last updated on


    • Free talk and text with all plans

    • Unlimited data plans available

    • Available in retail stores

    • Multi-line discount available


    • Fastest data speed capped at 8 Mbps

    • Mobile hotspot use costs extra

    • One of the few MVNOs that charge an activation fee

    Cricket Wireless is one of the longest-running MVNOs - Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

    The Atlanta-based company was founded in 1999 and bought by AT&T in 2013. Although owned by one of the big US networks ( AT&T ), you'll still find cell phone plans cheaper than going direct.

    Cricket Wireless prepaid cell phone plans are not the cheapest from an MVNO, but you can still save hundreds of dollars a year with one of their plans.

    Check out our full Cricket Wireless review to help you decide if this low-cost carrier is for you.

    Phone plans from $15/moDeal of the Month: Mint Mobile

    Cricket Wireless plans & pricing

    Cricket Wireless 2GB2GB$30
    Cricket Wireless 10GB10GB$40
    Cricket Wireless Unlimited DataUnltd$55

    Cricket Wireless offers a range of plans, all with unlimited talk and text. With a mix of data limits including an unlimited data plan, there's something for everyone. They're not the cheapest MVNO on the market, but operating on the AT&T network gives you access to their nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

    As a low-cost carrier, this means no contracts, no credit checks, and no hidden fees. With certain plans, you can pick from a number of add ons including mobile hotspot and international options.

    If you're looking for a family plan, Cricket has some great money-saving options. The more lines you get the more you can save.

    Savings comparison

    AT&T vs Cricket Wireless comparison

    Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $420 per year

    CarrierNetwork Coverage4G/5G DataPriceAnnual Cost
    AT&TAT&T 4G & 5GUnltd*$75/mo$900/yr
    Cricket WirelessAT&T 4G & 5G10GB$40/mo$480/yr
    *Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$35/mo$420/yr

    Cricket Wireless benefits

    • No contract: the days of being tied down in a lengthy contract have gone. No contract or credit check is needed, so you can change or cancel your plan at any time.
    • Powered by a major network: running on the AT&T network gives you access to the same quality coverage.
    • Lower prices: save up to $600 a year with a low-cost carrier.
    • Keep your phone: bring your own phone and keep your number with a hassle-free switch over.

    Cricket Wireless coverage

    Operating on its parent company AT&T, Cricket uses its 4G LTE network.

    What network does Cricket use?

    Cricket is powered by AT&T, the second-best 4G LTE coverage in the US according to OpenSignal. Only just beaten by Verizon with their nationwide coverage. You can check your ZIP code for AT&T coverage in your area.

    Network coverage ratings

    Verizon network959.874%
    AT&T network939.580%
    T-Mobile network878879%

    Sources: RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla.

    Cricket Wireless data speeds

    Check the fine print when choosing your Cricket cell phone plan as data speeds are set at a max of 8Mbps on some plans.

    Cricket Wireless data plans

    Cricket Wireless2GB plan




    4G/5G data


    $15 per GB

    Powered by: AT&T

    Cricket Wireless10GB plan




    4G/5G data


    $4 per GB

    Powered by: AT&T

    Cricket Wirelessunlimited data plan




    4G/5G data


    Powered by: AT&T

    Cricket Wireless features

    Mobile hotspot

    With certain plans mobile hotspot is available. This can come in handy if you need to connect your laptop or tablet to a secure connection when you're away from home.

    International calling & texting

    Unlimited international texting is available to 37 countries on certain plans. Along with international roaming within Mexico and Canada. There are also additional add ons available for further international options.

    Multi-line discount

    Ideal if you're looking for a family plan with discounted prices, the more lines you have the cheaper the cost.

    Cricket Wireless Family plans

    Plan1 line2 lines3 lines4 lines
    Cricket Wireless 2GB$30$60$30/line$90$30/line$120$30/line
    Cricket Wireless 10GB$40$80$40/line$120$40/line$160$40/line
    Cricket Wireless Unlimited Data$55$110$55/line$165$55/line$220$55/line

    Cricket Wireless phone deals

    Cricket Wireless offers a choice of cell phones to buy, including the latest from Apple and Samsung. But if you're looking to save your hard-earned dollars and don't want to upgrade, you can bring your own phone. Just be sure to check your phone is compatible with Cricket and AT&T.

    Compare iPhone prices

    PhoneCarrierNetworkMonthly PriceTotal Cost
    Apple iPhone SE Mint MobileT-Mobile 5G/4G LTE$18/mo for 24 mths$429
    Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) VisibleVerizon 5G/4G LTE$18/mo for 24 mths$432
    Apple iPhone 11 Red PocketAT&T 5G/4G LTE$21/mo for 24 mths$499
    Apple iPhone 12 mini VisibleVerizon 5G/4G LTE$25/mo for 24 mths$599
    Apple iPhone 13 mini Red PocketAT&T 5G/4G LTE$30/mo for 24 mths$729
    Apple iPhone 12 Red PocketAT&T 5G/4G LTE$30/mo for 24 mths$729
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro VisibleVerizon 5G/4G LTE$30/mo for 36 mths$1,080
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max VisibleVerizon 5G/4G LTE$30/mo for 36 mths$1,080
    Apple iPhone 13 VisibleVerizon 5G/4G LTE$31/mo for 36 mths$1,099
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Red PocketAT&T 5G/4G LTE$37/mo for 24 mths$899
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Red PocketAT&T 5G/4G LTE$42/mo for 24 mths$999

    Cricket Wireless customer service

    Cricket Wireless1.9

    Check out Cricket Wireless user reviews to find out what customers are really saying about this carrier.

    You can contact Cricket's customer support by phone (Monday - Saturday 9 am to 9 pm ET, Sunday 10 am to 9 pm ET) or using their online chat (Monday - Saturday 9 am to 11 pm ET, Sunday 10 am to 11 pm ET).

    Cricket Wireless customer support phone number: 1-800 274-2538

    How do Cricket plans compare

    Tello 1GB plan1GB$10
    Mint Mobile 4GB plan4GB$15** Only $45 for 3 Months Service
    US Mobile 12GB plan12GB$20* Free 10 Day Trial
    Mint Mobile 15GB plan15GB$25** Only $75 for 3 Months Service
    Tello unlimited data planUnltd$29

    Switching to Cricket Wireless

    Once you know your phone is compatible, bringing your own device makes switching simple.

    1. Choose your plan and order your Cricket SIM card starter kit.

    2. When your new SIM arrives swap it out with your old one.

    3. Follow the instructions then enjoy your new low-cost plan.

    Cricket Wireless FAQs

    What network does Cricket use?

    Cricket Wireless runs on AT&T's network.

    What is the best phone from Cricket?

    Cricket Wireless has a wide range for you to choose from, including newer iPhones such as the iPhone SE, and Samsung Galaxy devices. If your cell phone already works with AT&T or T-Mobile, you can bring this device to Cricket.

    Does Cricket have a contract?

    Cricket Wireless is a prepaid cell phone service provider with no annual contract.

    Will my Cricket SIM card work in my Sprint phone?

    You will need to get your Sprint device unlocked if you want to bring it to Cricket. Contact a Sprint customer rep before you make the switch and ask them to unlock your phone. You can also get an unlock code from alternative websites.


    If you're looking for a family plan, Cricket Wireless has great discounts on multi-line plans, that even include unlimited data.

    Even though it's not the cheapest MVNO available, you'll still get plenty of bang for your buck with a Cricket plan. Owned and powered by AT&T, you'll get a low-cost plan with AT&T's nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

    International calling and mobile hotspot usage are available for certain plans, and they also offer a variety of add-on options.

    If you're not sure Cricket Wireless is for you, why not check out more low-cost carrier plans available.

    Rob Webber
    Rob Webber

    Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions.