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Total Wireless Plans

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Total Wireless delivers versatile phone solutions, but it's facing competition from dozens upon dozens of MVNOs like Republic Wireless, TracFone Wireless, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, and more. This makes it a problem for us as consumers.

Who do we side with? Who has the best customer service? Who has the best bang for your buck? So on and so forth. Even worse is that the websites are not always simple to read. In fact, the information is often well-hidden or scattered, averting the consumer eye.

However, we understand your pain and have worked hard to satiate your curiosity. You're interested in the available Total Wireless cell phone plans, that much is clear, and so we've compiled and analyzed the data in order to create an article that will satiate your curiosity.

In this guide, you'll find information on the Total Wireless cell phone plans, including the monthly no-contract plans and the family plans, as well as information on the LTE network coverage, customer service, and more. Finally, we'll direct you to our cell phone plan comparison tool, so you can make the decision as to whether or not Total Wireless service is right for you.

Total Wireless Phone Plans

Total Wireless is a prepaid cell phone carrier, backed by America's largest network (Verizon Wireless) so you can experience fast - by fast, I mean comparable with T-Mobile network speeds - 4G LTE speeds when doing online activities. Furthermore, with Total Wireless, you have access to prepaid plans, so there's no long-term commitment required.

Each of the Total Wireless cell phone plans is customizable and pay-as-you-go, making it great for people on a budget or constantly on the go.

Each no-contract plan is good for 30 days. If you want to change plans after your current period is up, you can do so. In addition, Total Wireless offers monthly plans for smartphones, basic, and hotspot. Each plan features unlimited talk and text, which is great since you don't have to monitor usage. Speaking of usage, its $35 a month plan includes access to have 5GB of data.

This makes Total Wireless a great middle-of-the-road cell phone provider for data usage. The value of its plans can even be compared to the plans of Republic Wireless. You can consult our data usage calculator to determine if Total Wireless if right for you.

Unlimited Data

If you feel you need more data or want to keep what you don't use, Total Wireless gives you the option to do so. You can add 3GB of 4G LTE carryover data to your plan at any time for $10. This means if you don't use it, it will roll over each month in your plan, giving you more data for when you need it the most.

However, if you feel that you are using up a lot of data each month, you might want to skip the refills and go straight to an unlimited plan instead, such as the T-Mobile Unlimited plan. At least with a "true" unlimited plan, you'll be able to experience unlimited data, though you will experience some LTE speed restrictions, but that's for another article.

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As I touched upon earlier, Total Wireless monthly plans are good for only 30 days. This also applies to family plans. With these plans, each line receives unlimited talk and text and shared data, ranging from 8GB to 15GB, depending on how many lines are on the plan--there are two, three, and four-line options.

Service & Features

If you plan to use a basic phone, Total Wireless has a plan for you. Its basic plan gives you unlimited talk and texting with no data access for a low monthly rate. If you have a smartphone, you'll want to bypass the basic plan for the other individual offering. The only drawback is it comes with 5GB of data access, if you require more you'll have to purchase the carryover data.

Unlike other carriers, Total Wireless won't throttle down data connection speeds if you exceed your limit. Instead, it will deduct the money in your reserve or charge your credit/debit card on file for carryover data.

You can bypass this option by electing to use the service cards only and go without data if you exceed the usage specified in your plan. You can check your data usage by texting "BALANCE" to 611611.

One unique feature of Total Wireless is you can make international calls through its wireless service. You do this by purchasing a $10 global card. After buying this card, you can make an international call by dialing 1-908-842-2301 then use this format for the phone number: 011+country code+phone number. this makes Total Wireless a cheap alternative to the major carriers for making cheap international calls.


In addition, Total Wireless is known for running promotions; for instance, you might be able to receive a free LG Optimus Dynamic II reconditioned smartphone with the purchase of a service plan.

Similar to other prepaid cell phone providers, when you buy a plan it comes with a service card. You also can renew your plan via credit card or use the reserve in your account balance.

What Cell Phone Can I Get With Total Wireless?

Total Wireless offers an assortment of mobile phones depending on your budget and needs. It does include some newer models like the iPhone SE and the Samsung Galaxy S7. For the more expensive cell phones, you have the option to pay in full or pay in 24 monthly installments--upon approval through SmartPay.

If you require a basic mobile phone it has models starting as low as $19.99. There are also reconditioned models. This is where you can buy a model like the iPhone 5S at a discounted rate because it has been used. These phones, while inexpensive, might not offer the same longevity in use you will find with new options. When examining its website, it doesn't appear to offer cell phone insurance on its devices, so you'll want to go with a third-party service provider if you want this policy.

Once you find the phone you want, Total Wireless will ship it to you for free. If upon using your new phone you find you don't like it, you have 30 days to send it back for replacement or a refund. The same return policy doesn't apply to its service cards, which makes sense given you can't return store gift cards.

Read More: If you are unsure of which phone you should buy, you can always compare the specs and prices of smartphones with our smartphone comparison tool.

Cell Phone Activation

If you want to activate your cell phone or hotspot service, you can visit Total Wireless's website. On there, it gives you the option to use a service plan pin or credit card. Next, you'll enter your device information, check out, and receive confirmation of activation. If you need assistance with activation you can call its customer service line at 1-866-663-3633 seven days a week.

Mobile Hotspot

If you want an inexpensive alternative to accessing high-speed internet, Total Wireless has a mobile hotspot plan for you. With it, you receive for free the Unimax U240C mobile hotspot, offering 3G/WiFi connectivity for a smartphone, tablet, or computer use. Like its cell phone plans, the service provider offers an individual high-speed internet plan--where you have access to 5GB of data--and family share plans with up to 15GB of shared 4G LTE data.

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SIM Cards

Total Wireless accepts many phone types so you might be able to bring your phone with you. You can visit its website to see if your phone is compatible with its service. If it is, you can buy the bring your own SIM kit for $9.99. To install, simply remove the old SIM card in your phone and pop in the new one. You can learn more about the SIM card and its properties with our guide, "What Is a SIM Card?"

Deals, Promotions, & Discounts

As noted above, Total Wireless does offer a free reconditioned smartphone when you sign up with an eligible plan. Furthermore, you can receive a basic or smartphone for as low as $19.99. To see which phones are the most discounted, you can visit its website regularly, as it updates inventory accordingly.

Total Wireless Customer Service

Total Wireless received good reviews from customers, who noted the company's quick response time when issues arose. If you want to contact its customer service department, you can do so via texting help to 611611 or by calling its customer service phone number.

Related: US Mobile offers similar plans and devices but specializes in coverage for rural and suburban areas. If you don't live or work in the city, US Mobile may be a better choice.

How to Change Your APN Settings

If you're switching to Total Wireless, you may need to change your APN settings. You'll find the information you need below. Don't know how to change your APN settings? Go here.

APN Settings Solution
APN Name Verizon Internet
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
MCC 311
MNC 480
Authentication Type
APN Type default, dun, supl
APN Protocol
APN Roaming Protocal IPv4/IPv6


Total Wireless offers affordable phones and plans. Backed by the Verizon network, you will experience fast connection speeds and LTE network coverage when using data. Furthermore, while on the Verizon network, you shouldn't notice a significant drop in call or texting quality.

The lone detriment is the lack of individual data plans where you have access to 5GB, but the carryover data option does bump it up to 8GB. Overall, Total Wireless is one of the best prepaid options thanks to its reliable network, pricing, and attentive customer support, even when compared to MVNOs, like Ultra Mobile, US Cellular and the major carriers, like the T-Mobile network.

You can compare Total Wireless against the other major carriers using our cell phone plan comparison tool.

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