Visible Review: Is it Good?

What to know before signing up for Visible

What is Visible & is it worth it?

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  • Great pricing

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data

  • Taxes and fees included in price

  • Simple plan

  • User-friendly website


  • Only one plan

  • Data speed is capped at 5 Mbps

  • Limited phone compatibility

  • App-based service

Unlike most low-cost carriers, Visible is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) owned by one of the major networks.

Even though Visible is Verizon owned, they still have the same principles of a low-cost carrier. Offering a low-cost plan but with the same nationwide 4G LTE and 5G coverage.

Visible like to keep things simple, so we've broken it down for you below to see if this is the right MVNO for you.

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Visible plans & pricing

Visible family plans

Plan1 line2 lines3 lines4 lines
Visible Unlimited Data$30$60$30/line$90$30/line$120$30/line
Visible Unlimited Data+$45$90$45/line$135$45/line$180$45/line

What is Visible?

Visible is a low-cost carrier offering prepaid cell phone plans that can save you money without compromising quality. Also known as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), they operate on the Verizon 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks.

Visible benefits

  • Same trusted coverage: powered by Verizon's network you'll have access to a nationwide coverage you already know and trust.
  • Low-cost prices: no surprises on your monthly bill. Low prices and no overages or unexpected fees.
  • Keep your phone and number: no need to upgrade. You can bring your own phone and keep your same number.
  • No contract: there's no commitment with a low-cost carrier. No contract, no activation fees, and no credit checks.
  • Mobile hotspot usage: use your phone to connect your laptop or tablet to Wi-Fi when away from home.
  • Faster 5G network: this low-cost carrier offers 5G coverage where available.

How much is Visible?

Visible Unlimited DataUnltdVerizon$30/mo*
Visible Unlimited Data+UnltdVerizon$45/mo

Verizon vs Visible comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $600 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G/5G DataPriceAnnual Cost
VerizonVerizon 4G & 5GUnltd*$80/mo$960/yr
VisibleVerizon 4G & 5GUnlimited$30/mo$360/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$50/mo$600/yr

Visible coverage

What network does Visible use?

Visible is powered by the Verizon network, which is consistently rated top for its 5G and 4G LTE nationwide coverage.

Does Visible have good coverage?

Verizon network959.874%
AT&T network939.580%
T-Mobile network878879%

Sources: RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla.

Does Visible have 5G?

Visible plans offer 5G and 4G LTE data speeds on the Verizon wireless network.

Visible features

Bring your own phone to Visible

You can make the change over hassle-free when you bring your own phone. You can also keep your own phone number.

Visible unlimited data

If you stream a lot of music and HD video you can still save money with Visible. Even with unlimited data, their plan is still cheaper than going directly to one of the big US networks.

Visible customer service


Read Visible customer reviews to find out what real money-savers have been saying.

Customer support is available 24/7. You can contact them by online chat through the website or the app. Or you can contact them via Twitter or Facebook messenger.

How do Visible plans compare?

Tello 1GB plan1GBT-Mobile$10/mo
Mint Mobile 4GB plan4GBT-Mobile$15/mo
Lycamobile 12GB plan12GBT-Mobile$5/mo** Only $5 for First 3 Months
US Mobile 15GB plan15GBVerizon & T-Mobile$20/mo* FREE 10-Day Trial
Mint Mobile Unlimited planUnltdT-Mobile$30/mo

Visible cell phones

Motorola Moto G Pure$11/mo---
ZTE Blade X1-$13/mo--
Samsung Galaxy A13$16/mo---
Motorola Moto G Power--$18/mo-
Apple iPhone SE-$20/mo$18/mo$24/mo
Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen)---$18/mo
Samsung Galaxy A53-$19/mo--
Motorola Moto Edge-$20/mo--
Apple iPhone 12--$25/mo-
Apple iPhone 13 mini-$25/mo--

Visible offers a good variety of new handsets to choose from including the latest smartphones. You can choose to pay for your new phone in full or take advantage of the finance plan which spreads the cost over two years with 0% interest.

Or if you're not ready to part with your current phone, you can bring your own and get more bang for your buck.

How to switch to Visible

Bringing your own phone to Visible in just a few easy steps.

1. Order your Visible SIM card kit online.

2. When you receive your SIM, swap it out with your old one.

3. Download and sign into the Visible app and follow the activation instructions.

Verdict - Is Visible good?

Although owned by Verizon, this plan from Visible can save you money without sacrificing coverage. Making it simple with just one plan and unlimited everything.

Powered by Verizon you'll receive nationwide 4G LTE coverage and access to Verizon's 5G network - where it's available if your phone is compatible.

You can bring your own phone and keep the same number with a simple switch over. With no physical stores, everything is done online through the Visible app or on their website, including customer support.

Visible FAQs

Is Visible owned by Verizon?

Yes, Visible is owned by Verizon and uses their network. Unlike most MVNOs which are independent of the big three and only operate on one of their networks.

Does Visible have 5G?

5G is coming to Visible. It'll be available to Visible customers where Verizon 5G coverage is.

Visible info

Headquarters1200 17th St., Denver, CO 80202
Employees51 - 200
Customer service
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