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Home Phone Sevice Providers by ZIP Code

Landline phone service providers by ZIP code

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Landline phone providers in your area

Landlines may not be as common as they used to be, but they still have plenty of benefits. A traditional landline provides great call quality, spot-on help in an emergency, and a backup if the power goes out.

As with everything else you shop for you're probably looking for the best deal in terms of features and price. Stay tuned for our laser-focused look at what you need to know about home phone service. We give you the scoop on the best landline providers plus the most useful home phone features.

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Landline service benefits

Just a few of the advantages of home phone service:

  • Stellar sound quality: No dropped calls here, plus you'll enjoy crystal clear call quality.

  • Pinpointed location for 911: Cell phone signals have to be triangulated. Calling from a landline gives emergency services your exact location.

  • Home security compatibility: Home security systems still often rely on a hardwired phone connection to contact your security company and 911.

  • Cheaper international calls: Choose from per-minute rates or international calling plans - either way you'll save on your calls abroad.

  • Cable and internet bundles: Save money by bundling your services together. Promotional offers for TV, internet and phone bundle deals are a great way to get a cheap landline.

Best landline phone service providers

Here's a list of our various picks for home phone service providers:

AT&T landline


Phone Plan


AT&T Phone Unlimited



AT&T home phone service is available as a standalone or bundled with TV and internet. AT&T offers unlimited calling and a solid phone plan for international calls.

Comcast Xfinity voice


Phone Plan


Xfinity Voice



Calling plans from Comcast Xfinity voice service are a little different because they don't use traditional phone lines. Instead you make phone calls via VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol. No need for a phone jack, and you can manage your calls through a mobile app. Bundle with TV or Comcast Xfinity internet deals.

Spectrum landline

Enjoy the freedom of no contract with a Spectrum landline. You can add cable TV and mobile phone service with Spectrum internet deals. Plus, their phone plans feature great international calling rates.

Verizon landline


Phone Plan


Verizon FiOS Fios Digital Voice



The type of Verizon home phone service you get depends upon what's available in your area. Verizon Fios phone service runs on their fiber-optics network. There's also a traditional landline option, or wireless voice if neither of these are available in your area. Of course you can bundle with TV and internet.

Cox digital voice


Phone Plan


Cox Voice Preferred



Cox phone service is digital rather than run through a traditional landline made of copper. Not only can you bundle your Cox digital voice with TV and internet, they also do home automation, home security and medical monitoring.

CenturyLink landline

Choose from a local calling plan or unlimited long-distance with a CenturyLink landline. It's not the cheapest landline phone service out there but it does offer international calling rates and the choice to bundle with other services.

Optimum home phone


Phone Plan


Optimum Phone



In the market for the best VoIP service for home? Optimum home phone may be the solution. They offer unlimited calling, plus international calls at per minute rates. You can also bundle with TV, internet and cell phone plans.

Suddenlink phone service


Phone Plan


Suddenlink Phone



Suddenlink and Optimum are both owned by Altice and are very similar in terms of options. Suddenlink phone service is VoIP and can be paired with any combo of internet, cable TV and mobile phone service.

Frontier digital voice

You'll get unlimited calling with a Frontier home phone plan. This landline provider offers packages with internet and DISH TV.

Mediacom Xtream digital phone


Phone Plan


Mediacom Xtream Home Phone



Choose from a healthy selection of calling features and international calling options with a Mediacom landline. They also offer TV, internet and phone bundle deals.

Sparklight landline

A Sparklight home phone line is a good way to get affordable local calling. They do offer long-distance plans too, though. TV and internet are available, but the really great thing is that there are no contracts and they offer a lifetime price guarantee.

Windstream landline

A Kinetic by Windstream landline gives you a traditional phone line with local and long-distance calling. Save money by combining home phone with a Windstream internet deal and/or cable TV.

Armstrong landline


Phone Plan


Armstrong Home Phone



If you're in a rural area you might want to look into an Armstrong landline. This budget-friendly home phone provider also offers TV and internet bundles.

Cincinnati Bell landline

If you live in Cincinnati or its surrounding areas you can sign up for a Cincinnati Bell landline. You can also choose from internet and/or Cincinnati Bell TV packages.

Home phone plans by ZIP code

Home phone and internet bundles

One of the best ways to save money on your communications services is by shopping around for TV, internet and phone bundle deals. Check out promotional offers from your local landline providers to find the best price. Depending on your location you can sometimes even tie everything in with your cell phone plan.

Cheap landline phone service for seniors

If you're on a tight budget, as many senior citizens are, you want the cheapest landline phone service available. There are some great options available, including VoIP (which we'll cover more in a minute) and AARP discounts. Also be sure to ask your local landline providers about senior discounts - they don't always advertise special rates.

Home phone service features

If you have multiple landline providers to choose from, the available calling features can make all the difference.

  • Caller ID: You expect caller ID, of course. Nowadays it will also typically pop up on your TV if you subscribe to a cable TV bundle.

  • Speed dial: Another basic, this lets you dial numbers in a flash by pressing one or two buttons.

  • 3-way calling: With everyone communicating by phone or video these days 3-way calling is a handy solution.

  • Call forwarding: You can get your landline calls on your cell phone or another landline.

  • Call blocking: Choose specific numbers you want to block indefinitely.

  • Anonymous call block: Automatically block numbers that keep their identity private.

  • Call return (*69): Easily return the last call with this shortcut.

  • Distinctive ringtones: Assign a special ring to frequent callers so you know who it is before you answer.

  • Landline texting: A few home phone service providers give you the option to send text messages from your landline. It's not commonly available at this point but it sure is handy!

International calling

If you need to call outside of the country on a regular basis you know how expensive it can get. In that case you want a home phone plan with international calling options that meet your needs.

  • Per-minute rates vs. international plan: Minute rates are useful if you don't make a ton of international calls, while a plan that covers a set group of countries is perfect if you call a lot.

  • Terms and conditions: It's important to know what kind of fees are associated with calling another country. Some countries charge you more to call a cell phone from a landline, for example.

  • Included countries: Check the fine print - some providers give you unlimited international calling to countries like Canada and Mexico with your standard phone plan.

Cheap landline alternatives

If you're not into the idea of going for a traditional landline there are other ways to keep in touch that won't break the bank.

Cheap cell phone plans

There's nothing wrong with using your mobile for all your communication needs. Even better, you can save money by comparing cheap cell phone plans. That doesn't mean giving up your favorite network, either, and here's why.

If you go with an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) you'll save up to 50% on your cell phone service. These smaller mobile providers operate on the big four networks but charge much less for their phone plans. MVNOs aren't short on options either - you can even get unlimited data plans, just like with the big guys.

Residential VoIP

Using the internet to make phone calls is one of the cheapest alternatives to a home phone line. Advantages of choosing this route:

  • Affordability: Pay anywhere from nothing to a modest monthly fee, depending on the features you want and whether you need international calling.

  • Comparable features: You don't have to give up call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, etc. Choose from the same types of features you get with a traditional landline.

  • International calls: VoIP is a great option if you need to call outside of the US frequently. In some cases you can even talk to other countries for free.

  • Flexibility: Anywhere you have internet you can make VoIP calls.

  • Choose your own area code: Many VoIP providers let you pick a phone number. If you usually make phone calls to one area code you can turn them into local calls by choosing a local area code as your phone number.

Some of our favorite home VoIP providers:

  • Vonage: You can bring your own phone number, plus Vonage works on your home or cell phone. They have a variety of plans for local, long-distance, or international calls.

  • Ooma: This VoIP service also works with your home phone and lets you keep your number. Their pricing is super affordable, too.

  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper is a little more expensive but its features are great for small businesses. You get up to six extensions and works on mobile or home phones.

Landline providers by ZIP code FAQs

What phone companies offer landlines?

Some of the most popular landline providers are Verizon, AT&T, Centurylink, Xfinity, and Cox. Check your ZIP code to see what's available in your area.

Does Suddenlink offer landline phone service?

Suddenlink offers a landline only service or you can bundle it with an internet package.

How much is a landline phone per month?

Landline phone services vary from around $9.99 for a cable landline or around $19.99 for a DSL/fiber landline.


Finding the right home phone service is as simple as using our zip code tool to see what's available in your area.

From there you can also see which companies are also internet providers and TV providers so you can get a bundle deal.

Don't want or need a landline? No worries. Compare cell phone plans to save money on your mobile service, or consider another cheap alternative like VoIP!

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Rob Webber

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