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Trying before you buy can be a great way to find out if the Ultra Mobile service works for you.

Ultra Mobile doesn't currently offer a free trial, but they do have a 7-day trial for $5. So you can still try their services at a cheap price before committing.

Keep reading to find out more about Ultra Mobile's SIM card trial.

Ultra Mobile promotions & offers

Ultra Mobile's $5 trial kit provides access to Ultra Mobile for 7-days with the following benefits:

  • 100 minutes to be used nationwide or 80+ international destinations
  • 100 text messages
  • 100MB 4G LTE and 5G data

And the great news is that if you like the service and sign up for a full plan, you get a $5 credit!

Along with its trial kit, Ultra Mobile also offer a range of promotions that are regularly changing, so it's worth checking what cheap deals are currently available.

Previous Ultra Mobile promotions

Ultra Mobile promotions are often updated, so it's always worth checking online for the latest available promotions.

Common previous voucher codes have been for a percentage off plans and free shipping.

The best Ultra Mobile deals

Carrier Network Data Price
Ultra Mobile unlimited talk & text plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 0GB $13/mo $15/mo
Ultra Mobile 3GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 3GB $16/mo $19/mo
Ultra Mobile 5GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 5GB $17/mo $24/mo
Ultra Mobile 10GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 10GB $21/mo $29/mo
Ultra Mobile 15GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 15GB $27/mo $39/mo

Understanding what happens after the promotional period or free trial concludes is crucial before switching.

Ultra Mobile plans offer an array of incredible options tailored to cater to all needs and save you money. Here are just some of the benefits of an Ultra Mobile prepaid plan:

  • Bring your own unlocked phone
  • Transfer your existing number
  • Unlimited plan options
  • Mobile hotspot access
  • No long-term contracts

Operating on the T-Mobile network means you'll have the same access to their 4G LTE and 5G high-speed data, where it's available.

Once you sign up, a complimentary Ultra Mobile SIM kit will be dispatched to your doorstep. Once the free SIM card arrives, you can easily register and activate it on their website or via the app to access your account.

If you want to bring your own phone to Ultra Mobile, you just need to make sure you're phone's unlocked and compatible with the T-Mobile network.

Ultra Mobile trial FAQs


Ultra Mobile's trial kit is $5 for seven days, so you can spend the time deciding if this low-cost carrier is right for you.

If you sign up for an Ultra Mobile plan after the trial, you'll be credited the $5 to your account. So you've got nothing to lose if you want to see how they support your needs.

You can also bring your own device. It should be compatible with the T-Mobile network as long as it's unlocked.

Before you sign up for any trial or promotion, make sure to read the small print to find out what happens after the trial or promo ends.

Compare the cheapest cell phone plans to find the best free SIM card or free eSIM service.

Ultra Mobile FAQs

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