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Want to save money on your cell phone bill? Are you a WOW! Internet customer? WOW! Mobile may be the ideal solution. This MVNO offers affordable cell phone plans to WOW! Internet service customers.

Switching to WOW! Mobile can save you up to $600 a year on your wireless costs. Don't worry; you won't have to compromise on coverage or the features you love.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of this Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

1. Is WOW! Mobile good?

WOW! Mobile plans are worth considering when you're searching for a good value on a phone plan. After comparing this carrier to other providers, I've discovered that WOW! Mobile has several advantages. Of course, just like with any carrier, there are pros and cons:

WOW! Mobile advantages:

  • Multiline discounts
  • Mobile hotspot data usage available with all plans
  • International roaming & international calls
  • No contracts

WOW! Mobile disadvantages:

  • Only available to WOW! Internet customers
  • Mobile hotspot uses plan data
  • No eSIM support

2. WOW! Mobile cell phone plans

Carrier Network Data Price
WOW! Mobile 1GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 1GB $15/mo
WOW! Mobile 3GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 3GB $25/mo
WOW! Mobile 8GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 8GB $35/mo
WOW! Mobile 20GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 20GB $45/mo

WOW! Mobile customers can choose from a competitive set of plans to suit different needs. Choose from plans for light data users, with shareable data and unlimited talk and text, or an unlimited data plan for plenty of streaming and gaming.

One thing that sets this MVNO apart from other phone and internet providers is that WOW! Mobile is partnered with experienced carrier Reach Mobile to provide wireless service. This also means there are no contracts or early termination fees.

3. WOW! Mobile 5G & 4G LTE coverage

WOW! Mobile coverage map

The FCC collects coverage data, which only offers an approximate indication and doesn't account for indoor coverage. The actual speed and performance can vary depending on your location and device. The reception you experience is influenced by local conditions and elements like natural and artificial physical features in your area.

WOW! Mobile relies on the T-Mobile network, so you can expect access to the same coverage and fast speeds as T-Mobile customers but at a better value.

While no network is perfect, T-Mobile boasts the fastest download speeds among its competitors, according to a recent report by Opensignal.

4. WOW! Mobile unlimited data

WOW! Mobile's unlimited data plan features a 20 GB high-speed data cap, which isn't overly generous but's fine for most uses. Plus, you get HD streaming.

While your data speeds will be slowed once you hit your data cap, you can optimize data usage by only performing data-hungry activities, like downloading large files, while connected to Wi-Fi.

5. WOW! Mobile family plans

Plan 1 line 2 lines 3 lines 4 lines
WOW! Mobile 1GB $15 $30
WOW! Mobile 3GB $25 $50
WOW! Mobile 8GB $35 $70
WOW! Mobile 20GB $45 $90

WOW! Mobile offers a discount on additional lines, and you can have up to six lines on your account.

You can share data among all of these lines, which is a great value for families or groups.

6. WOW! Mobile features

7. WOW! Mobile customer service

If you want to know what to expect from the user's standpoint, check out our WOW! Mobile customer reviews.

8. Bring your own phone to WOW! Mobile

If you're happy with your cell phone and it's unlocked, it should be compatible with WOW! Mobile. Check whether your phone will work on WOW! Mobile by using our phone compatibility checker and entering your IMEI number.

9. WOW! Mobile phones

Shop the latest devices at WOW! Mobile. They offer a competitive selection of affordable options, including various iPhones and Android devices.

10. WOW! Mobile activation

WOW! Mobile currently operates fully online. You can order your WOW! Mobile SIM kit when you sign up for your plan, and it'll arrive in a few days.

WOW! Mobile FAQs

Recap: Should you switch to WOW! Mobile?

If you want a good deal on your phone plan and you're already paying for WOW! Internet service, WOW! Mobile is the perfect choice.

As a low-cost carrier, they offer cell phone plans on the reliable T-Mobile network at reasonable prices. Bring your own phone, keep your number, and sacrifice nothing.

For more information on this MVNO, you can read our WOW! Mobile review.

WOW! Mobile info

Headquarters1570 S. Phillips Rd, Lanett, AL, 36863
Customer service1-866-496-9669
WebsiteWOW! Mobile's Website
TwitterWOW! Mobile's Twitter

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