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  • Free international roaming data

  • Good coverage

  • Great price and value

  • Good data speeds


  • Limited handset support

  • Can't easily change phone

  • Service is limited only to areas with Suddenlink and Optimum

Optimum Mobile (formerly Altice Mobile) is an AT&T and T-Mobile.

An MVNO is a low-cost carrier that offers the same great service - by using at least one of the major telecom networks - while providing a discounted price.

As one of the newer MVNO's, having launched back in 2016, they offer some great competitive deals without being tied into a contract. However there is one small caveat, you need to be in Optimum and Suddenlink service areas to be able to sign up.

Keep reading and check out our review below to find out if this is the right carrier for you.

What is Optimum Mobile & is it worth it?

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Optimum Mobile plans & pricing





Optimum Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Optimum Mobile




Optimum Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Optimum Mobile




Optimum Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Optimum Mobile




Optimum Mobile likes to keep it simple with a small selection of plans.

All plans include unlimited talk and text and if you're a data-hungry user you're in luck. They offer an unlimited data option with more bang for your buck than going direct with the big guys.

Another advantage that Altice offer is mobile hotspot access and international services add ons, which include international calling and roaming.

You'll also get access to the 5g network where available.

Savings comparison

T-Mobile vs Optimum Mobile comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $300 per year


Network Coverage

4G/5G Data


Annual Cost


T-Mobile 4G & 5G




Optimum Mobile

T-Mobile 4G & 5G




*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GB




Optimum Mobile benefits

  • Same coverage: operating on two major networks gives you the same quality coverage while paying less.

  • Bring your own phone: if you're not ready to part with your current phone, check your phone is compatible and you can bring it with you.

  • Low monthly cost: with plans from the big telecom guys costing on average $80 a month, low-cost carrier plans are typically between $10-$45.

  • Flexible plans: you can amend your plan at any time. Need more data? No problem, it's updated immediately.

  • No commitment: with low-cost carriers there are no contracts. So you can easily switch if you're not happy without any early termination fees.

  • Buy online: you can order your SIM card from the comfort of your own home.

Optimum Mobile coverage

With two of the major US networks, you'll receive nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and if your device is compatible you'll have access to the 5G network where it's available.

What network does Optimum Mobile use?

Powered by AT&T and T-Mobile (previously Sprint) provides access to their nationwide 4G LTE coverage and the 5G network where it's available.

Network coverage ratings





Verizon network




AT&T network




T-Mobile network




Sources: RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla.

Optimum Mobile data speeds

Optimum Mobile offers 5G (where available) and 4G LTE high-speed data. If you choose an unlimited data plan speeds are reduced after you reach 20GB.

Optimum Mobile data plans

Optimum Mobile unlimited data plan

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts


4G/5G data

$45 /mo

AT&T wireless network

Optimum Mobile features

Bring your own phone

Optimum Mobile makes it simple to bring your own phone to their network. It can save you hundreds of dollars if you keep your current device, instead of upgrading to a newer model with all the same features.

International calling & roaming

You can get a range of international travel packages that include talk, text, and data options at an additional cost.

Mobile hotspot

You can use your phone as a hotspot with your Optimum Mobile plan, but data speeds are kept at 600kbps.

Optimum Mobile Family plans

Plan 1 line 2 lines 3 lines 4 lines
Optimum Mobile 1GB $14 $28$14/line $42$14/line $56$14/line
Optimum Mobile 3GB $22 $44$22/line $66$22/line $88$22/line
Optimum Mobile Unlimited Data $45 $90$45/line $135$45/line $180$45/line

Optimum Mobile phone deals

Optimum Mobile has a small selection of phones for sale which are mostly Samsung and Apple, including the latest handsets. You can purchase one outright or pay monthly with 0% finance.

Compare iPhone prices

Device 64GB128GB256GB
Apple iPhone SE $14/mo $16/mo $20/mo
Apple iPhone 13 mini - $22/mo -
Apple iPhone 13 - $26/mo $30/mo
Apple iPhone 14 - $30/mo $35/mo
Apple iPhone 13 Pro - $33/mo -
Apple iPhone 12 Pro - - $33/mo
Apple iPhone 14 Plus - $35/mo -

Optimum Mobile customer service



Optimum Mobile








Find out what real customers are saying about this carrier with Optimum Mobile user reviews.

Unlike many MVNOs who are online based only, Optimum Mobile has a number of stores you can visit for customer support.

How do Optimum Mobile plans compare





Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello




US Mobile SIM card - Horizontal US Mobile

Verizon & T-Mobile



Boost Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile



Mint Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Mint Mobile




Boost Infinite SIM card - Horizontal Boost Infinite

AT&T & T-Mobile



Switching to Optimum Mobile

Bringing your own phone takes just a few simple steps:

1. Order the Optimum Mobile SIM card kit online.

2. When your SIM arrives, switch out your old SIM and pop in the new one.

3. Follow the activation instructions.

Optimum Mobile FAQs

What network is Altice using?

Optimum Mobile operates on the AT&T network. You can check AT&T coverage in your area with their coverage map.

Is Optimum Mobile any good?

Running on the second-best network for 4G LTE in the US, Optimum Mobile provides good coverage. They also have a simple selection of plans for all needs, including unlimited data. But there's no one size fits all when it comes to phone plans. Make sure to check your usage when comparing.

How is Optimum Mobile coverage?

Optimum Mobile piggybacks on the AT&T network. AT&T is only 2% behind Verizon on its 4G LTE coverage. So you can be sure you'll get great nationwide coverage.

Does Optimum Mobile have a contract?

With Optimum Mobile there are no contracts, so you're free to leave anytime. Without any early termination fees.


Optimum Mobile keeps it simple with a small choice of plans and flexible options. But there's one small catch. To be able to sign up to Optimum Mobile you have to be in an Optimum and Suddenlink area. If not, you can still save hundreds a year by comparing low-cost carriers on all networks.

Piggybacking on both AT&T and T-Mobile gives you access to nationwide 4G LTE coverage and if your phone is compatible, 5G network (where available). All plans include unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspot use, and optional international and travel passes for international calling and roaming.

With no contract, if you're not happy you can change providers whenever you like. Still not sure if Optimum Mobile is for you? Compare our full list of MVNOs.