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AT&T announces minor rate hike to soften the blow

AT&T makes a small, 99-cent increase and ups hotspots to fly under the radar.


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  • AT&T's unlimited plans will see a 99-cent rise per month starting in March.
  • The change brings an enhancement in hotspot data for users across all tiers of its unlimited plans.
  • Revamp plan names and expand features, including international roaming options.

AT&T users subscribed to unlimited plans can expect a modest uptick in their monthly bills come March 2024.

This update introduces a 99-cent increase per line but sweetens the deal with boosted hotspot data allowances, reflecting AT&T's effort to offer more value within its packages.

The adjustments include renaming and upgrading its unlimited plans:

  • Unlimited Starter SL - 5GB of hotspot data
  • Unlimited Extra EL - 30GB of hotspot data
  • Unlimited Premium PL - 60GB of hotspot data (& added the Dominican Republic for roaming)

With this round of hikes, some older AT&T unlimited plans won't see any price changes. These legacy plans, which featured access to Max (previously HBO Max), already had a rate increase last summer. AT&T no longer offers this or any other streaming service bundles or deals.


In a bolder move, AT&T also revises its value plan option.

  • AT&T Value Plus VL
    • 99-cent increase
    • Allows up to 10 lines per plan (previously single-line restriction)
    • All lines must be on the same plan level (no mixing and matching)
    • No hotspot data included

Current AT&T customers were informed about these changes, and sufficient time was provided to adjust or change plans before the new rates took effect.

This marks the first price increase for these plans since their introduction in 2020.

My take: Is a 99-cent increase really a big deal?

So, while 99 cents doesn't sound like much, with about 85 million postpaid subscribers, it's not hard to see how that can add up quickly.

I appreciate that AT&T is adding value - hotspot data - with the increase. I think it reflects the balancing act between maintaining competitive pricing and offering more robust plan features.

That said, I find it a little sus that AT&T ads about the increase flooded the market just after Verizon's $100M lawsuit was settled.


It makes me wonder how transparent they were originally planning to be. Also, I feel like there's a push to make it seem like such a trivial amount.

In my experience, tiny rate increases usually go unnoticed, especially since I have autopay on all of my accounts. Then, the overall total creeps up over time.

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