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Is T-Mobile's 'Smartphone equality' really equal?

T-Mobile updates its Smartphone Equality program to include the latest iPhone device for constant on-time prepaid payers.


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  • T-Mobile has updated its Smartphone Equality program.
  • Now offers top-tier smartphones like the iPhone 15 for $0 down to prepaid customers.
  • Targets those traditionally overlooked due to credit scores, providing equal opportunities for the latest technology.
  • Eligibility requires 12 consecutive on-time payments and switching to a Go5G plan.

T-Mobile has announced a significant enhancement to its Smartphone Equality program. The initiative allows more customers to access the latest smartphones regardless of their credit history.

Creditworthiness is determined by previous payment history rather than just looking at credit scores.

This program sets a goal for new customers and benefits existing subscribers of Metro and T-Mobile Prepaid who seek to upgrade their mobile devices without the burden of a credit check.

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Customers who have made 12 consecutive on-time monthly payments can now access T-Mobile's most competitive offers.

T-Mobile has now expanded the program to include premium devices such as the most recent iPhone.

At the time of publication, this includes the opportunity to access the latest iPhone 15 (128 GB) at no upfront cost. It gives 24 monthly bill credits on eligible Go5G plans after a qualifying trade-in and number transfer.

My take: Is T-Mobile's smartphone equality program really equal?

While I admire that T-Mobile is recognizing the value of payment history over credit scores, I think this comes at too great a cost.

I know the shiny, new iPhone is quite the carrot to dangle, but the benefits just don't match the reward.

Loyal T-Mobile prepaid consumers need to look at the bigger picture before making a decision.

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By qualifying for this 'deal,' T-Mobile is forcing prepaid customers to become postpaid customers, which seems deceitful in my opinion.

When switching to a Go5G plan, your monthly cost will likely skyrocket - plans start around $75 per month.

As we continue to follow these developments, stay tuned to for the latest updates and insights into how telecom companies are evolving to meet the needs of all consumers.

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