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Spectrum's second price hike in 6 months

Spectrum raises the price 2x in a 6-month period, grouping in of their low-income assisted program.


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  • Spectrum announces a second price increase within six months.
  • The rate for low-income internet service climbs by 25% to $24.99/month.
  • Effective January 30.

In a pattern that's becoming distressingly familiar, Spectrum is moving forward with another round of rate increases.

Owned by Charter Communications, Spectrum has started the process of informing its subscribers about the imminent price adjustments.

The most shocking of these changes is the significant rate increase for Spectrum Internet Assist. The company's affordable internet offering for low-income families is now priced at $24.99 a month.

Likewise, with the government-funded Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) expiring in April, options for financially strapped households are narrowing.

Why the increase? Spectrum attributes this increase to a notable upgrade in internet speed.

Other hikes include:

  • Broadcast TV surcharge: increases from $23.20 to $25.75 monthly, adding to a prior $1 rise in July.
  • HD box rentals: Climb from $10.99 to $12.50 per month.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi: Jumps by $2, now $7 monthly.
  • Specific TV packages: Entertainment View and Latino View both go up by $3, reaching $15 monthly.
  • Spectrum TV essentials: The live streaming option will now cost $29.99 monthly, up by $5.

Spectrum positions these rate hikes as part of its dedication to delivering a "customer-focused model," with an emphasis on offering greater value and selection.

Nonetheless, the company blames the increased costs on the rising fees demanded by content providers, a refrain common across the industry.

This continuous uptick in prices is encouraging consumers to seek alternatives, including a blend of select streaming services and complimentary channels (w/ ads) for their entertainment fixes.

My take

It's evident that the trend of perpetual price increases from major providers has become the rule rather than the exception.

Yet it remains a hard pill to swallow, particularly when it impacts essential services like internet access.

The latest update from Spectrum, especially the spike in the rate for its Internet Assist program, underscores the growing issue of service affordability and access.

The mass exodus of customers from traditional cable and internet services to streaming isn't just about the technology; it's a decisive vote for affordability and value. And it highlights the fact that the people, not the companies, are the ones with the power.

Though streaming service costs are creeping up, the ability to personalize your subscription and the availability of free, ad-supported options present a more budget-friendly and flexible solution.

This sends a clear message from consumers to corporations: affordability and value can't be compromised.

The MoneySavingPro team and I are committed to helping you track these pricing changes and make informed choices that align with your financial and lifestyle preferences.

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