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Verizon raises rates for older unlimited plans. Grandfathered out?

Verizon pushes customers in to choosing newer plans by raising the price of older ones.


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  • Verizon users with certain old unlimited plans will face a $4/mth increase starting March 2024.
  • Verizon already upped costs for other older unlimited plans in August 2023.
  • The shared data plan rates increased back in 2022.
  • The current hike will affect plans like 5G Get More, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Start.
  • Plans previously affected will not be subject to new increases.

Verizon's announcement spells out an impending rise in costs for subscribers on older unlimited mobile plans.

So, instead of being grandfathered into a better plan, customers with select plans will notice a $4 hike per line in their monthly bills starting in March 2024.

This latest adjustment follows previous increases and the introduction of new fees. The most notable hikes were for older unlimited plans last summer and for shared data plans in 2022.

The only good news is that plans that experienced a hike in the past won't also increase this time around.

The underlying motive appears to be Verizon's push to migrate customers to its more recent offerings, such as Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome.

Unlike older plans, which bundle streaming services and international data roaming, newer plans charge a $10/month add-on fee for what are now deemed optional features.

Verizon aims to make the transition appealing, emphasizing the benefits of moving to the "myPlan" options. The company assures that the pricing structure for its newer plans will remain unchanged amidst these increases.

Verizon joins other carriers in adjusting plan prices, with AT&T and T-Mobile also announcing increases for their services earlier in the year.

My take

Verizon's pattern of pushing loyal customers out of legacy plans is not new nor exclusive to just Verizon.

Other big carriers like T-Mobile have also had their eye on ousting existing customers from their plans with price hikes.

Big Wireless has tried to spin the story, pitching it as an opportunity for users to benefit from newer offerings and savings. However, the bottom line for many is an unavoidable increase in monthly expenses.

This move not only reflects the ongoing shifts in the big guy's pricing strategies but also underscores the importance for consumers to stay informed and consider their options and alternatives carefully.

As the landscape evolves, the emphasis on value, flexibility, and consumer choice becomes increasingly crucial.

Here at, my team and I aim to give you all the info and insights you need to make sense of these trends - and empower you to make the best choice that suits your budget and unique needs.

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