Where to buy a Lycamobile SIM card

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You can buy a Lycamobile SIM card online or in retailers; like Best Buy and Walmart.

As an MVNO, Lycamobile doesn't have its own stores, and although available in a few selected retailers, you'll find their best deals online.

If you're new to the T-Mobile network, make sure you're all set up in your area and take a look at Lycamobile coverage in your area. Knowing you're covered in your ZIP code can give you peace of mind.

Can I buy a Lycamobile SIM card at a store?

You can buy a Lycamobile SIM card in stores like Walmart and Best Buy. But Lycamobile doesn't have any physical stores of their own.

With a large variety of plans to choose from, you'll find the best prices online with exclusive deals.

Buy a Lycamobile prepaid SIM card online

Lycamobile doesn't currently offer eSIM plans, so you'll have to order a physical SIM card to be delivered.

When you sign up, you'll be sent a 3 in 1 SIM with a mini, micro, and nano SIM to pick the right one for your phone.

How to activate your Lycamobile SIM kit

You can activate your Lycamobile SIM kit online.

  1. Go to lycamobile.us/en/activate-sim/
  2. You can choose to port your existing number.
  3. Fill in the information and follow the steps.

Lycamobile phone compatibility

Lycamobile SIM cards should be compatible with most modern phones. The essential thing is that your existing phone is unlocked from your current carrier.

As long as your contracts are paid up to date, and your phone's not been used in fraudulent activity or been reported lost or stolen, your carrier should unlock it with no problem.

LycaMobile SIM card FAQs


There are plenty of Lycamobile prepaid plans to choose from, whether you buy them in-store or get an exclusive online deal.

It's easy to bring your own phone and number to Lycamobile. If your phone's unlocked, it should be compatible with the T-Mobile network.

If you want to dig deeper into this low-cost carrier, read our Lycamobile review for more details.

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Lycamobile FAQs

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