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Cox Mobile review in 2024: Is it any good?

Explore my in-depth review of Cox Mobile, including network coverage, customer experience, plan details, pricing, and comparisons. Is Cox Mobile is the right carrier for you?

MoneySavingPro rating
  • Value for money
  • Coverage
  • Customer experience
  • Transparency
  • Range of choice
  • Reliable network coverage
  • Unlimited calls and texts with all plans
  • No annual contracts
  • Mobile hotspot access
  • Only available to Cox Internet customers
  • Throttles speeds when data cap reached
Our editorial process

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At a glance

  • Value for money: Only for current cable TV or internet customers. Good value for low data users, but unlimited is more expensive than competition. Combines multiple bills in one payment.
  • Coverage: Great coverage on the Verizon network.
  • Customer experience: The mobile division is new to the company, so there are not many reviews yet. Company as a whole has a poor reputation with customer service and pricing.
  • Transparency: Cox Mobile bundles services which can make it difficult to read and understand your bill.
  • Range of choice: Cox Mobile offers just 2 plan options for a simple choice, but not tailored for all needs.

Cox Mobile review: An in-depth analysis

Today's consumers are faced with a landslide of options when it comes to wireless providers, making it an overwhelming task to choose the right one for their needs.

If you can identify with this, you've come to the right spot. I've conducted all the research on your behalf, saving you time, hassle, and, most importantly - money.

In this Cox Mobile review, I'll give you a comprehensive overview of this carrier, including its plans, network, performance, customer service, and additional features to help you make an informed choice.

Let's dive in and determine if this budget-friendly carrier is suitable for your mobile phone service needs.

What is Cox Mobile?

Cox Mobile is the cellular service branch of Cox Communications, which has provided cable TV services since 1962. With the evolving state of the cable TV market, Cox is trying to keep up with the changing times by diversifying.

Cox Mobile is powered by the Verizon 5G & 4G LTE network, providing budget-friendly phone plans to its current customers.

What makes Cox Mobile different?

Cox Mobile plans give current customers the ability to combine two bills into one, plus they feature a pretty generous multi-line discount.

The other big advantage this carrier provides is the ability to save tons of data by using their 4M+ hotspots nationwide to stay connected without drawing on your plan allowance.

Plans & pricing

What are the best Cox Mobile plans?

Cox Mobile 1GB plan

Image of cell phone with Cox Mobile
  • Verizon coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$720 in annual savings

Cox Mobile unlimited data plan

Image of cell phone with Cox Mobile
  • Verizon coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$360 in annual savings

How does Cox Mobile compare to Verizon?

Verizon vs Cox Mobile comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $360 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
Verizon Verizon 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
Cox Mobile Verizon 4G & 5G Unlimited $45/mo $540/yr
Savings $30/mo $360/yr

How much does Cox Mobile cost?

Plan prices are $15 to $45 a month at the time of publication. The price you pay will be based on the number of lines you need and the data package you choose. The price per line goes down as you buy more lines.

One of the nice things about Cox Mobile plans is that there are only two types of plans - Pay as You Gig and Gig Unlimited. So, if the dizzying array of plan options from other mobile providers makes your eyes cross, this carrier could be ideal.

Is Cox Mobile a good value?

It could be a good value for current Cox subscribers who need more than one line or only need a gig or two of data per month.

By choosing this plan over one directly from Verizon, you could potentially save while still receiving the same coverage. It doesn't seem to make sense if you need unlimited data for one line. If you're paying any more than $25-$30 per month for unlimited data, there are some better value plans out there.

Compare Cox Mobile vs other carriers

During my research, I found numerous carriers with significantly cheaper plans and better customer ratings:

Cox Mobile How do Cox Mobile plans compare?
Cox Mobile logo Tello logo See at Tello US Mobile logo See at US Mobile
*30 Day FREE Trial
Mint Mobile logo See at Mint Mobile
*$45 for 3 Months
Verizon 4G & 5GT-Mobile 4G & 5GVerizon, AT&T & T-Mobile 4G & 5GT-Mobile 4G & 5G
Unlimited dataUnlimited dataUnlimited dataUnlimited data
1.2 on Trustpilot
4.5 on Trustpilot
4.6 on Trustpilot
3.1 on Trustpilot

Network coverage

What network does Cox Mobile use?

This provider operates on the Verizon network, so it's a good idea to check our Cox Mobile coverage map to evaluate network coverage in your area before signing up.

Does Cox Mobile have good coverage?

Verizon's network covers a large portion of the country, including many rural areas. You can see which of the major networks is strongest in your location by checking the best coverage in your area.

Does Cox Mobile have 5G coverage?

If your device supports 5G technology, you'll be able to access the 5G network provided by the Verizon network. You can find out how Verizon's 5G network compares to the other major networks in the 2023 OpenSignal 5G Experience Report.

Cox Mobile 5G coverage map

Cox Mobile coverage map

The FCC collects coverage data, which only offers an approximate indication and doesn't account for indoor coverage. The actual speed and performance can vary depending on your location and device. The reception you experience is influenced by local conditions and elements like natural and artificial physical features in your area.

Customer service

Does Cox Mobile have good customer service?

Naturally, everyone hopes for an ideal customer service experience. The truth is that customer care experiences differ greatly due to individual situations.

As far as customer reviews go, they're limited in availability. The company just launched its mobile service in 2023, and many customer support reviews online relate to their cable TV service rather than the mobile division.

How do I contact Cox Mobile customer service?

You've got a few different options if you need help from Cox Mobile customer support:

  1. By phone: 1-800-234-3993
  2. By text: Send a message to 54512
  3. Live chat: Via the website

User experience

What are reviewers saying about Cox Mobile?

While reviews are sparse, the carrier has generally received positive feedback for its simple plans and good coverage.

Cox Mobile customer reviews roundup

What are some common complaints about Cox Mobile?

Again, with such a new service, it's tough to find people saying a whole lot about it yet. In general, Cox Communications customers are dissatisfied with its customer service.

SIM activation

Is it easy to switch?

You can order your Cox Mobile phone plan online. It should only take moments to switch if you choose eSIM activation.

Does Cox Mobile support eSIM?

Yes. If you have an eSIM-compatible phone, you'll be able to skip the shipping and jump straight to activating your Cox Mobile plan in minutes.

Phone selection

What phones do they have?

You can choose from a selection of popular smartphone models, from the Samsung Galaxy series to Google Pixel and Apple iPhone. Device financing is available upon credit approval.

Can I bring my own phone to Cox Mobile?

If you're not looking to purchase a new phone, you can bring your existing one and keep your phone number with a Cox Mobile plan.

A bring-your-own-phone plan is a very effective way to save money, as long as your device is unlocked and compatible with the Verizon network.

Is my phone compatible?

Most smartphones manufactured in the past few years can be compatible with any network. To confirm, double-check on the carrier website before ordering service.

Cox Mobile features

My viewpoint - Is Cox Mobile worth it?

Cox Mobile plans can be a good solution if you're already a customer and want to simplify your life with an integrated internet, cable TV, and/or cell phone bill.

The prices are only competitive if you're a low-data user and prefer the Verizon network.

It does get pricey per GB, and there are better-priced and more established MVNOs out there. It's best to spend a few minutes doing the math and see what's best for you and your family.

By taking advantage of the carrier's connection to the Verizon network, you can ensure dependable service and reduce your yearly expenses by as much as $600.

According to this J.D. Power report, the typical monthly payment for cell phone service is approximately $157, totaling more than $1800 annually.

Cell phone bills with the big three wireless companies will likely keep rising unless consumers push back. By switching to MVNOs like this one, you can hit them where it hurts - their bank accounts.

Cox Mobile FAQs

Recap: Is Cox Mobile the best cell phone plan?

Cox Mobile offers a budget-friendly option for current customers, providing Verizon coverage at a lower cost than a plan directly from Verizon.

This carrier could be a great solution if you're looking to bundle your services and want simple, straightforward plan choices.

Take the following factors into account when deciding whether this is the right service provider for you:

  • Plans: Pick from unlimited data or by the gig; it's that simple.
  • Coverage: The Verizon network is known for its expansive coverage.
  • Features: Bundle discounts and low pricing on multiple lines help this MVNO stand out.
  • Customer experience: If you already have Cox Internet or TV, you'll probably experience a similar level of quality and customer care.
  • Promotions: Take advantage of phone discounts when it's time for an upgrade.
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How we reviewed Cox Mobile

To select the best carriers and plans, MoneySavingPro's team of experts evaluated over 30 different carriers.

Carriers were rated in five categories, with a star rating from 1-5, with 5 stars being the best. We then calculate the overall star rating using the five categories:

  1. Value for money: We compare carriers based on price, features, benefits, and promotions. It's not just about the lowest price but getting the most bang for your buck.
  2. Coverage: We look at network 5G and 4G LTE coverage across the US. We use coverage maps to determine service availability and data speeds in urban, suburban, and rural locations.
  3. Customer experience: We take into account items such as current user experience, website and app usability, ease of switching, and customer service in terms of availability, channels, and satisfaction ratings.
  4. Transparency: We assess whether carrier pricing is clear and straightforward. We examine the fine print to check for hidden fees, confusing terms or conditions, and misleading offers to ensure upfront, honest prices and advertising.
  5. Range of choice: We evaluate the diversity of plan options to determine if they fit the individual needs of all customers.

Read more about our carrier ratings methodology and our editorial process.

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