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Staying connected to loved ones is something we can't take for granted, especially these days.

If your cell phone carrier doesn't give you the coverage you need, switching to a better-value carrier is easier than ever.

Which provider has your best cell phone signal strength and coverage area?

Cell phone network coverage

Verizon 95 96 94 96 94
AT&T 94 94 95 96 92
T-Mobile 86 88 82 89 82

Source: RootMetrics

T-Mobile cell phone coverage map

T-Mobile Coverage Maps

T-Mobile network coverage is strong, winning OpenSignal awards this year, including one for data upload speeds. You can get the benefits of T-Mobile coverage without their prices by choosing a T-Mobile MVNO.

Best cell phone service on T-Mobile

Mint Mobile 15GB plan
  • T-Mobile 5G & 4G LTE network
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 15GB data
*50% Off: $60 for 6 Mths
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T-Mobile vs Mint Mobile comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $720 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
T-Mobile T-Mobile 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
Mint Mobile T-Mobile 4G & 5G 15GB $20/mo $180/yr
Savings $55/mo $720/yr

Verizon cell phone coverage map

Verizon Coverage Map

While the Verizon network enjoys a top spot for reliability, speed, and overall performance, the carrier is still the most expensive. It doesn't have to be that way.

Choose a Verizon MVNO and enjoy reliable cellular coverage without the hefty price tag.

Best cell phone service on Verizon

US Mobile 12GB plan
  • Verizon & T-Mobile 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 12GB data
*30 Day FREE Trial
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Verizon vs US Mobile comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $600 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
Verizon Verizon 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
US Mobile Verizon 4G & 5G 12GB $25/mo $300/yr
Savings $50/mo $600/yr

AT&T cell phone coverage map

AT&T Coverage Map

The AT&T network has run neck-and-neck with Verizon for several years. If AT&T is your preferred carrier, consider slashing your cell phone bill by switching to an AT&T MVNO.

Best cell phone service on AT&T

Boost Mobile 5GB plan
  • AT&T & T-Mobile 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5GB data
*$15 for 3 Mths Service
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AT&T vs Boost Mobile comparison

Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $750 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
AT&T AT&T 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
Boost Mobile AT&T 4G & 5G 5GB $15/mo $150/yr
Savings $60/mo $750/yr

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Cheap cell phone service

Carrier Network Data Price
Tello 2GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 2GB $10/mo
Boost Mobile 5GB plan AT&T & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 5GB $5/mo $15/mo
Mint Mobile 15GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 15GB $10/mo $20/mo
Mint Mobile unlimited data plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage Unltd $15/mo $30/mo
US Mobile 30GB plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 30GB $0/mo $50/mo

There are over 50 cell phone carriers in the United States. Known as MVNOs, these alternative carriers are powered by one or more of the big three networks.

Stay on the same network, keep your phone and number, plus get greater flexibility. Everything you need comes at a much better price with a low-cost carrier.

  • National coverage from big US networks.
  • Fast 5G and 4G LTE data speeds.
  • Keep your existing phone and number.
  • Customize your plan to your data usage.
  • Simple online signup, switching is seamless.
  • No big monthly bills.
  • No unnecessary phone upgrades to tie you down.
  • No annoying commission-hungry salespeople.
  • No hidden fees or confusing contracts.
  • No overpaying for unlimited data you don't need.

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As the maps show, there's little difference in coverage and data speeds among the big networks. This means that your choice of carrier comes down to other factors - price, plans, and features.

With so many low-cost carriers offering cheap cell phone plans, paying over $80 a month is no longer necessary. You can now get the same coverage at less than half the price.

Bring your phone to save even more, and check user reviews before signing up for the best switching experience.

Each low-cost carrier is tailored toward specific needs, and a great range exists. Finding that next great plan has never been easier.

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