Does Tello have international roaming?

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Tello is a low-cost carrier that provides 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage on the T-Mobile network. And you can save up to $600 a year on your cell phone bill when you switch.

You may be wondering if Tello phone plans offer international options. The answer is yes, and I'll guide you through them below.

Tello international roaming and calls

Tello doesn't offer roaming overseas. But if you happen to be traveling internationally, you can use the free My Tello app to make calls through Wi-Fi.

The good news, however, is that this low-cost carrier offers a generous international calling plan, allowing you to stay connected to friends and family overseas at minimal or no cost.

Tello international calling

  • Free international calling and texting to 60+ countries
  • No borders - low rates to other countries

Keep in mind international talk uses your plan minutes, so if you don't have an unlimited minutes plan, you'll want to watch your usage.

Tello eSIM international roaming

While Tello supports eSIM devices for domestic use, they don't provide international roaming.

How to activate your Tello international plan

Activate international service by following these steps:

  • For calling free countries: Dial +, then the country code and phone number
  • For calling other countries: Add Tello Pay as You Go credit to your account

Is a Tello international plan worth it?

Tello SIM cards are great for those with family and friends overseas because they offer free calling to multiple countries, including China and India.

However, without a roaming option, it may be worth purchasing a local SIM card at your destination if you're a frequent traveler, so you aren't left high and dry without an international data plan.

Tello International features advantages

  • Robust country selection for free calls & texts
  • There is no separate fee to activate international calling
  • My Tello app enables Wi-Fi calling while abroad

Tello International features drawbacks

  • No international data roaming
  • International calls use plan minutes

Tello international plan FAQs


While Tello doesn't offer roaming while traveling abroad, their strong free international calling options are very attractive if you need a cheap way to stay connected.

If you're calling a country not on Tello's list of free countries, be sure to look up the rates on their website so you know what you're paying.

Head over to our in-depth Tello review for more information on this low-cost carrier.

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