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US Mobile plans provide 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage through your choice of the T-Mobile or Verizon network. Plus, switching to this low-cost carrier can save you up to $600 a year on your cell phone plan.

Aside from low prices on their domestic plans, US Mobile phone plans also boasts an impressive selection of international roaming plan options.

US Mobile international roaming and calls

US Mobile offers two types of international services: international calling and international roaming plans. You can add these services to any plan, ensuring seamless global connectivity.

Global by US Mobile

This MVNO recently introduced a suite of overseas roaming data options for eSIM customers, tailored to the needs of a variety of travelers:

  • Global: $60 for 13 GB of data across 73 countries
  • USA & Canada: $60 for 35 GB data in USA & Canada, plus UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong
  • Asia Pacific: $60 for 17 GB data across 20 regions
  • Europe: $20 for 10 GB data in 35 countries

Global, USA & Canada, Asia Pacific, and Europe plans are valid for 365 days, while the Europe version is good for 30 days.

It's worth noting that these international data plans do not include calling, so you'll need to use a WiFi calling program for that.

US Mobile international calling

Features include:

  • International talk to 88 countries on GSM 5G
  • Free calling to Canada on Warp 5G
  • Free texting to most countries on Warp 5G

If you're wondering how to sort out the networks used by this carrier, I've got your back. Warp 5G (formerly Super LTE) is the Verizon network, while GSM 5G is the T-Mobile network.

US Mobile eSIM international roaming

If you have an eSIM-capable phone, you're in luck because overseas roaming is only available on US Mobile eSIM plans.

How to activate your US Mobile international plan

Activate international service by following these steps:

  • For roaming: Purchase an international eSIM plan in the Global by US Mobile app
  • For calling: Dial +, then the country code and phone number

Is a US Mobile international plan worth it?

If you don't mind using apps for calling and texting while traveling abroad, then the US Mobile international roaming option is a solid value.

As for international talk, this carrier makes it a breeze by charging you low rates when you dial directly from your phone.

US Mobile international features advantages

  • Most roaming plans suitable for a whole year
  • Separate roaming add-ons so there's no monthly fee
  • Easy to make international calls as needed

US Mobile International features drawbacks

  • No calling is available with international roaming
  • International talk is only available on GSM 5G

US Mobile international plan FAQs


US Mobile's international plans are unique, as they offer service on two of the major networks. In terms of international roaming options from low-cost carriers, their offerings are flexible and affordable. However, it's only available on US Mobile eSIM plans.

If you travel often, you should carefully review the terms and conditions of each international option and the list of covered countries to be sure you've got the right one for your needs.

If you don't have an eSIM-compatible device you can find a range of international phone plans from other MVNOs to help you stay connected while traveling.

Learn more about this budget-friendly carrier in our comprehensive US Mobile review.

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