What phones are compatible with US Mobile?

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Looking for a fresh start with US Mobile while keeping your beloved phone? You're in luck! Nowadays, most of the latest cell phones are compatible with US Mobile.

The main thing is that your cell phone is unlocked from its current provider.

Stay tuned to dive deeper into your phone's compatibility with a US Mobile SIM card.

Unlocked phones compatible with US Mobile

Firstly you'll need to check whether your phone's unlocked. To prevent you from switching, it's common for carriers to lock your phone to their network when you purchase it.

But don't worry, as all carriers have an unlocking policy in place. As long as you've paid off your current contract, and your phone hasn't been used in any fraudulent activity or reported lost or stolen, your provider will unlock it for you. If your current phone is from Verizon, they automatically unlock your device after 60 days of activation.

So if you've been with your carrier for a while, chances are your phone's already unlocked and ready to be used with US Mobile.

If everything checks out, your carrier should have no problem unlocking your phone.

Once your phone's unlocked, you're free to bring it over to US Mobile and enjoy all the benefits of their reliable network and affordable plans.

Is my Apple iPhone compatible with US Mobile?

The great news is you can absolutely bring your Apple iPhone. US Mobile is powered by the Verizon and T-Mobile networks, so unlocking your phone is key.

If you want to double-check, you can use our handy phone compatibility tool that uses your IMEI number to confirm if you're good to go.

Checking your iPhone's unlocked

You can check your iPhone's unlocked in your settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click General, then About
  3. Then select Carrier Lock; if it states "No SIM restrictions," your iPhone's unlocked

Android phones compatible with US Mobile

US Mobile supports all Android phones, including:

  • Motorola
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • OnePlus
  • Nokia
  • Google Pixel

Powered by the T-Mobile and Verizon networks, the most important thing is that your Android phone is unlocked from your current carrier.

Although most phones work across all networks, thanks to 4G LTE, if you've got an older Android handset that's CDMA only (where there's no SIM card slot), you'll need to look at buying a new phone.

Checking your Android phone's unlocked

You can check if your Android phone is unlocked in a few easy steps. It may differ slightly depending on the Android device you have, but these are the basic steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Connections, then go to Networks/Mobile Networks/Cellular Networks (depending on the handset)
  3. Then click on Network Operators.
  4. If it comes up with a list of multiple networks, your phone should be unlocked.

What to do if your phone's not compatible with US Mobile?

Some older handsets may not be compatible with US Mobile. Or maybe you're looking to switch to an eSIM where you'll need a phone that supports eSIMs.

Although there's not a massive selection to choose from, you'll still find some of the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung available.

The good thing is they offer affordable payment plan options as well.

US Mobile compatible phones FAQs


Most of the latest cell phones are compatible with US Mobile phone plans. So you can bring your own phone and pick from one of their cheap cell phone plans, including unlimited data plans from US Mobile.

As long as your phone's unlocked from your current provider, it's easy to switch to this low-cost carrier.

To find out more about this low-cost carrier, you can read our US Mobile review.

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