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PureTalk review in 2024: Is it any good?

Explore my in-depth review of PureTalk, including network coverage, customer experience, plan details, pricing, and comparisons. Is PureTalk is the right carrier for you?

MoneySavingPro rating
  • Value for money
  • Coverage
  • Customer experience
  • Transparency
  • Range of choice
  • 5G & 4G LTE coverage
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Multi-line discounts
  • 0% finance for new phones
  • US-based customer service
  • Supports eSIM
  • There are cheaper plans out there
  • May slow speeds at busy times
Our editorial process

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At a glance

  • Value for money: Pure Talk has affordable phone and tablet plans with good coverage. They also have discounts for additional lines.
  • Coverage: Good coverage on the AT&T network.
  • Customer experience: Most customers are happy with the low-price and various plans suited to their needs, but some have reported long wait times, conflicting information, and unresolved issues with the customer service center.
  • Transparency: The price you see is what you pay with Pure Talk Wireless. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges.
  • Range of choice: There are a wide variety of plans with an array of data options available. They also offer data-only plans giving plans tailored to met anyone's needs.

PureTalk review: An in-depth analysis

Consumers today are inundated with choices of wireless providers. Deciding on the right one for your needs can feel exhausting.

If you can relate, you're in the right place. We've done all the research for you, allowing you to save both money and time.

In the following PureTalk review, I'll cover everything you need to know about this carrier. We'll look at its plans, network options, performance, customer service, and other features so that you can make an informed decision.

Let's jump in and find out if this low-cost carrier is a good fit for your cell phone service needs.

What is PureTalk?

PureTalk, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), is a low-cost carrier that leverages the AT&T network to provide reliable coverage. In business since 2004, this wireless service provider has been slashing cell phone bills by half for two decades.

What makes PureTalk different?

PureTalk plans stand out from other MVNOs with their flexibility and robust mobile hotspot data buckets. When combined with excellent coverage on the AT&T network, this pairing may be the ideal fit for certain users.

Every plan comes with dedicated mobile hotspot data, and with seven plan options, there's something for everyone's use habits.

Plans & pricing

What are the best PureTalk cell phone plans?

PureTalk 3GB plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$660 in annual savings

PureTalk 5GB plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$600 in annual savings

PureTalk 10GB plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$540 in annual savings

PureTalk 15GB plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$480 in annual savings

PureTalk 25GB plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$360 in annual savings

PureTalk unlimited data plan

Image of cell phone with PureTalk
  • AT&T coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Instant eSIM activation
$240 in annual savings

How does PureTalk compare to AT&T?

AT&T vs PureTalk comparison

Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $240 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
AT&T AT&T 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
PureTalk AT&T 4G & 5G Unlimited $55/mo $660/yr
Savings $20/mo $240/yr

How much does PureTalk cost?

Costs start at $20 per month. The amount you pay will depend on the number of lines you require and the data plan you select. The cost per line decreases as you purchase more lines.

Is PureTalk a good value?

PureTalk wireless service is a great value for heavy data users, especially if you frequently tether your laptop or other devices. You can save as much as $600 per year on the same coverage when compared to a plan directly from AT&T. The plans are straightforward and competitively priced, offering excellent value for your money.

Compare PureTalk vs other carriers

During my research, I found numerous carriers with significantly cheaper plans and better customer ratings:

PureTalk How do PureTalk plans compare?
PureTalk logo Tello logo See at Tello US Mobile logo See at US Mobile
*30 Day FREE Trial
Mint Mobile logo See at Mint Mobile
*$45 for 3 Months
AT&T 4G & 5GT-Mobile 4G & 5GVerizon & T-Mobile 4G & 5GT-Mobile 4G & 5G
Unlimited dataUnlimited dataUnlimited dataUnlimited data
4.1 on Trustpilot
4.6 on Trustpilot
4.7 on Trustpilot
2.9 on Trustpilot

Network coverage

What network does PureTalk use?

This budget-friendly cell phone provider uses AT&T's network. Before making a decision, be sure to review our PureTalk coverage map to make sure their network coverage is available in your location.

Does PureTalk have good coverage?

AT&T has great coverage across most of the US, including in many rural areas. Before making a final decision, it's best to check which network has the best coverage in your area.

Does PureTalk have 5G coverage?

If your device is compatible with 5G technology, you can enjoy the fastest speeds offered by the AT&T network. Get the lowdown on 5G networks with the 2023 OpenSignal 5G Experience Report.

PureTalk 5G coverage map

PureTalk coverage map

The FCC collects coverage data, which only offers an approximate indication and doesn't account for indoor coverage. The actual speed and performance can vary depending on your location and device. The reception you experience is influenced by local conditions and elements like natural and artificial physical features in your area.

How fast are PureTalk data speeds?

Data speeds vary depending on your network, location, and device. According to the carrier: "Typically, you can expect to experience download speeds of 4-35Mbps and upload speeds of 1-5Mbps." That's plenty fast for most typical mobile activities, including video and music streaming.

Customer service

Does PureTalk have good customer service?

Of course, everyone wants an optimal customer service experience. The reality is that customer care experiences vary widely because they are individual and unique to each person and situation.

The PureTalk Trustpilot score is great. However, there's a not-so-great rating on its BBB business profile. Our reviewers' scores fall in between. Feel free to browse PureTalk customer reviews to get insights from real customers about this budget carrier.

PureTalk customer reviews roundup

There are a few different ways to contact PureTalk customer service if you need to reach them.

  1. Dial: 611 from your PureTalk phone
  2. Call from any phone: (877) 820-7873 7 am - 12 am EST
  3. Contact form: Via the website

User experience

What are reviewers saying about PureTalk?

Reviewers generally provide positive feedback on PureTalk plan prices, ease of switching, and customer support. It's important to note that individual experiences may vary.

What are some common complaints about PureTalk?

Although the majority of people have positive experiences, there have been a number of complaints about specific issues that have arisen.

A few customers report having to spend a lot of time on the phone to get issues resolved. Others have experienced challenges getting hotspot capability turned on.

SIM activation

Is it easy to switch?

Because this carrier is internet-based, comparing, selecting, and buying PureTalk SIM cards is fast and simple. Activating your new line should be a straightforward process that takes less than 15 minutes upon receiving your SIM card.

Does PureTalk support eSIM?

PureTalk currently supports eSIM on iPhone devices. So, if you've got an iPhone XS or newer, you can save the wait time and get your PureTalk plan activated within minutes.

Phone selection

What phones do they have?

You can purchase a new device from the carrier's modest selection of popular smartphones, including new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Financing is available via Affirm.

Can I bring my own phone to PureTalk?

If you're not in the market for a new phone, you can bring your current one and keep your current number with a PureTalk bring your own phone plan.

Bringing your own phone is a great way to save even more money. Just make sure that your device is compatible with the AT&T network.

Is my phone compatible?

Most modern smartphones can work with any network, but to confirm, you can enter your IMEI into our compatibility checker and check on the carrier website before signing up.

PureTalk features

My viewpoint: Is PureTalk any good?

Short answer: This AT&T MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) aims to keep your wireless service simple and stress-free. It offers flexible data packages - from a 3GB high-speed data cap all the way to unlimited data plans, plus it has a multi-line discount. Even better, PureTalk service runs on AT&T's 5G & 4G LTE network at a much lower cost. While there's no one carrier or plan that fits every user's needs, we've carefully compared the options to help you decide which one gives you the features and service you're looking for.

Is PureTalk worth it?

This MVNO may be just the right fit if you want ample data without breaking the bank, particularly if you love using your phone as a mobile hotspot.

By utilizing the carrier's connection to the AT&T network, you can maintain reliable service and cut down on your annual bill by up to $600. This JD Power report shares the average monthly bill for cell phone service sits at about $157, which amounts to over $1800 a year. Mobile costs are rising and will likely continue to do so unless consumers take a strong stand with major wireless.

However, bringing your own phone can add to your savings, enabling you to change providers without losing your current phone number.

PureTalk FAQs

Recap: Is PureTalk the right choice for you?

PureTalk presents a cost-effective alternative to major wireless carriers, offering comparable coverage at a more affordable price point.

This carrier can be an especially great fit for those who want a lot of data for not a lot of money.

When deciding on the best phone plan for you, keep these points in mind and use your own best judgment.

  • Plans: This AT&T carrier offers a wide range of options to fit a variety of users.
  • Coverage: With reliable coverage on a major network, most customers can expect to have excellent service.
  • Features: The dedicated mobile hotspot data makes PureTalk plans shine.
  • Customer experience: As one of the few remaining wireless carriers that offers US-based customer support, Pure Talk stands out compared to the competition.
  • Promotions: You can always find ways to increase your savings with frequent discounts on popular phone models and occasional plan offers.
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How we reviewed PureTalk

To select the best carriers and plans, MoneySavingPro's team of experts evaluated over 30 different carriers.

Carriers were rated in five categories, with a star rating from 1-5, with 5 stars being the best. We then calculate the overall star rating using the five categories:

  1. Value for money: We compare carriers based on price, features, benefits, and promotions. It's not just about the lowest price but getting the most bang for your buck.
  2. Coverage: We look at network 5G and 4G LTE coverage across the US. We use coverage maps to determine service availability and data speeds in urban, suburban, and rural locations.
  3. Customer experience: We take into account items such as current user experience, website and app usability, ease of switching, and customer service in terms of availability, channels, and satisfaction ratings.
  4. Transparency: We assess whether carrier pricing is clear and straightforward. We examine the fine print to check for hidden fees, confusing terms or conditions, and misleading offers to ensure upfront, honest prices and advertising.
  5. Range of choice: We evaluate the diversity of plan options to determine if they fit the individual needs of all customers.

Read more about our carrier ratings methodology and our editorial process.

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