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Are you tired of expensive cell phone bills but want to maintain quality service? Are you already a Cox Internet customer?

Cox Mobile is the solution for you. By adding one of their affordable phone plans to your subscription, you can save up to $600 per year without compromising on quality.

We'll use our extensive experience to walk you through the process of effortlessly switching to Cox Mobile, a cellular provider that offers premium mobile service at a budget-friendly price.

You'll also learn about bringing your own phone to Cox Mobile and explore their range of cost-effective plans.

How to switch to a Cox Mobile plan

Switching to a Cox Mobile plan is easy. We've identified several things you should know:

  1. Requirements: If you already subscribe to Cox Internet, then you can sign up for Cox Mobile.
  2. Coverage: Check our Cox Mobile coverage map with your ZIP code to ensure they have coverage in your area.
  3. Determine your needs: Consider your data, talk, and text requirements, as well as any special features like international calling or mobile hotspot access.
  4. Compare plans: Choose from one of the two phone plans Cox Mobile offers.
  5. Keep your number: You can transfer your current phone number when activating your Cox Mobile SIM card. Avoid canceling your current contract until the porting process is complete.
  6. Bring your own phone or upgrade: If your current phone is unlocked and compatible with the Verizon network, you can bring it along. Ready for a shiny new device? Cox offers a range of top phone models if you want an upgrade.
  7. Get your SIM card: Once you sign up, a Cox Mobile SIM kit will be sent in the post. If you opt for an eSIM, you'll be up and running almost instantly.

Bring your own phone to Cox Mobile

Bringing your own phone to Cox Mobile is simple. Keep these points in mind:

  1. Unlock your phone: If your device is locked to your previous carrier, have them unlock it before bringing it to Cox Mobile.
  2. Phone compatibility: Cox Mobile runs on the Verizon network, so if your phone is compatible with Verizon, it should work just fine. You can use our phone compatibility checker with your phone's IMEI number to make sure.

Cox Mobile plans

Cox Mobile offers affordable plans tailored to your needs:

  1. Unlimited data plan: Cox Mobile's unlimited data plan provides great value, with a high-speed data cap of 20GB.
  2. Bundles: Add phone service to your other Cox services for added discounts.
  3. Talk & text plans: All Cox Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text.

Activating your Cox Mobile SIM card

Activating your Cox Mobile SIM card is a straightforward process, whether you're bringing your own device or getting a new phone:

  1. Create a Cox Mobile account and log in.
  2. Choose the phone you want to activate and follow the activation instructions.
  3. Transfer your current number during the activation process. Complete the porting before canceling your current phone service.
  4. If you're using an eSIM, you'll use a provided QR code to get set up quickly.

Why choose Cox Mobile?

If you want to reduce your cell phone expenses and save money, here are some reasons to consider switching to Cox Mobile:

  1. Low-cost plans: Cox Mobile offers budget-friendly plans that can significantly lower your monthly bill.
  2. Plan flexibility: You're not locked into a long-term contract with Cox Mobile, allowing you to change plans or switch carriers without early termination fees.
  3. Reliable coverage: Cox Mobile operates on the Verizon network, providing reliable coverage without the high price tag.
  4. Excellent customer service: Cox Mobile provides dependable customer service, as well as boasting an A+ BBB rating.

Switch to Cox Mobile FAQs:


Switching to Cox Mobile service is an easy way to lower your cell phone bill.

During our research, we found their affordable plans and dependable network to be attractive benefits if you're watching your wallet.

Bringing your own phone can further reduce costs and provide more plan flexibility.

Consider switching to Cox Mobile and start enjoying significant savings without compromising quality or coverage. For more information, check out our Cox Mobile review.

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