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Red Pocket Mobile makes it easy for you to save money, but it's competing with dozens of other mobile virtual network operators, like Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Virgin Mobile, who are vying for your attention with their affordable plans. That, alongside websites chock full of information to the point your head would spin, makes it complicated for you to choose the perfect mobile virtual network operator for you.

However, we've gone on ahead and did the work for you. We've compiled the details regarding the Red Pocket cell phone plans and created a document that will hopefully be much easier to read for you.

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Inside our guide, you'll find information not only revolving around the Red Pocket cell phone plans, but also the customer service, the CDMA and GSM phone selection, and more.

Finally, we'll direct you to our cell phone plan comparison tool, to help you decide whether or not Red Pocket mobile is the perfect suitor for you.

Compare Red Pocket Plans

Red Pocket Mobile offers no-contract plans. Simply put, you choose the monthly plan you want and each term last 30 days. If you need to change your plan or cancel service you have the freedom to do so whenever you would like.

Most important, Red Pocket Mobile has no-contract plans for all usage needs. If you don't need data, then the unlimited talk and text prepay plan is perfect for you. Not only do you receive unlimited texting in the United States, but internationally too. You also receive access to free unlimited talk to 72 countries.

Meanwhile, if you need data access then its unlimited plans are great choices. The unlimited plans include access to 4G LTE data ranging from 1GB to 5GB depending on the prepay phone plan you choose. Should you exceed your data allowance, Red Pocket Mobile slows down your 4G LTE speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. Of course, if you want more access to LTE speed data you can renew your plan early.

Red Pocket's unlimited data plans aren't as accessible or perk-heavy as the major carriers. You can use our comparison tool to see what they offer.

Red Pocket Mobile also offers device specific prepay plans. To access these, you'll want to visit its store site and select the applicable network that corresponds with your mobile phone. To demonstrate, if you have an unlocked AT&T device you would want to select the GSMA option. It has each option color-coded to align with the major carrier to make it easier.

Moreover, with these monthly plans, you receive internet on the go with free tethering. This allows you to use your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot to connect with other devices. Along with fast 4G nationwide coverage, these plans are contract-free.

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Service Coverage

As specified above, Red Pocket Mobile's coverage map indicates that the service operates on all four of the biggest networks in the country (Sprint network, T-Mobile network, Verizon network, and AT&T network), making it an AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint MVNO.

This means if you have an unlocked device you can transfer your wireless service to Red Pocket Mobile. It has unrivaled compatibility relative to other prepaid providers in this regard. You can compare the coverage between the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks here.

Data Plans

In addition to prepay phone plans, you can purchase data plans through the carrier. These are two options you can choose including the 2GB and 5GB plans. Both of these are perfect ways to enjoy streaming music, videos and more remotely.

What Phones Can I Use on Red Pocket?

If you need to buy a device, Red Pocket partnered with Glyde to offer you a large inventory of CDMA and GSM phones. You can review Red Pocket's phones here.

Along with dated but affordable options like the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S4, you have the option to finance your device through Affirm. Affirm is beneficial in that it offers flexible repayment terms and you can check to see if you are eligible without it impacting your credit score.

Red Pocket Mobile differs from other prepaid providers in that it offers you a marketplace to sell your used phone too. Through Glyde, you can select the option to sell your phone back. How this works is you create a listing. Next, you receive a prepaid shipping kit you use to mail your phone to the seller. Once the transaction processes, you have money deposited into your bank account.

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Phone Insurance

Because Red Pocket Mobile sells older phones it doesn't offer insurance on them. At the same time, considering the low cost of these models the insurance would be more expensive in most cases than it would cost to replace the phone.

How to Activate Your Device

To do the activation process, you can visit Red Pocket Mobile's website and click on the activate tab located at the top of its homepage. It will take you to the activation page where you follow the prompts to start service. If you need assistance you can contact customer service to help you.

SIM Cards

Since Red Pocket Mobile works with virtually all devices, you can transfer your wireless service easily. However, you may also need to unlock your phone if you transfer services.

Fortunately, we have a guide to help guide you through the process of unlocking your phone. If you need a SIM card (we explore the SIM card further with "What Is a SIM Card?"), simply visit its website and click on the shop tab to find the SIM card that corresponds to your device. Currently, it sells the following SIM cards:

  • GSMA - standard SIM card, nano SIM, and micro SIM
  • CDMA - micro SIM (for Sprint devices), nano SIM, and LTE Triple Punch SIM
  • GSMT - nano, micro, and standard SIM cards

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How to Change Your APN Settings

If you're bringing a used phone to Red Pocket, you'll most likely need to change your APN settings. View the APN Settings for Red Pocket Mobile here.

Red Pocket Mobile Customer Service

The biggest complaints issued by customers were slow data connection speeds rather than high-speed connections and a lengthy process to port in their phone numbers. Those things aside, the most common theme from customers was how much value Red Pocket Mobile offers them in terms of service and assistance when you need it. There are

Those things aside, the most common theme from customers was how much value Red Pocket Mobile offers them in terms of service and assistance when you need it. There are phone numbers, live chat, and email options available to connect with customer service whenever you need help.

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Because it uses all four of the top networks, including the Sprint network, there's a good chance you are eligible to transfer service and use your phone. This can save you a significant amount of money.

The only concerns are slow data connection speeds instead of high-speed connections and limited options on the unlimited talk and text plans. If you don't plan to use data much, however, Red Pocket Mobile is one of the good choices for a prepaid provider.

Remember, when choosing a cheap cell phone plan, it's always best to compare deals from multiple low-cost carriers.

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Red Pocket Mobile Review FAQs

QHow do I transfer my number to Red Pocket Mobile?


You can do this by visiting its website and clicking on the activate button. Alternatively, you can contact its customer service department.

QHow does Red Pocket Mobile charge me?


Each month it does automatic billing by charging your credit or debit card on file.

QDoes Red Pocket Mobile offer family plans?


At the time it does not.

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