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Rob Webber Bio

Rob WebberMoneySavingPro.com CEO & Founder

Rob Webber is an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience developing websites that genuinely help consumers make better buying decisions. During this time Rob has created multiple successful comparison websites including Broadband-Expert.co.uk, BroadbandExpert.com, and now MoneySavingPro.com.

Rob currently uses his knowledge of the UK telecoms market to implement the proven comparison model in the US market, which is significantly less developed than the UK.

He is regarded as an expert in the telecom industry and continuously writes for Forbes.com as a member of the financial council.

His latest posts can be found in his Pro Tips section of MoneySavingPro.com.

In the Beginning

Rob's professional journey began back in the UK with his comparison site Broadband-Expert.co.uk. Rob began the site in 2007 with a personal investment of $20,000. The site generated millions of dollars in revenue before being acquired in 2013.

His Realization

During this journey to success with his first comparison site - in 2009 to be exact - Rob visited the United States. It was on this trip that he realized that American consumers were lacking something that those in the UK had enjoyed for years - namely, a simple way to compare telecom services and prices.

Rob was taken aback by this gap in the market. As he puts it, "In the UK even comparison sites have comparison sites!" Rob saw a need and decided that this was a worthwhile new business venture. Thus was born BroadbandExpert.com, a comparison site for internet and TV services in the U.S.

Growing as a Business Owner

The site enjoyed consistent growth, however by 2011 Rob had come to the conclusion that he could better serve consumers if he moved his base of operations to the U.S. As he built his knowledge about the U.S. market and adapted to the numerous obstacles and challenges that arose, the site continued to flourish.

Over time BroadbandExpert.com generated millions in revenue before being acquired in 2015.

Having accomplished the goal of providing accessible price comparison tools for internet consumers in both the UK and the United States, while achieving considerable business success, Rob decided it was time for a new direction.

A New Start

Armed with a business management degree, multiple successful businesses under his belt, and a comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications market, Rob launched MoneySavingPro.com in 2016.

MoneySavingPro.com is the culmination of 15 years of online marketing experience and a decade of providing consumers with the tools they need to compare prices on telecom services.

For this venture, Rob put a bit of a twist on his previous successes. Aside from lagging behind in terms of internet price comparison sites, Rob found that American consumers were also burdened by significantly higher cell phone bills than their peers across the pond.

A plan began to form in Rob's mind about how to help change this situation. MoneySavingPro.com could guide consumers through the world of MVNOs - Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

Focusing on MoneySavingPro.com

Alternative wireless carriers are already a fixture in the UK and other countries. They've been around in the U.S. for a while but don't get nearly enough exposure. The problem with that, as Rob sees it, is that people could save hundreds of dollars on their cell phone bills - and they don't even know it!

So for the past two years, Rob has dedicated his professional efforts to the task of building technology that helps consumers save real money. His mission for this goal involves offering consumers the tools they need to save in three different ways:

  1. Comparison of low-cost cell phone plans from multiple carriers.
  2. Comparison of prices on refurbished smartphones from multiple retailers.
  3. Comparison of cash offers for people looking to sell their old phone.

Not only does the MSP site piggyback on Rob's past successes, it's also the ideal gateway for him to assist consumers in his new home country. As a Brit who moved to the U.S. to learn more about the telecoms market in order to better serve his customer base, Rob is uniquely positioned to give insight on the ever-evolving wireless industry.

The Results

By leveraging his experience as a webpreneur with his educated prediction of where the mobile industry is headed in the U.S., Rob is on track to become a key player in informing consumers on the best ways to save money on their cell phone plans.

In addition to his tireless work on simplifying the way people buy cell phones and wireless service, Rob's position on the Forbes Finance Council serves to further cement his authority in the consumer finance sector. He has written advice pieces on a variety of topics surrounding the wireless sector as well as regarding other consumer finance issues.

Rob's ultimate goal for himself and his website is centered around helping consumers make informed buying decisions by providing them with the necessary information to make those decisions. The core principle of saving money wherever possible drives his ambition to create technology that gives consumers the options they need and want.

Connect with Rob

Email: rob@moneysavingpro.com

Linkedin: Rob Webber

Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions.