Our Methodology

MoneySavingPro.com is an online comparison service that helps you compare prices on cell phone plans, smartphones, and tv/internet.

What do we do?

Our goal is to offer high-quality reviews and share advice with you, the consumer. We're always searching for the best value, the fine line where quality meets affordability. Our journalistic integrity is important to us so we will never compromise when writing trustworthy and well-researched articles. We ensure that every source we cite is credible and reputable.

How we save you money

Check out our guides on the three simplest ways to put money back in your pocket:

How does MoneySavingPro.com make money?

As a business, MoneySavingPro is sustained by our affiliates. A commission may be earned if a visitor uses an affiliate link and ultimately makes a purchase. Our site's editorial and writing staff remain autonomous and independent of influence from any commercial teams with which we interact. We do not allow third parties to pay for promotional content in our writing. If a review promotes a product or service it is because we truly believe it has the quality that deserves your consideration.

Can you trust our information to be accurate and comprehensive?

Our team reviews the providers we've deemed the best value in the industry. This means whether that provider ranks first or third, they're a good choice and should be considered. Our ranking system takes affordability and quality into consideration. Rankings are based on a number of factors that add up to represent the provider's overall value. The provider we find to be best overall gets our Best Value Seal and is ranked number one.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to the way we rank:

  • Prices and Rates - When reviewing a company, we look at the prices and how they compare with industry standards and with other top competitors.
  • Services and Features - Do the providers that have features designed with the customer in mind? Some companies strive to innovate within their industries, offering new programs and features that serve to make them an attractive option.
  • Customer Service: We like to see live chats, 24/7 availability, and multiple avenues to get in touch via phone and email. BBB ratings, ACSI rankings, and Trustpilot scores also help indicate that a company deals with complaints from its customers.
  • Catches and Requirements: Sometimes these can seriously detract from the provider's overall value but they may also be commonplace in the industry. As an example, sometimes online lenders advertise low-interest rates that you can only get if you set up a direct deposit.