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Who we are, how we work, and why you can trust us

MoneySavingPro independently researches the products & services to bring you our recommendations. We may earn money when you click our links - disclosure policy.

Who are MoneySavingPro

Back in 2008, Rob Webber embarked on his journey of running price comparison and review websites in the UK. His mission was simple: to help consumers find the most affordable cell phone services, home phones, and internet providers.

Fast forward, Rob moved his business to the U.S., where he noticed that cell phone and internet services were considerably more expensive than most other countries.

So, was launched in 2016. His vision was clear - to guide consumers through the world of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and shed light on the potential savings awaiting them. He knew people could save hundreds on their cell phone bills, and it was about time they knew it, too.

His expertise, spanning 5G wireless networks, cell phone plans, MVNOs, and internet services, soon caught the attention of notable platforms like Forbes, US News, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Inc. Read more about our press coverage.

Rob is dedicated to developing technology aimed at simplifying the money-saving process for consumers. The website stands as a testament to the idea that finding a great cell phone plan shouldn't be a complex task.

How we recommend services

The MoneySavingPro team of experts tirelessly evaluates providers and plans, with a spotlight on those who stand out in delivering outstanding value.

Our distinctive ranking system tests both cost-effectiveness and quality so we can provide a well-rounded view of the carrier's overall value. Our overall provider is crowned with our Best Value Seal, clinching the top spot in our rankings.

With rigorous inspection, we sift through offerings, ensuring every piece of advice and content shared is rooted in accurate, timely information, along with constantly reviewing and updating our database with the current provider offers. Read more about our carrier ratings methodology.

We believe in transparency, and we share any catches and requirements that may impact the provider's overall value, equipping you with the full picture. Read more about our partners.

We are independent from any of the brands listed on our site. Check out our editorial process.

How we rate the companies on our site

These a the key factors we consider when rating phone carriers:

  • Value for money: How do their prices compare versus other providers offer similar services?
  • Coverage: What 5G and 4G LTE network/s do they operate on?
  • Data speeds: Do they limit data speeds? Are their customers de-prioritized by the big networks during peak times?
  • Range of choice: How many different plans does the provider offer? Do they have a range to fit all needs or only unlimited data?
  • Transparency: Are the carriers plans and offers easy to understand? Or do they seem good until you read the fine print? Are fees and taxes included or added later?
  • Additional savings: Do they offer additional savings for multiple lines and commit to longer periods?
  • Customer support: What type of support does the carrier offer? 24/7 or limited hours? Do they offer phone support or email/chat only.
  • Customer ratings: How does the provider rate in our own carrier user reviews system? Also how do they score on other customer review sites such as Trustpilot?
  • New customer promotions: Does the carrier offer free trials (or money-back guarantees)?
  • Additional benefits: Do they offer hotspot data, international calls, eSIM compatibility, etc.

How we make money

We're committed to keeping MoneySavingPro free for you to use and free from banner advertising.

Our team values being paid and maintaining an ad-free website, so we have established affiliations with various brands. If you purchase a product we have reviewed, we may earn a commission. This cost is never passed on to you. For more information on how we make money check out our advertiser disclosure.

Our affiliations may impact the visibility of our product/service reviews, but they do not influence our genuine opinion of the product or service. We do not write positive reviews because a brand requests them. You'll only find carriers that reach our high standards on our site. They're handpicked to give you the best value for money, choice, and customer experience.

We also have affiliations with multiple competing companies, which means we may earn commissions regardless of which product you choose. The final decision is up to you, the consumer.

If there is a product or service you would like us to review, just let us know, and we will consider it. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and helpful information on our site, even if it means reviewing products and services from brands we do not have an affiliation with.

We always give you the full picture so you can make the right choice for you.

Why we're different

With over 15 years of experience working within the telecommunications industry, we believe that big wireless plans offer limited choice with pricing and fees that lack transparency, often resulting in ever-increasing phone bills and long phone contracts for many of their customers.

This is why you won't find recommendations for any of the big 3 wireless companies on MoneySavingPro.

We're dedicated to analyzing and comparing hundreds of cell phone plans from over 30 carriers to help you find the best value plan based on your individual needs without sacrificing service coverage. Our goal is to help you save money by providing affordable alternatives to the expensive unlimited plans from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Check out our list of unique money saving tools.

The carriers we do recommend have been researched and evaluated based on price, coverage, data limits, customer service, and additional features for a comprehensive view that balances cost and value.

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