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Media Contact: Rob Webber - CEO & Founder

Rob WebberRob Webber is dedicated to helping consumers reduce their cell phone bills. He is the CEO and founder of

His goal? To use his knowledge of the UK telecoms market and implement the proven comparison model in the US, where comparison sites are significantly less developed than in the UK.

He has 15 years experience in online marketing and has founded and operated multiple successful telecom comparison sites in both the US and the UK over the past 10 years.

In 2007, Rob formed UK comparison site, with a personal investment of just $20,000. The site generated millions of dollars in revenue before being acquired in 2013.

In 2009, following the success in UK, Rob spotted an opportunity in the US and formed, a US comparison site for internet and TV services.

In 2011, Rob moved to the US to gain a better understanding of the US market and had to adapt to overcome numerous obstacles in order to make the US site a success. The site flourished as it achieved and continued on to generate millions of dollars in revenue before being acquired in 2015.

With a degree in business management, and multiple successful businesses on his resume Rob took to the US market and launched in 2016.

MoneySavingPro Logo is a comparison site focused on helping consumers reduce their cell phone bills. They do this in 3 ways:

  1. Comparison of low-cost cell phone plans from multiple carriers – switching typically saves over 50%.
  2. Compare prices of refurbished smartphones from multiple retailers - used iPhones are typically over 50% off MSRP.
  3. Get multiple offers instantly for your old smartphone – selling online will typically twice as much cash as trading in at a carrier retail store.

As a Brit who has lived in the US for over seven years now, Rob has a unique perspective on the differences between both markets and is a regular Forbes contributor.

His mission is to build technology that genuinely helps consumers save money by allowing quick and easy comparison of plans from multiple providers.

These free tools include:

  1. Cell phone plan comparison
  2. Refurbished phone price comparison
  3. Compare trade-in offers for your old phone
  4. Smartphone spec comparison
  5. Cell phone plan savings calculator
  6. Data usage calculator

The ultimate goal of the site and Rob himself is to help consumers make informed buying decisions by providing them with all the information they need in one place to make those decisions.

Trusted media outlets such as the Forbes, Entrepreneur, Telecoms, Home Business and MSN Money, have recognized MoneySavingPro as an objective consumer resource to help people make better financial decisions. is fostering a growing community of informed, savvy shoppers and provides an abundance of valuable money saving advice. We'd love to hear your thoughts and money saving tips on our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

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Phone: (512) 399-1978

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Twitter: @_robwebber