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Meet Our Team

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We're a crew of cell phone geeks, money saving obsessives, awkward question askers, jargon busters, and problem solvers.Our job? To investigate every corner of the cell phone world and scout out the best deals for you.Let's get properly introduced.
Rob Webber
Rob WebberFounder & CEOFind Rob on LinkedIn

As a Brit, Rob couldn't get over how much people in the US pay for their cell phones. With a decade of experience building comparison sites, 20 years in online marketing, and a passion for consumer fairness, he set up MoneySavingPro in 2015. He's been captain ever since.

starRob's quickfire quiz
starTop money saving hack:

Think outside the box. If you've been buying something the same way for many years, there's almost certainly a more efficient way to buy it today.

starFavorite emoji:

🙏 It reminds me of meditation, where everything is perfectly aligned and in flow.

starGeekiest habit:

PC gaming. When I'm not managing MoneySavingPro, I'll probably be found managing my favorite soccer team on Football Manager.


All things telecoms, from cell phone plans to industry news, money saving advice for consumers and business owners, online marketing, and price comparison websites

Featured in:

Forbes, Buzzfeed, US News, Huffpost, MSN Money, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, and many more

Samuel Cook
Samuel CookCo-Founder & CTOFind Sam on LinkedIn

Sam looks after all things tech at MoneySavingPro. When something's broken, it's usually his fault. With over 10 years of programming experience, he's a master when it comes to the ones and zeros. He keeps the good ship MSP sailing smoothly day to day.

starSam's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

The old, old Nokia 5190, aka the Nokia brick. That thing was great!

starLoved/hated it because:

Aside from it being indestructible, it was hugely customizable. You could even change the antenna on it so I changed mine to a multi-light antenna so whenever someone called it was like Christmas lights.

starFavorite emoji:

😳 I have the tendency to use it a lot because I somehow manage to do or say embarrassing things ALL the time.


Frontend and backend systems; programming languages including PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 2/3, and JavaScript/jQuery

Active on:

Stack Overflow, where Sam ranks in the top 3%

Julia is our strategic mastermind at MoneySavingPro. Previously she headed up all things commercial at one of the UK's biggest comparison sites. Now she's founder Rob's right-hand woman and leads on everything from partner relationships to structuring our team for growth.

starJulia's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

An ancient Sony Ericsson flip phone - with a velvet zebra-striped cover!

starTop money saving hack:

Compare everything, always.

starGeekiest habit:

If I can't find a comparison site, I make my own one in a spreadsheet. My last one was to buy a coffee machine!

Anna Brook
Anna BrookBrand Marketing DirectorFind Anna on LinkedIn

Anna's built brands for startups of all shapes and sizes - from food delivery and parking apps, to real estate and pet food subscription services. At MoneySavingPro, she stays close to our customers and makes sure we're solving their problems, speaking their language, and standing out from the crowd.

starAnna's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

I don't even remember the model but it was very oversized, had a chunky antenna, and I carried it around in a plastic ziplock bag for safekeeping.

starTop money saving hack:

Don't let a tempting introductory offer inadvertently become an expensive monthly subscription. I set reminders for when an offer is about to expire, so I have the chance to review it instead of being caught out.

Jo Gorton
Jo GortonContent DirectorFind Jo on LinkedIn

As the content director, Jo is in charge of producing helpful and engaging content to help MoneySavingPro customers find the best deal and save money. She also manages our team of content writers, editing and reviewing content before it's published.

starJo's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

A Nokia 3330

starLoved/hated it because:

I loved Snake - it kept me entertained for hours! And I still miss the Kick ringtone!

starFavorite emoji:

🤦 It just works for so many scenarios&ellipse;

Andrew Burton
Andrew BurtonProduct DesignerFind Andrew on LinkedIn

Andrew is our designer, with 10 years of experience creating apps and websites for every need. He's in charge of making everything we do at MoneySavingPro clear, simple, and delightful to use.

starAndrew's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

Nokia 3210 - I still miss playing Snake!

starFavorite emoji:

🎉 Because who doesn't like a celebration?

starGeekiest habit:

Reading movie plots I never intend to see on Wikipedia. Try it!

Katie Barker
Katie BarkerDesigner

Katie is our junior designer, who's taking the world of UI and UX design by storm. She works alongside Andrew to make sure everything we produce looks perfectly on brand and uniquely MSP.

starKatie's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

Samsung U600 "ultra series". It was a slidy phone with gold detail and had an interactive background. I loved anything that was remotely 'jazzy'.

starFavorite emoji:

🕺 Because I love a boogie!

starGeekiest habit:

Watching Marques Brownlee tech reviews on YouTube.

Stefan Boettcher
Stefan BoettcherPPC Marketing ManagerFind Stefan on LinkedIn

Stefan's our data guy. He spends his time crunching numbers and making sure our PPC campaigns are the best in the business. Since falling into PPC back in 2010, he's worked at agencies, startups, corporates and charities across travel, entertainment, marketplaces and more.

starStefan's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

A Samsung one with a rubber back in light blue. You could only save 200 contacts, with limited text messages too. I remember I had to delete people to save new numbers. Great times!

starFavorite emoji:

It’s either 👍 or 💯 - I'm always thinking positive!

starTop money saving hack:

When I find myself spontaneously wanting to buy something random, I 'buy it my head' and then put that 'spent' money into a separate account. I check into that special account twice a year and find that I have a few hundred dollars in there that would have been clutter in my home by this point. Then that's my budget for birthdays and Christmas sorted!

Michelle McLean
Michelle McLeanAdmin AssistantFind Michelle on LinkedIn

A woman with a passion for helping people, Michelle is what you'd call a Jill-of-all-Trades at MoneySavingPro. She began as a content writer back in 2016 and now has expanded into writing for MSP's clients, design, and administrative work.

starMichelle's quickfire quiz
starFirst cell phone:

Some penny phone I got at US Cellular. Don't even remember it. The first cell phone I remember actually having was the LG Rumor in black. The sliding QWERTY keyboard was just so cool!

starTop money-saving hack:

If you feel the urge to impulse buy something, wait a week or three. If by then you still want that item, then go for it!