MoneySavingPro Team

Rob Webber - CEO & Co-founder

Rob Webber

Rob Webber is dedicated to helping consumers reduce their cell phone bills. He is the CEO and founder of

He has 15 years experience in online marketing and has founded and operated multiple successful telecom comparison sites in both the US and the UK over the past 10 years.

His mission is to build technology and content that genuinely helps consumers save money by allowing quick and easy comparison of plans from multiple providers.

Samuel Cook - CTO & Co-founder

Samuel Cook

Samuel Cook is MoneySavingPro's CTO and lead developer. When something is broken, it's usually his fault. As a full stack developer, he handles the day to day tasks that ensures the MoneySavingPro ship is sailing smoothly.

With over 10 years' experience in programming, Sam has created and maintained dozens of websites, APIs, plug-ins, CMS, as well as, CRM, Data, and Analytical management tools.

When he's not working out the ones and zeros, Sam enjoys kayaking, reading, and exploring the weird culture of Austin.

Taylor Numbers - Editor

Taylor Numbers

Taylor leads our MoneySavingPro writers in their journey to find consumers the best prices and savings. She is in charge of editing content and writing useful guides to help consumers save money.

Taylor has a strong writing background, having graduated with a degree in journalism and media communications with minors in creative writing and psychology. With years of experience in both editing and a degree to back up her talents she's highly skilled in the researching, fact-checking, writing, designing, and editing.

Stefan Boettcher - Head of Search

Stefan Boettcher

Stefan is currently heading up the Paid Search division for MoneySavingPro.

With 10+ years within paid search experience, Stefan has had exposure to a variety of verticals, driving results through bespoke tried and tested strategies.

His main strength lies within data analysis, performance marketing, and forecasting, he is a multilingual, data-driven search engine marketing specialist.

Stefan enjoys walks along the beach with family, running and cycling.

Robin Parduez - Online Marketing Manager

Robin Parduez

Robin Parduez is a search engine marketing expert who has been in the business since 2004.

Robin has experience running very large campaigns for multi-national companies, as well as smaller strategies for local businesses. Robin enjoys determining and implementing technical updates that achieve maximum results in search engines.

In his spare time, Robin enjoys running and is a keen DIYer.