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Mint Mobile's latest 'deal'? 6 months of Paramount+ included

Mint Mobile has partnered with Paramount+ to offer 6 months of streaming to new unlimited plan customers.


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  • Mint Mobile has introduced a significant addition to its unlimited plan by offering six months of Paramount+.
  • This collaboration between Mint Mobile and Paramount+ caters to the growing demand for digital content.
  • This kind of bundling is part of a broader trend among cell phone carriers to include streaming services in their packages to attract and retain customers.

Mint Mobile, known for its affordable phone services and innovative marketing strategies, recently tried to upgrade its appeal by bundling entertainment perks with its unlimited wireless plan.

New customers who opt for Mint Mobile's unlimited data plan can now receive 6 months of free access to Paramount+.

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This partnership hopes to give Mint Mobile a competitive edge over other low-cost mobile carriers.

Such strategic alliances are becoming increasingly common as mobile networks seek to differentiate themselves.

Here are the key points for the Mint Mobile deal with Paramount+:

  • No additional cost: New Mint Mobile customers enjoy Paramount+ free for the first 6 months.
  • Automatic renewal: After the initial 6 months, Paramount+ will auto-renew at its standard rate.
  • Cancellation option: Customers can cancel the subscription if they choose not to continue at the standard rate.

My take: Is Mint Mobile's Paramount+ deal worth it?

Although I find Mint Mobile's move to include Paramount+ strategic, I honestly can't fully support it.

While the allure of 'free' streaming services from big brands is tempting, consider whether these extras are really worth the cost.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, I would highly recommend keeping any streaming subscriptions separate.

Even with my expertise, I have fallen victim to forgetting to cancel these services down the road or paying for multiple subscriptions to the same service.

That being said, Mint Mobile's plans are some of the strongest deals in the industry, so don't count them out of the running.

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If you choose to include the streaming subscription with your new wireless service, just be sure to set a reminder to cancel before the 6 months are up.

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