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Buying an eSIM online is easy, and the great news is that switching to an eSIM can be done in just a few clicks.

With MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), you could save up to $700 a year with their cell phone plans. And by buying an eSIM plan online, you can be connected within minutes.

After personally transferring to an eSIM, I'm here to walk you through the steps of buying an eSIM online. I'm here to help you make the switch to a cheaper cell phone plan and simplify the purchase process without sacrificing quality or convenience.

1. Compare eSIM plans online

Many low-cost carriers offer eSIM plans that are more affordable than going direct to one of the big three. Before diving into a new cell phone plan, it's important to take some time to research and compare different MVNOs and their plans to find the one that meets your needs.

Look for plans that match your data usage, ensuring you get the data, talk time, and text messages you need without overpaying. Keep in mind that most of us don't need an unlimited data plan, especially if you're on Wi-Fi most of the time.

2. Check device compatibility

Not all devices are eSIM-compatible, so make sure you have a device with access to eSIM technology.

Most smartphones from around 2018 onwards from major manufacturers like Apple, Google, and Samsung support eSIM.

If you're unsure, you can check your device's settings or consult the manufacturer's website to confirm compatibility.

3. Choose your eSIM carrier

Once you've determined compatibility, it's time to choose your eSIM carrier. Look for a low-cost carrier that offers the network coverage and features you need at a price that fits your budget.

Don't be afraid to explore lesser-known providers – they often offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. And many of them offer free eSIM trial periods to test whether they're a good fit before you switch.

4. Purchase your eSIM plan online

Ready to make the switch?

Once you've compared the best eSIM plans and chosen your low-cost carrier, you can click through to their website and follow their instructions for eSIM activation.

You'll typically need to enter your device information and select your plan. Some providers might send you a QR code that you can scan to activate your eSIM directly on your device.

5. Activate your eSIM online

With your eSIM purchased, it's time to activate it.

Open your device's settings and navigate to the eSIM section. Then, enter the details provided by your chosen provider, which could include an activation code or QR code.

Once the information is entered, your eSIM will be activated, and you'll be ready to start using your new plan.

You may want to install your new carrier's app if they have one so you can access your account anytime.

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Buying an eSIM online allows you to switch cell phone plans within a matter of minutes. And all at just a few clicks.

As long as you have a phone that supports eSIM, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your cell phone bill by switching to an eSIM plan with a low-cost carrier.

If you want to buy an eSIM plan but don't have a compatible device, there are plenty of cell phone deals from MVNOs offering affordable monthly payment plans on eSIM-compatible devices.


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